Saturday, January 5, 2013

I Got A Boy Outfits (Girls Generation)

I've been dying to see this video because they always surprise me with their bold and sexy stylish choices. I can say the song was okay, on a scale 1-10 it was a 5. I didn't get the message nor the beat of it, but man can they rap. Now, I'm not here to criticize their new song in this post; I'm here to show you some GG style. Are you ready? 

1. Seohyun- Her style was a bit surprising for me because I've never seen  her in such a wide variation of colors and her hair was in a different style than usual, it was all in all cute and bubbly. 

2. Hyoyeon - This was a very edgy and punk rock kind of image for me. It isn't that dark because you can see the bright colors there. She very much reminded me of high school jocks. 

 3. Jessica - It's too be expected from Jessica, but I really like it because they kept her cute and innocent side in the style and just add a little mash of HyunA in there. I'm loving the hair color extensions since, it's the in-thing right now. 

 4. Sunny-  Her minty and cotton hair was what made me say "Color Explosion" or "Crayon Box".  Because she was that much of a walking crayon to me, but you gotta admit it suits her very well. I really liked the pink and black outfit, it looked so young and fresh. And, her jacket the one with the stars, it made me go all commando. 

 5. Sooyoung-  Her style was more on the cutesy girl meets hip hop, I loved how she wasn't all over the top yet stood out a lot. I especially love the batman jacket, I think it's a jacket; anyway's, I loved so much, I wanna buy it. 

 6. Tiffany-  is my favorite Girl's Generation member out of all of them, because she's so pretty and her voice is just the bomb. I love her hair in here and after their other music video the Japanese one, wherein she looked so sweet in there. This was just like, a step-up, not much really changed from her at made me say "WOW".  

 7. Yuri- Oh my gosh I loved Yuri in here, when I saw her wore that red top I was "Hello!". I'm in-love with her outfits so much. She didn't change much, but she did look mature here.

 8. YoonA- She's so adorable, she just can't do no wrong. I mean no matter you change her clothes or style that face will always look that innocent. But, she did look good in the hip hop look, completely different from the usual. 

9. Taeyeon-  I gotta say her whole outfits suited her perfectly, I liked the fact that she had some coolness yet some cuteness to her edgy look. I sorta love what she wears, but then it kinda went the other direction when I saw her in the wig. It wasn't pretty. 



I love their new hair though their hair is like, similar in color and it gets hard to tell who is who. I still love it. If I had that kind of clothes and that kind of hair I wouldn't mind dressing up or looking like, that. Their new look inspired me to dress in color more and be bold and don't go for the obvious choices to match. You never know, I might nail one of their looks. 

I always wondered what I would look like with that kind of color of hair, my sister said I'll look cute and really good in it. But, nowadays there's too many people dying their hair that color and people keep on calling them "A K-pop Wannabe" and I don't want to be that, because I'm more in a Japanese level kind of person.

I mean for crying out loud when I went to this store in the mall this lady asked if I was Thai or Taiwanese and I was like, "UMmmmmm...Sorry, I'm not that kind of Asian. I'm Filipino." But, I'm planning someday to dye my hair just for fun and maybe, I could see if can pull it off or not.

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