Friday, May 17, 2013

Branching Out!

Following Branches:

*City . Panda




*Pink Panda

*Purple Is My Strawberry

*The following here are the different prototypes that I have experimented with~ The titles maybe a bit confusing and suckalicious or even cheap and the signature/logo maybe a bit poor looking, but moving that aside. I want to be more open and share my experiences with you personally not anonymously anymore. So, These standing branches are going to be placed on my pictures as a sign that I've been there! 

You may get disappointed in the fact that I don't go to many fancy places or flourished countries like others, but I try my best to find some sweet picks of local places. For a better understanding I will be using one of these logos as my sign on my pictures, they represent for pictures of clothes, places, food, and many more.... I have fun taking memories of mine and bringing them forth to you~and who knows if you're around my place maybe you won't have to look as far as to see all the cool places around this small town. 

Like I said this is my first time doing something like this, but not as completely as I say hehe I have posted other photos of me before...but I had to take them down because I found them unflattering. The one who would be taking the pictures is my sister, Cathy, she wants to be my official blog photographer hehe. As, for me I get to boss her around to take a picture of this and that and model myself hahaha..I still need to find a male model as my other half of my brand.. -_-* Work Work Work ;) I hope you guys will like it..

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