Thursday, June 6, 2013

FAN DREAM #3: EXO-M XOXO Explosion(If you want you can listen to some of the songs while reading this adds effect *o*)

Baby Don't Cry.....

Situation: Exo just landed in your country and right exactly in your hometown! You cut class and hop into a bus off to go to the nearest airport where they were rumored to arrive're mind is going crazy and you feel weak to the knees and you start to cry to yourself as you listen to their song "Don't Go" by Exo-M at the fact that you'll see your most beloved K-pop band ever!

Walking in the airport...all alone waiting, walking around, sitting at every seat there is as you wait for them patiently....they've still haven't come yet. Getting bored you start to dance to "My Lady" to pass time....Your parent start to call you...wondering where you don't pick it up..your friends start to text "Where the HELL are you!? Class is about to start!"

You go crazy pacing back and forth the corridors when the guard asks you to come with him....he asks if you're supposed to be here and who you're waiting for. You refuse to go, but his grip is just to tight to escape follow him willingly and he let's go...just as you turn EXO comes out the doors with all bags in hands. "They're Here!" You whisper in excitement..You only get to see the tip of Luhan's hair which is all messy and has volume..that's how you know that its him.

The song "Let Out The Beast" starts to play in your ears and you do the impossible as you run after them...escaping from the guard...he starts to chase you! You're almost there..almost there...the song ended and switched to "3.6.5." You run to the song like it was meant to be..almost turn right then turn're there. You can barely breathe and you're standing in front of them....all make eye contact with you...wondering if your fan or not.

The guitar playing in your ears sound so don't dare come any closer and get pushed to the ground by rushing go down unto your knees as the beginning of "Heart Attack" feel the song just as its literally had a heart couldn't move or just cried....and some ugly don't understand what's going on..only the fact that you're knees hurt and you're being pulled by the arm by someone....which you suspect is the guard.

You take off your earphones which is still playing "Heart Attack" on high volume. You turn to hear music playing and you think it's your earphones, but its's Exo-M singing acoustic version of "Peter Pan" feel like you went to Wonder Land and you just died. As, Chen helps you up to sit you one of their luggage....Lay sitting on his luggage strumming his guitar...Tao clapping his hands to the beat, Kris feeling the song by snapping his fingers, and Xuimin and Luhan swaying from left to right.

They finished the whole song...and all fans couldn't help but scream and's too loud...but I DON't mind it at all....I continue to cry as they start singing again this time.."Baby" you're heart hurts. "It hurts." You hold it...till they sing the ask yourself "What did I do to deserve this?" Not having realized you said it out loud. The guard came and whispered into your ear "It's because they saw you were the first person waiting for them...only to be trampled on. I won't take you away...but you do need to go home, okay?"

You nod your head out of disbelief that they actually saw you!

Flash Back:

Stopping in front of Exo-M....Kris asked you for your name and what you were doing you just stay starstrucked..unable to move or talk...your eyes swallow up fall to the ground, before Chen could grab you...they are carried away by screaming fans and albums, while you get stepped on and pushed aside.You feel no pain, but Exo-M can see what is happening to you clearly. They finally walk over....

End of Flash Back

You're legs hurt as you finally feel the pain from the stampede. The singing stopped and you got up yourself..even though they tried to help wipe your tears away and thank them. You plan on walking away just like that...and all fans find you rude. But, in truth you feel as though they wasted precious time helping you....somebody grabs your hand. "We're not done yet."..Kris said. You say in your head "I'm never gonna wash my hands!" But you said "I think that's need to be somewhere and you're very busy." You took his hand off yours. You mentally ask yourself..if you just broke up with Kris??? While walking away.

They all looked puzzled and some of them think you didn't like the attention, when in fact you loved it very much! You wish it could last forever, but you have your memories for that pick up your bag and your earphones in your hand and exit out of the airport escorted by the guard...making sure you get home safe. You wait for the bus to open when you see Exo-M leave into a van. You sigh a little smile then enter the lay your head against the it seems to be raining now as you watch the van and the bus go separate ways.

The song "Don't Go" starts to play again...this time..the bus is playing it, the beautiful notes and sweet tones of their voices is just so touching you start to cry can't control it! Then you receive a an unknown your ringtone "Wolf" ruined the sentimental part of the song "Don't Go". You answered  "Hello?"

"Hello...Because you had to leave just like that..we didn't get to sing the finale.."Baby Don't Cry" which we guessed was your favorite song of ours as it says on your bag pin." Kris said. You look surprised.

*Looks at bag and there's indeed a pin that says "MY FAVORITE SONG IS BABY DON'T CRY AND I LOVE IT!" (which you handmade once the album came out) you turn back to your phone*

"So, here it is....we hope you like it..". They all start to sing the chorus..."So, Baby don't cry....." You tear up each of the members leave you a message.

Kris: "Hope you get home safe."

Tao: "Did you have a great time?"

Xuimin: "Thank You..for listening to our music...Saranghaeyo!"

Luhan: " YOU!" 

Lay: "I hope see each other again and I love you~exotic ;)"

Chen: "ahhhahah rest well....and put medicine for your scratches....I hope you liked today."

All: "This was Exo-M! We are one! Annyeong...bye bye!"

The phone call ended....and you were sitting up straight still holding your phone to your slowly...take it off your ear..saving it on your phone. The song "Peter Pan" starts out of nowhere and your all smiles...You're still on the bus....and everyone thinks you have lots boyfriends because they could hear all their voices...but they don't understand...You just smile to yourself like an idiot, even when your parents texted you "You're..dead! You're grounded once you come home, Missy!!!!!" You place your earphones back into your ear playing "Baby"........and you breakout singing on the bus the lyrics in Chinese!!!!!!


*I know this is more serious than my other Fan Dream posts..and it's kinda like a mini fanfic piece , but hey..hehehe I wanted to do something EXO of me, because I think *coughs* know that I've been concentrating why too much on Infinite. And, I'm sorta lacking on getting to know EXO.  So, yeah..that's the only reason for making this hehe ^^

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