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Rock'in In My Sleep

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This story is pretty long and it took a very large amount of my new diary, but no worries it's not that long; I'm going to summarize it for you guys. :D

So, it all started when we(Me and some dude I'm supposed to be very close to and who I think as like, a brother) saw this rock chick rock'in out her drums so, we asked her if we could join and have a gig and she accepted us without asking for our name or age. Weird, already? Anyway, so, skipping on-wards we rehearsed together at the school music room and then suddenly it shifted to the "something Awards".

We were performing then up next was two female artists, Rhianna, then Justin Bieber. We didn't have a name then so, we just made something up like, KnT and we were widely and surprisingly popular as a new rock and roll newbie rookie band. It was awesome, after our performance, we all walked off stage, but because we were rookies nobody took much pride nor care for us.

So, I did something utterly gut-wrenching and crazy. I always wanted to sing on stage with another artist so, as my band mates sat down near my family; everyone wondered where I was. I was at the center at the stage with a bunch of back-up singers and I sang for the two artists. Then exited off and I told myself that was it, but there seemed to be a problem with Rhianna's team. 

Somebody quit! and so, I stepped into the ring without even knowing it. So, there I was center of the stage again; watching Rhianna from back stage telling everyone to mind their own business and her and Chris Brown are in-love, but is not dating and so, what if they were and stuff. It was annoying and she was a bitch.   I could see all the people who gave her a towel, water, and microphone roll their eyes in different directions.

But, once she got on stage I was so happy that my family and friends were all laughing at me. I knew the lyrics to all the songs. Then it was Justin Beiber's turn to perform, I was desperate for some water so, after I got off the stage I got a bottle and was gonna drink till, He took it right out of my hands and said "LET'S GO!" and I was like, "What!" I'm not a part of your back-up singing group whatever. 

He did not take it lightly, he laughed then told me "If you screw up then I'll make sure you'll never get to sing at any award show or concert ever again. I have connections." And I was like, "Did Justin Bieber just threaten me?" I had no choice, but to go along and because my throat was dry, I did a horrible job. I was cracking like, crazy and during the main part of the song. It was so embarrassing, because he looked at me on stage with a mean look. Seriously, are all people in the industries like, that.

Then we got back at school and I guess the principal heard or saw our performance and warned us that if we ever skip school again, he'll definitely take the music room apart and give it to another club. We were all shocked, but we just kept on playing. We bonded over our instruments and their names, it's seems that ever since, I've known that "guy"(Emmett Black, 16), he never really told me when I would ask him about the name of his guitar and why it's named "Victoria".

It was really weird, as for the rest the rock chick(Marky Flatts, 18) drums set is named Orchestra, because that's what she hears when she plays it. Then for the shy bass player (Sheila May, 17) her bass is named Taylor after Taylor Swift. And, last but not least Me(Harley Victoria Roberts), my guitar is named Prince shot for Prince Charming. I felt like nothing could stop us in our way to total stardom. Then walking home with Emmett was like any other day, but...

He was silent the whole time, every time I would bring up a conversation ice-breaker he would shut it down or let it pass. I felt like, I was taking to a freaking WALL! When we finally got home, I felt relieved that the never ending silence was over. We separated to our houses across from each other and didn't look back. He  went straight inside; as I checked the mailbox  on my way in. Suddenly, I dropped all bags and including my jaw to the ground.

As I read:

Jan.12, 2013

Dear, Harley Roberts,

We would be so honored if you and your band mates could perform at the MTV 2013 Music Awards, this coming January 17 as KnT. We would be performing second to last on stage with the legendary band "Scream". If you would so kindly get back to us before the day of the awards, please do so. Here's your invitation to the MTV 2013 Music Awards, Enjoy!

John Trouser,
 MTV 2013  Music  Awards Host and  Organizer

The letter ended at that, I was ecstatic and I ran into my house and begged for my parents permission, they were the same as me when I reacted and both said Yes! with no doubt. I guess, they really support my talent unlike, my real parents. Anyway, I called up all my band mates and formed a meeting the next day. We had all gotten the same letter and permission; it was pretty hard to get Sheila's parents on board with us. They never really expected their shy daughter to perform in a much bigger crowd and they were terrified about the fact of her playing in front of millions of people.

All of our parents persuaded the principal into giving us a pass in our exams. He wasn't budging till Sheila's parents said they'll sue him for not letting their daughter explore and show off her talent with the world. It was pretty funny how he reacted. Then after that issue was solved another one came along. Me and Marky started debating over who should be the leader of the band. I guess she didn't like the fact that the people from MTV thought I was the leader.

I mean com'on just because I sing vocal and play lead guitar and suggested, which is now our band name KnT. Doesn't mean I'm the leader, but yes it was kinda cool they thought of me of such. The debate was getting even more heated when she brought up the time that I took credit for the name of the band. I mean hello! I suggested it not her so, that's means of course I'm gonna take credit for it. 

When it started getting physical, Sheila yelled out to vote on it and she nominated Emmett; I was surprised that she yelled, but not so surprised that she chose Emmett. I mean her and Emmett are like, the quiet pair they suit each other well. Not to mention that she also, has had a major crush on him since, like forever. We all took a vote and Emmett, it was. He didn't know what was going on till, he woke up from his nap in the classroom. It's strange, because he's always been the go-to guy and not to mention widely popular and dependable; meaning he doesn't sleep at all and is a busy body.

I kept my silence and we all separated in different directions after the meeting. Marky drove away in her Shevy, Sheila rode back home with her parents, and Me and Emmett started for the sidewalk. It wasn't awkward this time and he actually talked to me. He tried to say something before we left school, but he shrugged it off and denied it when I told him he was gonna say something. I guess that's case to show that guys are dumb as a nob. 

I told him about me and Marky's fight and what happened while, he was taking his nap. Then I finally asked again, which I only did the first time when we were in first year of high school and the second time, which is now. "Why is your guitar's name, Victoria?" I patiently awaited his answer, but I couldn't take it anymore after 10 seconds of waiting. I mean it doesn't take that long to analyze a question. I burst out saying that he didn't need to explain and forget that I asked and walked away. I could have waited linger for his answer for he was gonna say why, but instead I threw a fit and left him hanging. 

Close, huh? I don't think so. On the day, of the MTV 2013 Music Awards, piled out back stage that's the only time I saw him. Ever since, I blew up in his face I've been ignoring him, because I was too embarrassed to say sorry. I could hear Scream pleasing the crowd and well, screaming. It was fun just like, a cool concert and I even noticed Justin Bieber sitting near Selena Gomez. I looked away as fast as I could, but he met my eyes and gave me a "I Hate You, for ruining my performance" look. 

Back stage, Marky was hyperventilating and Sheila was crying because she was nervous and happy at the same time. As, our leader, Emmett came to the and gave Sheila some tissue and a pep talk as Marky calmed down by his side. The two girls always putting on a show. I, on the other hand, was too busy enjoying the show to be nervous, but if you look closely my hands were cold as ice and shaking like, the girl from the panic room. I took breathes in and out little by little to keep myself calm. It's a huge deal for us and that's why were all freaking out.

I noticed Emmett from across the microphones walking over to check up on me and I played it cool by just walking around and doing some vocal exercises. 

"Are you okay?" He said gently as he looked into my eyes. I stopped what I was doing and quickly changed the subject.
"I'm Fine! It's a full house, huh?" as, I try to fled the scene. He took my hand and put near his cheek and said: "You're freezing, Harley!" I pulled my hand away from him and held it in my other hand. 
"I said I'm Fine! shouldn't you be worrying about the others; it seems to me Marky's gonna hyperventilate again." I said in a snear way.
"That's no joke, Harley and you should know better. If I knew that this is what the spotlight was gonna do to you. i would never have agreed to this performance than." He looked angry and sad at the same time and I could feel my stomach drop down to the ground. 
"I'm sorry, it's just that you're busy with Sheila and Marky and..." before I could finish my sentence, he quickly got up from the floor he was sitting on and asked me "Were you jealous?" 

When I was going to say No, one of the operator guys shoved us apart to go to our stations. Emmett in between the second and first row, Marky in the center back, Sheila in the left front corner, and Me on the right front corner parallel to Emmett. I was so embarrassed and confused and mad. "Why did he say that?" I just kept on asking myself and " why couldn't I just say No any quicker?"

The lights faded and I started playing then Marky then Sheila then all of us. Scream was still on stage and they presented us. I started singing and the crowd went wild and suddenly what I was thinking about escaped my mind and I felt as if only my lips and fingers were moving on their own. We ended our performance with a grand bang and the presenters walked in for best "Rock n Roll Band". It was cool to be there.

Then it turned to commercial and we were still on stage. Nobody, told us to move because the host, John Trouser had some interesting questions for us. He went straight to Emmett and when he said his name the girls went wild. He started off..

"So, Emmett Black, the leader of the band KnT, can you tell us what your band name stands for?"
"Sure." As, he ran his fingers through his soft short black hair. I rolled my eyes. " It stands for Kimi ni Todoke, meaning From me to you."
"Can you tell us as to why you wanted that as your band name even though, your not a Japanese band?"
He faced him with a more serious expression and said: "We chose that as our band name because we want people or our fans to feel our music from us to them"
The audience applauded and laughed as John Trouser twisted Emmett's words into "So, it's like a physical thing. Now I get it." It was clear that he didn't like us.

"So, tell me kid, in a band full of girls and your the only guy and yet their leader, are you dating anyone of them?" He turned his face to the camera then looked back at Emmett. Emmett felt uncomfortable and it was obvious too as he rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. "You see were here for the music and only the music. We have no time for that." 

It was a good answer and I nodded to him to tell him that he did good, but for some reason I felt sad in a way, because he had said that , but I shrugged the feeling off, because I remembered what had just happened a few hours ago. The host continued "oh I see then, can you tell us then what's the name of your guitar and what's the meaning behind it? I mean you kids these days get so attached to things and name them so, please can ya answer this one time or is too personal?" 

I  just wanted to throw my guitar at that Trouser's face and then shove my shoe down his face. But, I was stuck there on the stage, I knew what he had asked was too much of Emmett, but I wanted to know too and was eager more than his fangirls ever was. I looked at him and he looked at  me with this look in his eyes, that sent mix signals through my whole body. I just had a bad feeling. 

"My guitar's name is Victoria..." He looked down to his purple covered black flamed designed guitar and then he looked determined straight through John Trouser's eyes and said "Because, the girl whom I liked for over four years, her middle name is Victoria." I felt chills, it was like, a sudden wind had just flown right pass me. I looked over the crowd in shock and saw the fangirls crying over his honesty. I looked back at him and he was just blushing; I started to blush. I suddenly walk off stage and the band followed after and I could hear John Trouser's voice over the microphone "Well, folks I guess the show is over. Have a good night everyone and this has been John Trouser at the MTV 2013 Music Awards."

I stormed out of the place and walked through the parking lot car after car and was just confused and full of questions and fatigue over practice  and I just felt like I needed to get out of there and go somewhere quiet. I ran as fast as I could so, that the others would quit chasing after me. Marky and Sheila started to out their instruments in their cases and I could see Emmett yelling "Wait!" as he chased after me. I blocked him out of my head and just ran then suddenly I felt a tight grip around my wrist and as I looked back it was Emmett.

Sweating looking dead serious like the time before when he asked me if I was jealous. I saw it again in his big brown eyes, which I loved to look at before. I quickly wiped the tears from my eyes and I looked at him angrily. When I tried to run again, it was no use, his grip was too tight. I didn't want to hear what he had to say and I didn't want to look at him. The next thing you know I fainted to the ground, head first and that was the end of my dream.

I only saw in images that he dropped down to the ground to catch me and was yelling out my name. I don't want happened or will happen next, but this was one long dream as you can tell. It was truly a long story no matter how you summarize or tell it. :)) I hope you guys enjoy it, I honestly think this is one of my best dreams ever. Maybe, that's why I woke up with a smile on my face.

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