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LOL: Anime.

BBN: I CONFESSED TO HIM!!!!!!! (This is for real... pm me if you guys wanna know the juicy details haha)


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DOUBLE COUPLE TROUBLE: Table's have turned? Now I'm the Hot Chick???

For the record this all happened in one week,

√ Heart Control

I stopped paying attention and texting to that (guy), but I can't control myself in my dreams. Before anything else...I know my Mom reads my blog , but the hell with it...this is my own personal space...I can say or do whatever I want. So, yeah...that day he went to bed early..but I came back home from night classes..having checked my phone..he called me!

I texted him that I was at home and he called while I was in class. In The morning..I woke to see a message from him saying "I Can't go back to sleep." And "Who was that person that kept texting me???" Obviously..I only texted twice..and he Was asleep that time so, I guess I'm guilty!

He told me he couldn't sleep...and you know how I believe in that saying that "If you're awake at night, then your awake in someone else's dreams." Yes! I have been having insomia and been dreaming of I.T. guy, but on that specific night..he couldn't sleep ..I was dreaming of him!?!?!?

HAHA don't worry I didn't say anything about it. So, anyway...yeah I've been ignoring him...he says hi every morning from the second floor to the first floor when he sees me with my other friends.

And, starting Monday..I'm gonna stop hanging out with his friends(I have like two friends in the group, but seriously I'm not comfortable with them either...I get bored.) Because I can't be my wild self and make funny jokes. So, I'm gonna leave go with my real and other's an all girl group, but hey there hella funny and even better they get me!

I'm not gonna completely shut them out, because they think of me as the baby in their group. I'm just gonna keep them as a more on the side kind of group. So, for myself...I have to make a sacrifice and its been decided..I'm not gonna hang around him and that group anymore. Its gonna be tough...but God! Please help me Be thick skinned!

√ Two Criminology Students

This started way back on the first week of school ..Friday...during that boring orientation. They sat behind me and my friend(Jhea) and apparently they're classmates! They kept on playing with my hair and fanning me from behind. I was annoyed because I was darn hungry and they have to do that!

I turned around toyed with them..speaking in English and giving them a nose bleed. When I finally..turned my back...they were surprised at how much Tagalog I knew. They got interested ....they didn't pay attention to them anymore, because it was all stupidity and no fun.

The next week...Friday again, yesterday....they saw me sitting next to my friend again, both of them called out to me "Spoken in Dollar!" I turned my back to see who was calling me...when one of them said while pointing to his friend "I LOVE YOU?!" The last time we've of them said that he had a crush on me.

Now this??? Simple stupidity can get you anywhere just not somewhere. I replied back "Okay...Thanks." then turned my back again...weirdo's....they even moved the bench in front of me and placed it in the, they can fan me again. I mean what is this?!?!?!

√ We meet again..(I.T. GUY)

So, I get to see I.T. guy again :) it's been hard to go up to him and say hi or even talk to him...because of his girlfriend around him. She sorta scares me...but don't worry...he's my First Day Crush I only think he's cute. He liked my new profile picture by the way...very surprising...

After our long awaited I.T. class...we got to say hi to each other and I told him that I saw that he liked my profile picture and he said because it was cute. Awww...hehe....I introduced him to my sister and also my new friend(Faeye) sister thought he was all macho and stuff...only to turn out as a nerd she said. HAHA

He's finally online on Face Book and I'm too shy to go open a chat box and say hi...seriously!!!!! So, instead I just posted random status stuff...and every second I would check if he's still online. I don't have a crush on him anymore...but it wouldn't hurt be his friend or just to find him cute :3

√New Friends?!?!?!

In my ECON class...there was this guy who had all the same classes as me...because we have the same course and schedule..but we never really talked. I asked for his name the first time and I completely forgot it afterwards so, that's why I never say hi or talk to him.

He was really funny in the other day night's class. He even talked to my surprise I was so overjoyed. Finally, somebody wanted to initiate an actual conversation with me. He lives just around Laguna also but he wanted to go home at the same time as the people who lived far away and still had to go home by jeep.

That's why...were friends hahaha XD my I.T. class there was this dude who say next I.T. guy , I guess they're friends. My computer prof. Was also my highschool teacher in computer. So, yeah...she did a full introduction about me and stuff. So, Embarrassing the whole class...was literally laughing and looking at me.

I didn't pay much attention to him..actually I ignored him. Because I didn't know who he was...when I got home and went on my facebook there he was "Add Friend" request..of course I checked who the person was because I have no idea what his name was. After a full inspection..I friended him, he messaged me "Hello" and "Do you know or remember me?" I tried to have a decent conversation with him, but my English and his Tagalog was too big of a barrier for us to talk.

He said he'll talk to me on Monday and I kept it short..."Okay." I posted a lot of stuff...on my FB lately...because I just wanna yell out how I feel. Anyway...the morning after...I saw that he liked most of my status posts. It was nice ...but a little freaky. Can you say too soon?

So, bestfriend actually compared me to the highest of the highest female "A Hot Chick"...."NO!" Is all I could say....I'm not that person..I wish I could be..but I'm short, and moody, And so not easy-going...I'm worst I'm over-thinking Things most of the time. That's why...for me ..these cases do affect me, but nit as much as they should. So, Mommy!!! Don't worry...I can handle myself. After All I am a big girl :D



We've known each other for a maximum of nine days and it feels like it's been a month. I became his friend on the first day then later on the second day..we exchanged numbers and that's where our relationship/friendship took off. We texted each other like crazy and we knew things other people didn't know about us. It was fun and nice...I knew there was a little bit of something...something that was coming from him. The compliments the sweet know the works! I had a feeling he liked me. 

I told him that I wasn't ready to commit to a relationship because my studies comes first. As, you can imagine...I get distracted easily..especially if it's a guy because I will put him first, hence me being totally awesome at giving love advice to experienced active teenagers in the dating area, but not once have I even gotten nor experienced having a boyfriend. It was pretty clear, I had friend-zoned him. He even knows my ex-crush at school. am confused! I had friend-zoned him just a while back then I get all jealous when other girls are next to him or I some times if not all the time...wait for his texts, replies, and even calls. I admit it! I have feelings for him..just a pinch. A lot of girls like him because he's handsome and tall..and even worse..he's sweet! One of the nice ones. I have many girls and friends who like him..and I don't dare to touch him..even though I have an advantage of being his friend. Other girls are afraid to talk to him or even get near him. 

One girl even asked him..if he was dating me and he joked around telling me he said yes..but in truth he said no. I panicked..because it was the first for me, to actually be mistaken for dating someone. There was a mini conflict between us. It's all good now, but a school you could feel the tension and a little bit of awkward. Later, on after all that was over...this gay dude...who is supposed-to-be my friend. Totally trashed me on FB saying that I was an "Englishera Palaka(English Frog/Toad)" and also that I should stay away from my friend(the guy). 

Betrayed...Sadness...Anger...Jealousy...I felt it all in one go...the burning hurtful comments..that he had posted was just cruel. What have I ever done to him? Aren't we all still strangers to one another? My friend(Nicka) told me about this because she's friends with him on FB..I'm not. I only heard from my other friend(Jhea) that he didn't like me. He still continues to tease me and give me looks. But, he's not the reason why my heart is hurting.

Going back to my little crush. I've told many of my friends who see that there's more than what meets the eye in me and my friend(the guy) friendship..they insist he likes me. I tell them time and time again that we really are just friends...but as I told person to person...I can't help but know and feel as though it's a lie. I do have a place for's not as a friend nor as a crush. I don't know what he is to me. I refuse to have these feelings towards him. Because I'm already getting distracted...I hate it. Besides...I told him already the deal with me and I think it's too late for him to see me as more than a friend.

As, much as I would love to keep him all to myself..and away from all those girls. I can't. I am nothing but just a friend. Like, my cousin said "It's either I had to become one with him or be an annoying midget next to him"  She's talking about her and her boyfriend. Studies is not a problem for me..I'm doing perfectly fine actually if not good I'm doing pretty awesome and kicking ass. 

Point taken from that, I just really don't know anymore haha....these feelings and also my thoughts aren't willing to negotiate on a solid basis. So, if you may imagine I'm walking around like a crazy lost person. Especially, the last time...when I was wearing a shirt that said the word love on it, and I was pulling it and tugging on it. Because I wanna take it off! hAHA

It's still the same until now...but it's not really all the same..he said in a group message:

"If you love/like a person and that person loves/likes you back?
And you know that you know that you both have feelings for each other.

Don't do something or anything for the fact that will ruin that feeling. Because even the smallest of things can ruin everything. Remember yeah a pencil has an eraser, but if you wrote on it already..its never going to go away no matter how much to try to write over or erase it. You can still see it..

And, At the end of the day're gonna ask yourself WHAT IF??  WHY? And HOW?

Make a sense make a difference"

Haha...I just translated what he texted. So, I'm not at all thinking that this was meant for me...but our situation sorta evolves around it. I don't know what to say to you guys...or do...all I know is that for one thing. For my sake..I'm not gonna be a suck-up...I'm tired of asking "How was your day?" And "Are you alright?"...I want somebody to ask me that for a change.

I guess...he's not the one. Like I said nine days...and now it's been two weeks..

Such a complicated lovelife I have?!?! Haha...truly a life of a hopeless romantic  XD 


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When I Fall In Love: Chapter 3- So, Do You Guys Like K-pop?

In the Living Room......

"So, you three are the bachelors....great I'm the host." Sunggyu rubs his forehead. "Alright let's see who you guys are...go by the letter." The man in the purple gets up first, you and Sunggyu watch carefully...but your curious as to what they are all holding...a red letter???

"I am Lee Howon, also called Hoya for short. I am 23 years old, I am a dance comapny CEO also I part own a dance school with my partner."


"Yes. My bestfriend."

"And is he....or she...???"

"A he. Please do not misunderstand me."

"Okay. But, what is your purpose for accepting the letter?"

"Because I want to try something different and by what the name says here, Hye Rim..I thought she was a's a very sexy-sshi name I thought."

Sunggyu squints his eyes in anger...."Oppa...kwenchanayo?" You nudge his you try to hide your flushed face. "I'm fine! Next!"

"I am Sungyeol, Lee Sungyeol, of the Skin&Heatlh company of Korea. I am also 23 years old."

"What's your job? You didn't say your job?"

"Ah...I'm a business man..Mister Kim."

"Self-proclaimed!" Somebody shouted from the sofa.

"Self-proclaimed? Is this true?"

"Anni. My parents gave me the company to run. I just happen to do my work at home. I don't like going out in the sun its bad for the skin."

"Anyway, why did you accept the letter?"

"Because of business. I want to branch out my company and maybe getting married to Hye Rim will help me get the connections I need."

"What a jerk" You whisper to Sunggyu, "Seems like the best candidate though.." He ensued.

"Are we done?"

"Yes. Next! Why are you covering your face? Put it down." Sunggyu said irritably.

He put down the hat and the face mask. Sunggyu hurriedly walked over and yelled "Yah! Woohyun-ah! What is the meaning of this? Why did you get the letter? Why didn't you tell me?" He grabbed the third bachelor's shirt. "Hyung calm down." He said.

"HYUNG?!?!?!" Me and the other two bachelors screamed. "Oppa you know him?" You got up...having the feeling that Sunggyu was lying and that he was secretly in on the plan with GG. "I do..but it isn't what you think.." He tried to explain but was cut off by bachelor number three as he took off Sunggyu's hands off his shirt.

" name is Nam Woohyun, Woohyun-oppa for short. ;)" He winked at you. "I am a restraurant owner, but I only cook at home. I am 23 years old and I think we've met one New Years a party five years ago."

"Heeee~ umm...we did? If so I'm so sorry I forgot." You moved your hair out of your face.

"I'm also your oppa's bestfriend so, don't be afraid to call me Oppa too, k." He whispered into your ear. You two were separated by the Sunhgyu's voice...."Woohyun-ah why didn't you tell me..tch ah......ah..." He looked disgusted in his bestfriend's betrayal. "Hyung, I did tell you."


"When you were at work I came to see you and I brought you kimchi and kimbap. I had told you that I gotten a letter for arranged marriage."

"What did I say?"

"Oh that's good. Your finally working on your playboy *coughs* acts and getting rid of it. I will pray for the girl. That's what you said Hyung."

"Jinja? I must of been tired that time. But still you can't do this..I won't allow it!"

"Relax..I only accepted the letter because I knew you would be against it."

"So, you accepted the letter because of my Oppa?" You asked out of disappointment.

"Anni! Hye Rim-ah...its not like that."

"See already you're hurting her feelings!"

"Hyung come with me!" He grabbed Sunggyu's arm and into the kitchen they went.

"Hyung, I know that you're against it and remember when we were back in said you wouldn't introduce me to your sister and I said I wouldn't like her anyway. I promised myself I would never fall for your sister. You let me just stay here till my parents get off my back and also so that the rumors that I am a playboy will go away..uh...…?"

"Hmmm........fine. You did say that, fine! As long as you watch over are my eyes and ears when I'm not around, okay? And NO funny business." He glared at Woohyun. As everyone in the living room was leaning against the door to hear their conversation.

"Well..I guess that's it. Hye Rim-ah call me if you need something okay..I'm going home. I have work tomorrow." Sunggyu leaves to go out the door.

"Oppa...." You stop him from leaving. "Everything will be fine. You can come to house any time when you feel lonely or you don't want to be here." He reassures you.

"Um...okay...have a safe trip home~" You escorted him outside as the others spread out to their rooms.
After Sunggyu had left everybody in the house fell silent as you walked back into your room. A few minutes later after having to go through all're still go downstairs into the kitchen to find the three guys talking while eating pizza. You hide yourself so you don't get caught, but one of them saw you.

"Hye Rim-ah come and eat with must be starving." Woohyun asked.

"Woohyun-ssi don't you think you're being too informal with me?"

"What did I say to call me..again?" He takes back the piece he going to give to you.

"Woohyun-oppa...." You mummer as he gives you a slice.

"So, why are you guys here really? I am to be punished or something?"

"Why do you have a boyfriend already? A person who you like?"

"No. But I do have an ideal of who I want to marry. I have plans and I want to find him in mu own way." You proudly say.

"At such a young don't waste time."

"Yup. Um....forgive for asking but what do I call you two?"

"Hoya-oppa :D..I guess the noona thing was way off."

"Mister Lee...let's keep things peachy."

"Ah...I see.....well I'm off to bed now...Good Night. Woohyun-oppa, Hoya-oppa, and Mister Lee. Don't forget to do the dishes." You say as you go upstairs to your room. Once you close the door you hear laughing...."This I can get used too..."  You thought to yourself. They're easy to get along with.

On the bed rolling around and looking at your phone you texted Sunggyu. "Oppa..are you still awake? Let's go visit Omma and Appa tomorrow if you have time. ^o^" You lay back down and close your eyes. You get back up and go to your old desk to write in your diary.

June 7

Dear Diary,

A lot of things have happened to ne today..I live with three guys now!!!!! Amazing, right? Just a few days ago I was totally single and unexperienced. These guys are way over my league..they're all older than me O.o And, to make matters worst I will have to marry one of them. I don't find anyone of them type...this whirlwind of a conflict is just starting....six months, eh?
You...stare out the window as you wonder about those six months...

At Kim Manor

Sunggyu was just ironing his next suit when you text.

"Oppa are you still awake? Let's go visit Omma and Appa if you have time tomorrow.^o^"

He laughs at your text. Getting sidetracked he accidentally burned half his suit! "Atscha! I'll get another suit later." He unplugs the iron, then sits on the sofa.

"Neh..Hye Rim-ah I'm still awake...." He types then later deletes to start over. "Yah...Hye Rim-ah you're still awake? Aren't you tired at all from today?....Omma and Appa? Sure..I'll take a day off from the office. Am I buying the flowers?" He nods as he reads his text then sends.

Your House

You stop staring at the window once you hear your phone ring. You jump over to your bed. To read the text, "Aish! Oppa why are you always so stingy...It's only 9pm." You say as you text him back "Oppa...its only nine o'clock pm, I am a bit tired...but I can't sleep...if I was with you we would have celebrated. *o* Yay!!! I feel bad because I havent seen them for five years they must think I'm a bad daughter for doing so.. :(( Btw..Oppa you can buy the flowers because you know I have no money...I'll instead..ummm..?"

Sunggyu: "I know but you might be too tired to go to the cementary tomorrow if you stay up for long. Try to get some sleep....I know we would have gone to this nice place I saw downtown last week. plans are ruined. -__- Hye Rim-ah what did I tell you before, Omma and Appa are always with you and they understand why you cannot visit them. So don't say are their princess Hye Rim, remember?

P.S. Shiro! I will drive...I'm confident in your driving skills. I'll give you the money and you buy the flowers. Hehe :P"

You: "Oppa seriously..don't worry..I'll sleep either way. Jinja! There's a new place downtown they have the best food!! Well...there's nothing you can do, like you said GG was behind this. Araso..I just feel bad sometimes...I really do miss them. Oppa why can't I?!?!! I'm a very good driver back in the U.S. I have my license. Please~"
Sunggyu: "Araso....I won't. What about GG you don't want see him? You don't miss him? .....maybe.......I'll let you drive."

You: "Yay!!!! He he ^_^ I miss him too...but not as much as you guys....I go visit him when I'm not so mad at him. I wouldn't want to give him a heart attack with all the mean things I might say to him. :/"
Sunggyu: "Really? Well I can't blame you.....Hye Rim-ah I'm going to go to bed now...I'm getting tired. You should too, Araso! Good Night...Sleep tight. Lock your door before you go to bed, okay?"
You: "Woosh- Oppa you're so old now! Minus sleep like GG around six pm everyday.eeeee so old..But, I understand you worked hard today again..Sleep tight...Good Night...I did already heheh.....Oppa Saranghaeyo. :*"

Sunggyu: "That's good. Hye Rim-ah..what did I tell you about calling me old, huh? You want be to start treating you like a kid?!?! Alright...Night...Saranghaeyo"

You finally stopped texting and when you checked the clock it was already 11 pm!!! "Ah..I'm gonna get wrinkles if I stay up like this!" You turn off your light to sleep. Laying on your bed, you're still wide starfish position. "Aowww...why can't I fall asleep." Yu get up and scratch your head. Then head downstairs to drink milk.
The house seems pretty quiet as usual. You don't mind anything...except for the paintings on the wall...which you just noticed now. You walk down another stairs all the way to open the fridge then drink some milk. "Aahhhhh.....that tastes gooood~" You're all energized and ready to go to bed back upstairs when....your door is locked!!!!!!!!!

You try to open it again..but its no good. You twist and turn the knob repeatedly but it really is locked. You get down on the floor to peek inside and you see the key to your room..on your desk near your diary. You hit your head out of stupidity...when somebody asks you a question. "What are you doing there? Are you peeking in everybody's rooms?"

"BACHELOR NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!......ah....I mean Hoya-oppa..." You get up and fix your messy hair.

"What happened?" He looks at you head to toe.

"I accidentally locked myself out of my room....." You lower headnas you just admitted that you locked it because of him and the other bachelors.

"I see you have the key?"

"Uhhhh....I left it on my desk. So, I won't be getting in anytime soon." You squeeze the milk carton in your hand. T_T "Hoya-oppa~!!!! Where do I sleep now :'(((((" You start to tear up.

"Well...I could just knock it down?" He scratched his head with his hand. As, he simplified the problem.

"ANNI!!!!!!!! Are you crazy! If you tear down my door...then I can't sleepl at all! I don't have enough money for repair it if you do." You grab him by the arm but then feel his biceps that you instantly let go
"Ah..I see can just slee in my room tonight..I'll sleep on the couch. Afterall this is your house." He patted you on the head.

"Anni...I'll sleep on the couch tonight~!" You say but he stopped listening to you.

"Kwenchana....I'll just go get my jacket. You can use my blanket." He goes into his room which is on the left side of the corridor then he comes back out again. And, you just stand there...for awhile.

"What's wrong? Do you not want to sleep here? Its cold you should sleep in the room. I don't mind, okay...well...go in now..I'm going downstairs." Just when he was about to go down you grabbed a piece of his tangtop.

"Hoya-oppa~........" You close your eyes "The truth is I really hate sleeping in somebody else's room its too troublesome and scary..and like you said its really cold out, will you please sleep with me in your room...." You open eyes as he turns to look at you. "Of sleeping on the floor." You add.

"Ah...I see well...if its like that then...I don't see the harm." He nervously laughs at the thought.

When you both were about to go into his room, the other two bachelors came out. "What is going on here? Its like I hear a love confession already??" said Bachelor number two. "Yeah..I sorta agree..AH! HYE RIM-AH! And....Hoya!!! What are two doinhg out here????? Together????" Bachelor number three yells out.

"Kwenchana...Hye Rim and I was just about to sleep in my room. Eh??? That came out wrong....Anni!!!"



The two bachelors panicked. You're already fed up with all this misunderstanding that you fix it yourself. "I went downstairs to drink some milk and when I came back upstairs...I had accidentally locked myself upstairs. Hoya-oppa offered took let me sleep inside his room while he slept on the couch..but because I hate sleeping in somebody elses room...I wanted him to sleep with me inside his room. Me on the bed and him on the floor. End of story." You finished, as you try to gasp for air and Hoya clapping at your clear yet long description.

"I see...well then I suggest we all sleep in Hoya-ssi's room to tonight so, that we make sure nothing happens!" 
Bachelor number two suggested.

"Yah! Sungyeol-ssi I'm not that kind of man." Hoya defends himself.

"Are you crazy how will we all fit???" I annoyingly say.

"I suggest we all sleep in the living room tonight...that way we all can see what's going on and we all fit in there" Bachelor number three suggested.

"That's it! Woohyun-oppa!" You smile at nobody thought of that.

They all grabbed their blankets and pillows and you used Hoya's blanket but Woohyun's pillow...while Sungyeol gave you his neck pillow which you thought was utterly useless but you used it anyway. The floor was cold as ice so, nobody could fall asleep. The lights were off and everyone had said Good NIght to each other..but you could see everyone's eyes wide open in the dark.

Because all of this happened because of you, you tried making conversation. " you guys know K-pop?" You suddenly ask. Later three voices in the dark laughed.

"I'm serious..come on.." you laughed yourself at your question.

" the dance company we mainly practice to K-pop songs." Hoya answered.

"I like the K-pop band Infinite." 

"You said that?" You asked.

"It was me...Woohyun-Oppa" He embarrassingly said.

You laughed like crazy causing everybody to laugh.."And why is that?" You asked.

"Eh? I don't know their presence just gives off can really feel the love. I went to their concert once and fan boy-ed." He proudly stated.

"Jinja???" The others asked. "Whose your favorite member?" You dared to ask.

"Aowwww.....why did you have to ask that!!! Well...okay its Infinite's Woohyun"

Everybody laughed. "Why????" I had a feeling he was being too brutally honest.

"Oh because he has the same name as me..." He stated.

"Oh're right." You noticed.

"How about asked the question so, you should start answering. Whose your favorite K-pop band?" Sungyeol asked.

"Uh...he he its Infinite also. XD" You laughed.

"Thats why....when I first saw're image was so full of love." Woohyun said with complete hand gestures too.

"Really??? I never thought of that."

"Can you name all the members?" Hoya asked.

"This is embarrassing..... X"D"  You refused.

"LL HYE RIM! LL HYE RIM! LL HYE RIM!" They cheered.

"Okay..okay...there's Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun, Hoya, Myungsoo, Sungyeol, and Sungjong." You exhale.
"Wah~ she knows all of them?!!?!?!?" Sungyeol said.

"Can you do another one??" Hoya asked out of curiousity. "Ee...Super Junior!" He suggested.

"Eeee...I don't really like them that's why I don't know them well....but I'll do the new group EXO."

"Oohh another large group! Hye Rim-ah this might be your talent!" Woohyun said out of amazement.

"Aish!! No...hahahhaha okaey there is....Kris, Tao, Xuimin, Chen, Lay, Luhan, Suho, Sehun, Baekhyun, D.O., Chanyeol, and Kai!!!" You shout out the last name out of breath.

"So, this is the power of a fangirl" Sungyeol said. As, Woohyun and Hoya clapped.

The night ended there and it was already 4am when we went to bed. The cold night wasn't so cold after we talked. It was warm and comfy...I had new Oppa's in my life...this is isn't so bad. But, going to sleep like the others wasn't an option....I still had the thought of marriage hanging over my head. I unsure if everything..I tear came out as I rest my head to sleep. "Marriage, huh?" I whispered.

When I Fall In Love: Chapter 2- Oppa! Arrange Marriage?

L.A., U.S.A.

On A bright sunny cool day....Graduation Day has ended! And I am now twenty years old! I hopped in a plane at L.A.X. to go to Seoul, Korea.."It's been awhile since, I came home" thought. Someone calls out your name, "Hye Rim!!!!! We're gonna miss you..come back soon!!!!!" You see your friend, Mia waving goodbye..."I will too...Goodbye!!" You shout, but the engine of the plane cuts you off...Not flying high class you've gotten used to it. You've improved yourself than how you were five years ago.

You smile as you listen to Juniel's Fall in L you carefully know every word. Ll Hye Rim, daughter of Ll Gyu the second and Ll Hye Shin. Also the granddaughter of Ll Gyu of the Ll Company..which specializes in the clothing and bag industries.  I came to the U.S. five years ago to study for highschool and college as Omma and Appa wanted me too...Oppa helped me move in and lived with me till I was capable on my he is a very busy man. I am A graduated and certified Business woman, having the dream to someday to put up my own clothing store and go global. I have two deceased parents, one oppa, and GG. I'm finally coming back home you write in your diary with hearts and underlines everywhere.

Seoul, Korea

Landing in Seoul Airport, you are easily are escorted by two men in black suites...these men have been your escorts ever since you were fifteen. "Annyeong! Ajusshi'es!!!" You run to them and hug them each.."'ve grown up so much, mistress!" They each have a wide smile on their faces. One of them is on the verge of crying due to your long awaited arrival. "Where's Oppa? And GG?" You ask as you break the hug. "Well.....Mistress..."

"No need to explain...I was joking..I know that Oppa is always busy and GG only comes out if it's business. So, where are you taking me today?" You smile to make them feel better. "At Master Kim's place, Mistress." They take your bags and lead you into the black limousine. "WAAAH....this is too much! We could have just taken a taxi..." You looked uncomfortable as you experience once again the high class life. "Mistress, do you not remember that you have rode this everywhere you went before? Has it really been that long?" The driver feel bad that you just shake your head "Anni....I remember..." you turn to look at the window..."That's right. I'm Ll Hye Rim of the Ll family and company now, not just plain simple Hye Rim."

Cherry blossoms at every street, fashion forward pieces and cafe's everywhere you almost seem to have forgotten where you were going as time just stops. "Mistress..were here.." One of the ajusshi'es opens the door for you. "Ah...okay." You step out of the car and see nothing but a narrow paced sidewalk leading up to a mini apartment. "Umm...Ajusshi..Oppa leaves here now?" You close the door behind you. " see Mistress, while you were looking out the window..Master Kim had called me, telling me there was a  change of plans. That you are to live here for awhile." He scratches his he looks confused as you.

"I see....well just put my bags there, I'll go to the apartment myself...maybe Oppa is there." You smile like an idiot as you feel the excitement of seeing your brother after five years....they listen and went on their you walked up the narrow sidewalk to the stairs, its more complicated than you thought it was. "Whoo..." you shout...and wipe off your sweat mustache. You finally get to the top and open the door, it's beautiful and's like a doll house! You walk in and drop your bags on the floor.

"OPPA!!!!! HYE RIM IS HERE!!! OPPAAAAAAAA~" You run up and down..the place seems to isolated as no neighbors scold you for your yelling. You finally get tired and enter the last room...which is all in pink and has all your things in it. *Gasps* "My clothes and my old study table...Oppa...why did you do all of this??" Laying on your fall asleep after some heavy jetlag. When you woke up it was already noon and you decided to change into a loose long sleeve shirt and simple jeans.."Lets do this thing!" As you start to unpack your bags.

Getting back from work is, Ll Kim Sunggyu.. He is the adopted son of Ll Gyu the second and Ll Hye Shin(everyone knows he's adopted except for Hye Rim). He later changed his name to Kim Sunggyu, because he wanted to keep remembrance of his real family's name, Kim. When asked why he changed it...he told Hye Rim..that he really loved the name Kim, which she took as a sign as a remembrance to their parents. He is twenty five years old and is the leader of the Ll groups, Ll Company, and Ll Organization. ...

He sacrificed his dream to become a singer when his adopted parents died. He vowed to become Hye Rim's guardian and only family as he had to take over the company as GG threatened him he would tell Hye Rim that he really isn't he then her biological brother. He often sings with his bestfriend, but hides it due to GG calling it nonsense. The reason behind Hye Rim leaving for the U.S. five years ago is because of an agreement GG and Sunggyu had made. It was also rumored he was to get married, but later cancelled because GG did not approve of it. This only a few people know excluding Hye Rim.

"Hye Rim-ah~!!! Oppa is here! Kwenchanayo? Did you get home safe?" He yells as he takes off his shoes and slips into his slippers...carrying pizza boxes. The house is quiet...he checks every room..and sees no luggage no sign of Hye Rim anywhere...he pulls out his phone to call the drivers. "Ajusshi! Did you forget to pick up Hye Rim at the airport? Why isn't she here at the house!" He shouts. "Master called us earlier while we were driving her on the way to your house..and told us you had a change of plans."... "Bwoh?!" He hangs up then runs out to get into his car.

At Ll Gyu Mansion

"GG what is the meaning of this?!?! Why are you letting Hye Rim stay in a different place? Do you not want me to see her anymore?" He looks angry and twists and turns his head at the site of GG calmly drinking tea. "Answer me!"

"You brat..why are you getting angry? Didn't we agree that Hye Rim will get married once she turns wasn't to long ago that she had her birthday. She will be staying in another house apart from that she can live with her potential husbands."

"Bwoh! I knew we had this agreement..but I haven't told her yet...I was going to tell her a day after her arrival...why did you have to make things complicated! Guys? Who are they? You did not ask for my permission to do this! If they can live with her? Do you know the dangers your putting her in!?!?!"

Shouts from across the table "LOWER YOUR VOICE SUNGGYU!!! Don't you think your over-stepping...who are you for me to ask permission from...are you her real oppa? You should know your place! Besides...I've sent out the letters and they're on their way to her house. You're too late." Sunggyu walks out of the room "I am her oppa. And you should know your place too that I am her only family!" Slams the door behind. "Sir, should we stop him?"

"Anni...he will be the one to break the news to Hye's for the best...."

He walks into his car and stays there for awhile...then looses his tie as he takes out his phone. "Ajusshi...where did you drop off Hye Rim?"...."At the end of Gangnam...Master Kim...waeyo?"'s only dial tone he drove off already. Sunggyu, stopped to look at himself in the mirror "Tsch....Hye Rim will be disappointed if she sees me in work clothes again..I better go home and change." He arrived and changed into a simple shirt and cardigan and white pants....and went off with the pizza boxes he bought.

At your house...

You wash your hands "All Done!", suddenly hearing the growl of your stomach. "Ah!! I can't be hungry now..I don't know how to cook" You check the fridge which has only tea and milk inside. You can't go outside because you're not used to this neighborhood "Hmmm...omo! Pizza! That's it!" You grab your cellphone to call them. "This must be their number....Pizza" you sing to yourself.

You patiently wait for seconds, turning minutes when they finally came. The door bell rings..."Ah! Jinja! What took you guys so long?!?!?" You shout as you open the door. When you see three guys not dressed as the pizza delivery guy.. "Yah...what is this...Do you all have dates or something??? Why are dressed like that when your only going to deliver a pizza? I know Korea is fashionable but come on...this is too much...and does it take this many guys to deliver a pizza in the first place??" You cross your arms, looking for an answer...when they all just stare at one another then back to you.

"Were not here to deliver pizza....were looking for the house of Ll Hye Rim? Are you her?" The one in the purple shirt spoke. You look down at what they're holding and its luggage. You slowly look back at them...."Anni....I'm just a quiet neighbor who lives here...Hye Rim??? Is she a celebrity or something? Why are you looking for her?" were about to close the door on them when suddenly a hand stops the door from closing. "Yah..Ll Hye Rim!!!! Is that any way to welcome your guests?" You open the door again to see your Oppa holding two pizza boxes in his other hand.

"OPPA.....?????!!!!!!!!" You opened door wide open. Which hits Sunggyu's leg. "Ooohh.." the three men yell out of they watch Suggyu become a human dummy. "OH MY GOSH....Oppa kwenchanayo???? Are you hurt...I'm so sorry.." You help him get inside as he leaps. "Kwenchana...Hye Rim-ah, Annyeong!" He smiles as he sits on the sofa. You slap him on the leg...right where you hit him the last time ."Oppa...Annyeong? That's all you have to say?"

"Mianhe...I was..I wasn.....Can you close the door." He looks at the three men patiently waiting to be welcomed inside the house. You close the door tight and all three fall to the ground. "Eessh!!! These two siblings." The one wearing spectacles says. As, they all sit outside and start to talk.
Inside the house..

"Hye Rim-ah...Mianhe..I didn't get to pick you up at the airport.." He hugs you as you cry in front of him. "Teso..It's okay...I missed you..and GG and everyone.. it's been such a long time." You hug him tightly. Sunggyu's face is relived yet bothered by something. "Hye have to listen to me closely." He looks at you seriously..."Waeyo..Oppa? What's going on?"....."First we have to let those guys in...don't worry I'll explain everything."...."Waeyo???? Oppa?" You shout as he opens the door to let the three men inside. "All of you go unpack...pali pali!!!! Then come down afterwards for a formal introduction." Sunggyu orders them. They all listen and one of them seem to be covering their face????

Everyone was inside the house now, the three men chose their rooms and started to unpack as you and Sunggyu talked inside your room. "OPPA ARRANGED MARRIAGE?!" You shout at him. "SIX MONTHS?!?!?!?!" The three men all looked out of their rooms to look at the the one room where all the shouting was coming from.  "Why me????? I just turned twenty this is the age you're supposed to go out and live your go to clubs and stuff." You argue with him sitting down as he stands, listening to your every word. "I know but...I already stalled GG for five years...he made up his mind already. Club???? Yah! HYE RIM!! Didn't I teach you better." He points at you.

"Oppa...why me...why can't you get married?!" That was the end of it. You hurt him for the last time, he sat next to you and sighed.."Hye Rim-ah....unlike others I have a job to do..and I also have a person to protect..I can't married, also I don't want too...I want to put you first before anybody else as a promise when Omma and Appa..just do this for GG...just put on a show, and when he says its over you can go back to the way things are." He smiled. You couldn't help but tear up bit...because of what he said and because you're about to lose your recently receieved legal freedom.

"Oppa...I'll do it..but I won't do it for GG, but for you instead." You wiped away your tears with your sleeve. "Yah...that...that's dirty...ewwww..Thank you Hye Rim-ah..but I'm not sure about doing it for me, because I'm totally against all of this!" He tries to cheer you up. Then he messes your hair up, "Oppa! Tsk..I fixed it so nicely too." He laughs as you try to fix your hair. Suddenly a guy knocks before coming in "Uh..were all done packing." You sigh..."Kaja!" Sunggyu pushes you out the door.

When I Fall In Love: Chapter 1- Love Letters

Seoul, Korea(Gangnam)

"Have you sent out the letters?" 

"Yes we have. Sir."

"Very well..." Sips tea. "Make sure she arrives at her house."

"Very well. Sir."

What's in store for the remaining youths?

L.A., U.S.A.(University)

Over the summer you studied your butt off..and here you are standing on the stage with your graduation cap and look around, it feels good to be free...but you sorta wished your parents and your brother could have been you also see parents crying next to their young ones smiling and crying also. "Congratulations EVERYBODY!!!!" You shout in the mic.

Busan, Korea(Dance Studio)

Hoya! you have letter..."Okay thanks....hey get back to dancing." Enters the office, as he wipes his face. He laughs at the thought but later looks at himself in the mirror then to the letter sitting on his table. "Hoya what is that?" ..

"That? Oh just another letter for an arranged marraige. Hyung...I'm thinking if accepting it." He sat up from his chair.

"Jinja!!?!?!?! Waaahh~ whom from? Jinja! You're gonna actually accept it?"

"Why not. The girl is a noona..check out her name, Ll Hye Rim..isn't that sexy-sshi"

"That is sexy-sshi~!!!!! But didn't you said arranged marriage isn't your thing?"

"I know but...I'm not getting any younger, besides I think its time I date somebody."

"Go ahead. Go for it! Fighting!!!!"

Seoul, Korea(Hotel)

Looking out the beautiful view of Seoul, "Neh..Omma, I'm here at home again. I know I'll come to work some other time. I'm busy. I'm gonna go pick up somebody at the airport." Hangs up the phone as soon as somebody comes in. "When you did you get in? And why didn't you wait for me at the airport?"

"Too troublesome..I'm really tired. Where do I sleep?"

"In the bed or you can just sleep there on the how you are now. I see you never change." He taps his phone in his hands twice then puts it away to walk over at the fridge to get a bottle of water.

"And I see your still the same...not working but still have lots of you love lying to people that you're a business man when in fact that's just "a self proclaimed title" made by you."

"You talk as if you've been around for long. Last time I checked the streets of London was closing off all street performers and that's why you came back."

"Hey what is this?" Myungsoo picks up a letter.

"Oh just an arranged marriage proposal. My parents don't really care about who I marry..they only want me to work. So, in other words if I accept this letter....and I marry the girl my self proclaimed title of being a business man won't be much a big deal. I'm rich and I look like I'm a business man and I talk like it too."


"So, I'm going to accept it then marry the girl just for business. Like, business man do."

" says here you will have to live with her...they even gave the direct address and a specific date..Wow they seem desperate."

"Tsk...don't go making fun of my future family in-laws." Takes the letter then puts away in his pocket.
"Wanna go celebrate your return to Korea?"

" gets tiring having to play a poor person sometimes." Changes into a suit. Then both leave the hotel room.

Seoul. Korea(Gangnam)

"SUNGJONG-AH!!!!! Where's my coffee, the papers here earlier, why hasn't the meeting started, did you get the samples for the new clothing line and did you set up a photoshoot for Llhan Sul Je?"

"Neh..? Mister Kim I did. And here's your coffee, the meeting won't start till twelve lunch time they said. Here's the samples and Miss Llhan Sul Je said she would be a bit late for the photoshoot due to drama shooting."

"What is this. This coffee sucks...get me another one pali pali!!!! PALI!!!!"

"HMPH! Pabo pabo pabo pabo" Says while walking away, when people start to look at him, he smiles. "You work hard today!!!" Then turns to say "Pabo" again.

Someone enters the office of Mister Kim without permission. "YAH!!!! SUNGJONG IS THAT YOU? WHY ARE YOU SO SLOW?"

"Why don't you turn to see who your talking too..." Mister Kim turns to find Woohyun standing with lunch boxes. "Eh...mianhe....Its a busy day today and I got a headache..where is that guy????" Sunggyu looks over the table left to right.

"What is it and Why are you here?" Mister Kim says as he opens the lunch boxes. Just in time..Sungjong brings in his coffee then leaves. "Hyung...." he chokes a bit.

"What is it??? What is this????"

"Kimbap, Kimchi, and rice."

"Yah..sit down and eat with's some chopsticks..why did you cook so many."

"Because I knew you would be hungry from working...why are you so busy today anyway?" Picks up a kimbap and eats it.

"Oh! sister is coming tomorrow so I'm trying to get everything done today so I can pick her up from the airport."

"Waahh...she is, Hye Rim!!! Its been what five years since I last saw her."

"Yeah five years and those years are gonna keep on going, because I'm never gonna introduce her to you. "

"I know..I know..even if you don't introduce her to me, she probably already has a boyfriend. Back in the U.S." He teases as Mister Kim chokes on the kimchi.

" sister isn't like that..she already texted me last december she had no boyfriend. Because American boys aren't her type." Shoves the phone to Woohyun's face.

"You're such a trust worthy brother...why is this message saved and also...that was last December you never know now."

"I save it because GG reads it together with me..when we text Hye Rim. I have trust in her. Anyway, what about you? Somethings bothering you?...I can tell you're too quiet."

"Well.....Hyung, I got a arranged marraige proposal."

"Bwoh?!?! Jinja???? Where is it..can I read it???"

"ANNI!!!!!! I didn't bring it...I forgot it..sorry."

"'re too careless. Oh well that's good. Your finally working on getting rid of your playboy act. I shall pray for the girl." Wipes his face with a napkin. "Anyway, are you planning on accepting this?"

"Yeah...I think am."

"Are you gonna take this seriously. Because marraige is a serious thing you know."

"I know and of course I am."

"Good! Now get out of my office...lunch is over..I have more work to do."

"You're so cruel, Hyung~" He says as he walks outisde the door with the lunch boxes. "Say hello to Hye Rim for me!!!!!!" He screams across the hallway.

"In your dreams!!!!!!" Mister Kim yells back.

L.A., U.S.A.(L.A.X.)

"One way ticket to go to Seoul, Korea please." You smile as you give the lady your passport and money.