Friday, May 31, 2013



Yummy Lunch~!!
Torta and I don't know what this is called haha..sorry

HAHA my plate! Because I was so hungry >.<



My mouth watering dinner last night~ 
AWWWw it was so healthy and delicious..~ 
I feel the urge to  eat more squid again! 


Soup Sinigang(just veggies) and Squid~!

UPDATE: I just heard..."Justin Beiber ft. Will.I.Am- That power" Song, not too long ago..I'm sorta digging it...don't know why, but I'm really into some party/DJ songs. Can't wait for June 3- Miley Cyrus- Can't stop MV will be released~!! *o*

UPDATE: GOOD NEWS~!!! NO MORE LIKE SPLENDID NEWS!!!! My Mom just got promoted to manager...(y) So, proud of her...and I am truly grateful and lucky to have a Mom like her..Good timing too..because though I was all excited for college over here in the PH, I sorta felt sad..that I can't make my dreams come true just yet if I stay here any yeah God has reviewed my case and is helping us now~! So, happieeeeee =))

FAN DREAM #2: Busy Bee...Because....

"I can't!?!?! Because..."

In A Café.....

SITUATION: You're a famous K-pop Idol and you have a tight schedule.

Your sister calls you up....

"Hey, let's go hang out right now...where are you?"

"I'm in a Café...I can't I have tea with Hello Venus.."

"Awww really???? Then let's just hang out later tonight."

"Mianhae....but I have plans to go out with B.A.P. to Club Mango tonight? You wanna come? Youngguk is a great club DJ.."

"Nah...that's no're too about tomorrow we can paint each others nails?"

"Well...tomorrow isn't good either ...I have plans to go on a date with INFINTE, and well that will probably take a week....since I'm gonna on a date with all seven members individually..."

"I see...well then don't paint your nails just yet..I wanna do it!"


"What now?!?! -_-"

"Well..Girls Generation came over yesterday at my house...and they sorta painted them already...having seven members...I had each member working on each of my toes hehehhe...."

"What The----@#$%& Are serious right now?????"

"I'll make it up to you...I promise!"


"I won't go on a date with Sungjong and I'll try to keep my hands away from Youngjae and Zelo..."

"Okay! Call me when you free....umm.."

"Araso!!!! Nehhh."

LOVE♥THIS: Urgh!!!! why can I relate to so many things today??? hahaha

UPDATE: Just finished watching B.A.P.'s Live Concert in NYC...the night was filled with cute accents and hot steamy numbers~ YoungJae and Daehyun soo fanservice-y hhehhehe





Thursday, May 30, 2013

FAN | FEELS: LOL: Me while watching the Wolf MV -Exo







LOL: This so funny..because when he put the infinite symbol...I thought of Infinite the Korean band hahaha(I don't mean that they's just that the symbol reminds me of them hehe)

WTF: I just saw this while scrolling down my "Random Pics" folder...hahaha I automatically thought of Sasaeng Fans O.O


FAN | FEELS: LOL: Me watching Man in Love(Jap. Version)- Infinite







UPDATE: OH YEAH~!!! Before I go out..check out and please support these two K-pop bands: OFFROAD: HEAD BANGING and M.I.B.- NOD ALONG(Funny, because last night my sister came in the room and when this song started playing..I started dancing horrible breakdance moves and a funny version of the nod along move haha)


Oh Wonderful Imagination..How your so good to me....

I like you...~everything about you...I pray to be with you everyday....I would like to live happily with you.... Just some mini lines from my favorite "Yeah! I got a girlfriend and I'm proud of it" song eva!!!! JOAH ♥ JAY PARK ♥

FAN DREAM #1: My P♥re Imagination



SITUATION: She was one of the lucky girls to be chosen to go up on stage and ask something from one of  members of the k-pop group __________. 

I shouted all of a sudden without thinking "OPPA~!!!! can you be my first kiss?"

*everyone looks surprised...he looks surprised and blushes slightly*

In the back of my head...."please~OH GOD WHAT DID I SAY" *I close my eyes, holding the mic in my hand as tight as it can be*

*He walks forward and playfully kisses me on the cheek*

I'm surprised and caught off guard, but I still managed to take a picture of the moment... with my Iphone hahahahah~!!!!


Eat up!
Us in PizzaHut
(our first stop when we went to the mall)

May 27, 2013

Hey Panda's

I'm back again this time with a more awkward encounters and hilarious situations and some quick cute pieces that I've spotted..The occasion, you say? Is no other than my crazy babe, Sofia's b-day celebration with us.

Preparing for the trip!

Starting off..I did my chores and everything then we made some exchanges over the phone..the first time, my sister picked up the phone and talked to Sofia, since we live just a block from each other and were both very busy getting ready...then the second time, I picked up the phone and to my surprise and not so sister had got her facts wrong -_-

You see a few nights ago when Sofia told me about our outing with each other she said we were gonna commute, because it's more fun! hehehehe ^_^" not so fun for me, since I have a tendency to get motion sickness on every transportation there is on earth! But, I survive through it...then my sister came home from her sleepover with Sarah and told me that we were gonna take a car and that Sofia's grandpa was driving us to the mall!?!?!?! So, you can see how confused I was..good thing we talked me and Sofia and I got our facts straightened out.

Getting Ready~

My sister took forever even though I woke up super early! She was so slow..I wanted to put her on a wheelchair and wheel her away~ (OMG!!! It's raining hard and it's so dark early in the morning as I'm typing this) But, it was okay..I got to watch a little bit of the know Game 3 of Miami Heat and Indiana Patriots..I lost in the end :P hehehe I'm against my grandpa and because me and my Dad are on the same gandpa actually said he wouldn't buy me doughnut's anymore like?!?!?!?!

 I didn't ask for doughnut's hahahaha I only care about the game >.< going back on topic..I wore a purple stripped long sleeve shirt then a blue navy high waist-ed skirt and also blue navy socks and my converse shoes..Yes, I did put on a little bit of make-up(light with a hint of blush for the natural look) and I curled my hair a, I was kinda going to an IU look..because I've been recently obsessed with her drama.

On the way to the mall!

My sister and I walked to Sofia' house then after a few minutes we went to walk to the entrance of our community to get a tricycle to go to McDonald's where we would meet Sarah and possibly Thayja. We got there and because Sofia hadn't ate breakfast yet she bought some fries and a float which we all shared..waiting for our last friend to arrive...we talked about how one of our dearest friends and my anime(Fairy Tail) buddy couldn't come, again! Tracy is a very sickly person so, I understand..then we also talked about how Thayja would only come because of Tracy, because she's not really close to us especially to me and Sofia. HAHA

So, I was busted out laughing when Sofia said she didn't want her to come, because it'll be embarrassing that girl has no manners! She was the one who invited her and then all of a sudden on that day she wanted to uninvite her! So, when they finally came and Thayja was glued to was awkward..I literally stopped talking???? I don't know why, but that's just how I am with people who I don't like..I freeze..We all sat and talked for a few seconds then went on our way to a jeep that would take us to the bus station! *My poor aching head* We got in and there was already a cute guy sitting in front of me hahaha my luck, right?

Sofia and I and Sarah are bit of a man-maniac! We love it when we see cute guys and stuffs, but don't get us wrong were not flirts that's the difference from us and the other girls...we just say to our friends "Oh he's cute." and that's it..well..maybe a little teasing and giggling here and there, but that's all...hehehehe going back the whole Sofia was teasing Thayja and saying that she shouldn't have come and you still came and stuff...which I thought was a little uncalled for, but hey that's their friendship not mine. We got off the jeep then went into the bus which, Sofia was worried that one of us would have to sit alone, but I reassured her that the bus there's sometimes a three-sitters or five-sitters and we all sat in the back...a perfect fit too!

Me and Sarah sat next to each other so, we talked about each other's love life, college, Offroad(korean boy band I recommended her to search), M.I.B., Financial problems in the family and just plain and simple catching up..I even told her about my run-in with Kirito and also the cute waiter at the Spaghetti house, how i went there again and was half disappointed and half relieved that the cute cute waiter wasn't there so, i can eat in peace, but then he just came up the stairs..carrying groceries and my gosh my face had a big grin on it! but because my Dad and my brothers were there with me..I hid it with my handkerchief...then he was serving my food and I couldn't look at him, nor, I glued my face to my nook and looked down and also...tried to eat in the prettiest way! Most importantly..i have the tendency to talk very loud when I'm there!!!!

So, when I told my Dad about the Gay Superman and Batman Movie I saw on Cinemax..I was totally rude..for having or may have offended the gay guy who was serving us! I even he had a nice voice too....*facepalm* I'm so embarrassed to go there thing I noticed about the guy(cute waiter) was that he had a tattoo and also while I was there strangely enough he kept on fixing his hair in the mirror????? Don't worry with him it's nothing serious.just pure attractiveness to him nothing deep or any feelings involved so , yeah that's what I told Sarah....then my head was spinning like crazy and everything around me and the bus fee my gosh!!!! So expensive and because I didn't have that much money only 700 pesos in my wallet I was endanger of losing all my money before I could even reach the mall!

Luckily, after we passed by Burger King...I knew we were there, I got ready my things and ran off the bus as soon as it stopped in front of the mall...Oh LAND!

In the mall!

We went straight inside the department store entrance to go into the mall....ehehe Sofia was already excited to go check out some chicks(a.k.a. guys) out and I pointed towards the male mannequins hehehehe to fool her, passing through the department store it's impossible to see the guy passing by I sorta saw a poster of a guy only in underwear in the beach and Sarah laughed like crazy, because I couldn't stop staring at it.....I went "wawawawa" hahahah because that's how I see a guy's junk or anything..I just lose sense..not something you would like to have folks! So, we finally...reached the inside of the mall and quickly walked into Pizzahut. We ordered thick crusted cheese pizza, ice tea, and also one thin crust pizza..I forgot what it was had like mushrooms and bell pepper on it?!?!?

Cathy and Sarah left to go and withdraw, Sofia, Thayja waited for the food to be served it was okay..I guess till Thayja put on her contact lens..It freaked me out! It was scary! Horrifying! hahahaha then Sofia saw a bunch of guys walk in with their parents, but I think she only noticed the guy....she quickly turned into the seat and stared at them like..she had just saw her ex in the same mall! She was insane the whole time while was funny to and Sarah were eating a storm! Then because Sofia needed to go to the bathroom, but she didn't want too because of the guy who actually sat near the bathroom...not a good table choice. Me and Sarah got up to go wash our hands...then went into the bathroom we bursted out laughing, because I turned around with my hands together then I almost put them in the MEN'S TOILET! Sooooo ewwww hahahahha

I wasn't paying attention at all....when we got out, my sister had told me that everybody was looking at the bathroom and heard loud laughs, and they pretended to not know us when we got back hahaha...EPIC FAIL! After that incident we finished up eating and rested for a bit....Sofia still couldn't stop looking at the dude...then my sister told her to look on her left because there was this "Cute Guy" outside. She looked and it was a guy with frizzy hair and a mustache! He actually even had a kid! AHAHAHA Sofia even fell for it and looked quickly...we all cracked...sorry b-day girl..but this how we roll. LOL

The Finds~

A.K.A. the places we went too and I found them undeniably cute and essential enough to post here.. :)

1. National Bookstore

My college notebook and fillers...before we went shopping and splurging our money on pretty things.  We had to go to National Bookstore to buy some school supplies...Sofia and Thayja were doll for helping me and my sister look them...Sofia is the one that picked out this notebook for me..I got all of my supplies in hand, but when I had to go to the counter it equaled to the exact amount of money I had in my, I had to put the rest back and only buy this..Being on a Budget is really a pain!


Going here is totally worth it! You see all kinds of couple-y stuff and cute charms and matching keychains that you'd eventually die from all the lovely things around you. I went in my favorite shop to go look for anniversary gifts and so on, feeling like there isn't a thing I won't buy...the prices a bit of an ouch to my wallet, but like I said in the beginning it's totally worth it! I bought my Mom and Dad's, Mother and Father's Day gifts here last year...and now again. 

Like what seems like a touchy-feel-y place to most single people, because well they're single haha it's not really it's thing for sure you'll see a lot of couple t-shirts...which are to die for! I want one of them..but I need my other half of a person to wear with me!!  So, hahaha next time maybe in a few years I'll be able to wear one. It was funny, because Sofia wanted to buy one and she wanted me to be the other half to wear the matching to it....I turned her down. LOL hahahah I told her that I'm saving my couple t-shirt virginity for the real thing hahahaha.....

On the right side with all the mini cases that's the one Sofia wanted to buy with me..

The black shirt with the red bow tie was the one I wanted to buy hehe
Sadly, it came along with a matching t-shirt!

Customized mugs..I bought the one for my Dad over in this section.

So, adorable but expensive T_T

In the end I bought my Mom and Dad these two matching flag of America designed keychains 
Right in time for Memorial Day too...My dad's is in the left and my Mom the Blue 

Here's an awkward moment..when you're taking pictures of the place then all of a sudden near the counter you see through the lens of the camera..a guy buying boobs! Yes, boobs! On the counter near the register is a "Jar of Boobs" that sorta ruined it for me hahaha cause I caught him in the act, but hey who am I to judge friend, Sofia actually thought the guy who bought thee boobs was cute. O.O

3. Arcade

It's nothing special but to see the inside and the games hehehe nah I'll just show you.

The basketball game's on the right side once you walk in..
My score with Sarah was 94 :) while my sister(sucks at sports) and Sofia(really good at sports) haahah got 60 I think.

I played this along with my sister and we both got 8th place hahaha
It's something to laugh about now, but I hope when I actually drive.....I'll be good at it..

This creeped me out...I felt like it was gonna come out and get me!

The guitar and drum game is the first thing you see in you walk in and face in the center of the arcade.
There was this awesome drummer who was a girl...she was really good and fun to watch.

This here is the DJ game.
My friends and me watched this dude played for a few minutes and he was really good like a pro!
But, he was a mega douch when it was our turn to play he put in his tokens then continued to play~

FINN~!!! I wanted him so badly, that I tried to get him three times, but failed.

Look at the mini Psy's in the price corner....

My sister and Sarah resting in the kiddie rides.

It's really big the playground for the kids...I mean that would have been awesome to play in hehhe when I was still a kid. 

We got to play around and be crazy with the games too bad it had to end early though...because the tokens were too expensive(5 pesos per token). We even tried to sing in one of the sound-proof karaoke  booths, but after minutes of waiting...we needed a student card.. it's summer, who the hell brings around a student card???? in the first place? In the end, we couldn't sing...and's not like I could have given the guy my Hunger Games Card, which I made on the internet. A Real Bummer, too...

4.  Department Store

One thing I love about the department stores that you can find everything and it's not that expensive..if you have money though. We separated into groups, Sarah and my sister went to go buy Sofia a gift and then me, Sofia, Thayja walked around to go shopping..Here are some cool finds...that's in-style and very very cute.

Studded Ribbon Headbands
Perfect for going back to school and summer...I wanted to buy both the mint green and pink one, but I only had 100 pesos left and I really wanted to buy one thing.. which is Sparkling Magazine :)

Pink Monkey or Bear Wallet
This just hit the spot for me...I really loved this..I needed a new wallet anyways..but because I had to look for you know what...I saved my money and took a picture of it instead.

Kitty Bags
These bags are just adorable...yes I was in the kid section hehe but we couldn't help, but awww over it.

Moving on to the teenager section...I saw some hardcore t-shirts like this one.
Iron Man~

This one caught my eye too!
One piece and Adventure Time..this was pretty cool..I wanted to try it on~ 
But, I had to stop myself, because it wasn't like I was gonna buy it anyway.

Naruto Shirts!!
My brother's would have flipped if they saw these..
Huhuhuhu I didn't have enough money to buy them that...

And, last but not the least...(pic taken with Iphone) 
Is my Sparkling Magazine Spring Issue 2013....I only started collecting them last year I think...I really like it hehehe...the fashion, new k-drama's, places in Korea, and especially....Infinite and EXO!
Heheheh both my two magazine's have an article about them... :)) 

5. Starbucks (Stalking)

Sarah took this pic: We all sat near the window for this shot! and also to see the site of everybody passing was pretty cool...Sofia bought all of our nice..before we went inside..Sofia said "Let's go inside and pretend were rich teenagers who go out to the mall all the time." Funny enough, she's the only one in our group who has a lot of money and can spend it on herself...because she doesn't have siblings like the rest of us...but yeah we did just that.

I took this picture..I know it's horrible..since when did they have a Tarbucks around here?? I had to use my old camera because my Dad didn't want us bringing the DSLR..fearing it might get stolen..well my old camera did what does best..shut down and go low bat  really fast. I swear this camera sucks as hell. One funny thing is that while we were staring outside...I asked the others "Wouldn't it be funny..if somebody passes by and then suddenly you put your hand on the glass like your trying to touch them." hahahaha it was so funny, because we each tried it and we sorta freaked some people out! 

My sister was so stupid when she touched the glass then she accidentally put chocolate on, she started wiping it with her napkin and everybody in the outside and inside was wondering why she was doing that.  Talking about EPIC FAIL, much?

6. Regatta

This place caught my eye from a mile away..we inside to check it out..because I really wanted too and I was surprised as to see many in-fashion and familiar pieces that I've seen around. The display was just breath-taking and the clothes were just like touching pure silk....I badly wanted to try them out and splurge my money, but Sofia did that for me. 

She had the most money out of all of us and was shopping like crazy...and you know how I am...I'm the one who shops, tries on clothes, ask if they look good on me, then buys it! But, watching her do that just ate me up~ the next day I was really sad...because my dream to walk down in the mall and go to store to store and come out with a bunch of paper bags and designer clothes...seems most likely to not happen to me till I start working...*sighs*

I suggested to Sofia to buy the blue, pink, and white colored shirt on the right side, because it was in-fashion and she ended up buying it in XL size. :)

The display and the dressing room too! is just outstanding...and doesn't that green shirt..look familiar?'s because the K-pop group, INFINITE has worn some of these designs before for a photoshoot, I think?

Hehe..I took a liking to this...because when I saw just screamed out "MYUNGSOO!"
Yup he really did wear something like this..

The rest on the left top and bottom and right bottom...INFINITE has worn something like that...

The prices are really good..I really would like to come back and actually shop here next time. :)


This particular store had I think Kendal and Rob Jenner on their advertisement poster...the store was really hip and cool, I felt like I've stepped into the Modern World. The pieces and designs were just like graffiti on a wall..I wanted so badly to take a picture of the mannequin in display, because of what he was wearing, but my camera dropped twice! yowch and it wouldn't turn on..don't worry it ain't broken, yet. 

The glasses were pretty cool.

Sorry for the picture being's just that the flower printed jeans and the washed out blue and white star shorts were hardly noticeable till you got it all up in your face...I actually though of pairing the flower-printed shorts with Sofia's top and one of the colorful eyeglasses and the mint-green studded headband all together for one look...So, as I was looking...I was also mix-matching outfits. 

On the way going home~

Well, that was fun and all, but the day had to end..walking to were the jeeps and bus's were parked..we got disrespected by a bunch of boys..telling us to hurry up when were practically walking in a normal human pace. Douchbags! is  all I can say...We decided on riding a jeepney back home, because the bus was too expensive and I was all out of, my sister had to pay for me...being desperately hungry..I ate one of the pizzas..I was gonna give to my Dad and my brothers...

Then the jeep stopped in front of those boys waiting for them to get on..but they weren't sure on to get on or not. My plan was to shout out "WANNABE ONE DIRECTION!" out to them..then spit out my the jeepney moved away from them, but they decided to come on board and they sat the front and we sat all the way in the back. So, each time one of the friends/boys get's off the jeep..I say "Oh there goes Liam"..and the dude in the purple shirt....I whispered to Sarah..."Good-bye Harry!" 

Making things worst..they looked like some of the students we knew from our school! How weird was that! After they were gone and the jeepney was gone...I started to fall asleep from the dizziness from the smoke and the motion of the jeepney going back and forth...We were almost home, when we started planning on our next trip out...and then I started to sing "All By Myself" out of nowhere hahahahha 

Then we went our separate ways..The End.
I hope you guys liked this entry.

Your's Truly,