Friday, June 7, 2013



World Best INSPIRIT Hangout Contest

1st INFINITE WORLD TOUR is about to begin to meet all the INSPIRIT fans in the world! There will be INFINITE WORLD TOUR announcement hangout on June 10th, 5pm KST and you can get a chance to meet and talk to INFINITE! This event is open to all of INSPIRIT global fans and you are all welcome to participate! Please follow the direction below and don’t miss this awesome chance!


1. Join INSPIRIT Fan Community of Your Country


INSPIRITS of America:

INSPIRITS of Europe:

INSPIRITS of Africa:

INSPIRITS of Oceania:

2. Using hashtag #WorldBestINSPIRIT , post comments about how much you want INFINITE to visit your country with anything (photo, self-introduction. Pics, videos, drawings, or stuffs).

3. Fill out the below form!
form » LINK

Selected participants will receive a phone call! So please wait! (Finalist Announcement : 6/9 Sunday)

This is the biggest event on INFINITE Google+ Fan Community,
Please Plus1 + Comment + ReShare for letting the world know us!

cr: woolliment//

*Hey..Inspirits ^_^  Are you as badly obsessed over them as me? 
HAHA...dunno if that's something to be proud of.... My thoughts on this is the same like any other good opportunity I've had. I don't know if I'll join this..because like I said , I'm such a coward. But, I wanted to post this here on my blog to spread the word and well like the title says : CALLING ALL INSPIRITS~ ! Join now!!!!!

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