Friday, September 19, 2014


Do not text or call me if it doesn't concern me. Just because you're too lazy to get my sister's number doesn't mean you can use me to pass a message. Because, last time I checked I wasn't Hermes.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Friendliest Girl on earth is the Loneliest of all

She was never really good at being alone. Never have, Never will. Yet she wasn't always so friendly...all throughout elementary to highschool she had friends, but they never seem to last. She would befriend them and they would just either leave her for somebody else or use her for money. She did everything to keep them, even pretending she was somebody else just to fit in. She then stopped trying and when all hope was lost she was blessed with two best friends, but she knew in her heart that all good things wouldn't last. She was right. College life came and her best friends had to go their separate paths yet they still continue to keep in touch with her. She knew she had to make new friends in order to survive. She changed herself to actually make it right this time. Meaning to show her true self to the world in the hopes that she would find new friends that would accept her, that she later accomplished to the point that everyone in school knew who she was and wanted to befriend her and  strangers would greet her hello every day and everywhere. She was popular.  She was finally happy, but she just had too many friends and most of them were fake that it exhausted her; she knew she had to make a choice, but she couldn't decide which group to join whether the Bitchy All-Girl Group, the Bad Influence Group, or yet the Strangely Weird Group. She went on and made a decision to join the Strangely Weird Group, the purest group of friends, ones she could be herself with and relate too. However, little did she know that the next year she would lose them all. She made new friends this year, but it came with a price, they all had their own group of friends. Sometimes its great, Sometimes its lonely. But she was happy at whatever she can get till today.  So, here she was walking around school looking at her friends with their friends. Realizing she never had a group of friends of her own to begin with, maybe her best friends in high school is the only friends she'll ever have. So, here she is back at square one, friendless, feeling self pity for herself, and crying deeply inside. She fixed her face and put on a show as she sat all alone wondering  when will she ever leave this place. For she couldn't fit in here maybe she could some place else. It was no big surprise that she thought like that after all running away is her speciality. When she got home her thoughts had silenced her. Till she snapped out of it! And, I said to myself "If I am to be alone then, maybe its time I be my own friend. My best friend in fact!"

The End.