Saturday, November 3, 2012

Communication Has Never Felt This Good

I got my computer back!!!! But, no internet yet we're still waiting and we payed of course. During, my little vacation of blogging and stuff; I don't know how people can do this I'm practically sixteen and computers are like, my life. Yesterday I broke down while we were eating lunch because we were talking about it. I just couldn't take it anymore. I learned new things and like, don't take your t.v. for granted as well as, your computer.

Then, I learned more about my goals; by making a Dream Sequence. Also, I focused more on cleaning the house, and my eating habits, my weight(I know right, I think I gained a few pounds), and my friends. I got exercise by playing with my brothers and sisters like, badminton and etc. With all the good things that went on there were also some bad things like.............

how I tried so hard to keep myself busy, I felt angry and sad that the computer wasn't working which, caused myself to get a major migraine headache( it really hurt) constant pounding all over. I like literally passed out. Then there was also, the time that was wasted , I couldn't talk to my mom or post or talk to my friends it just practically sucked. But, I guess that's what to expect from a girl who doesn't go to school and has no friends whatsoever in this stupid town. LONELINESS!!! Is one word to explain how I felt.

Now, I feel comforted and relaxed. I am at peace once again. I can breathe again hheheheheh and like, th title itself, communication has never felt this good.

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