Saturday, May 18, 2013

Love Bomb! (Listening to Juniel's 3rd Mini Album)

I just died.

I was starting to read my two fan-fictions that I was currently reading when I opened two tabs and get hit by two love bombs! Imagine me in the middle then...

On the right side: Hoya in this picture~

Start of Something New - comedy hoya infinite romance woohyun you cute - chapter image

On the left side: Woohyun     his lines  

I went out to the garden and I look around..I saw a bench in the middle of the garden and  I sit there..whoa  this feels nice ^^ it's quiet  and looks like a secret place..I close my eye and just enjoy the quietness and calmness of the place until I hear a voice..

???: what are you doing here?

I open my eyes and I look at the person in front of me..its woohyun, he's wearing a pants and O____O OMGFG! HE'S SHIRTLESS!!!!!!! I didn't stop myself and I look at his body..he's..HOT..I stare at his 6-pack abs..

woohyun: loving what you see?

I went back to reality and I look at his smirking face..



I got hit on the left side and right side by a love bomb hahaha

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