Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Did you guys hear about how EXO's manager issued a statement on twitter, telling those EXOTIC's who leaked or download illegal videos and photos of EXO's XOXO album before it even were to be released. Sure, I'm angry too, but misunderstand...downloading is different and it is true that some of us aren't in the U.S. is actually afford their albums! I mean I live far far away from the only stupid mall that actually sells it and it's way way too, I have to resort to downloading their album AFTER it is released...I wait..and where the heck am I supposed to get "LEAKED" videos anyway...unless you HACK!

So, please EXO's manager...get your facts straight and besides the FBI has many other serious cases then this one....I'm not hating on him or anything, but it is reality...that some people just have to resort to downloading..I mean I would actually prefer to buy it..if I could! but I can't and that is the sad reality here..and for those leaking out videos...BEHAVE YOURSELVES! Can't you guess just wait till they actually come out...I mean hello you're just making it worse and stalling them from coming back...I'm not hating..just saying.

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