Monday, January 28, 2013

W I T H ♥ U T . Y ♥ U

Okay, after I watched Special Girl, Dongwoo and Hoya became much more hotter, but after watching this video. They really push me off the edge of my chair. I mean how hot and charismatic can they get.. URGH!!!  these two make Woohyun look like baby love. This video is just like, hey want some loving then come our way. Though, I can't turn my back now on Woohyun and I still got secret hots for Myungsoo. I find these two on my hot tamale list for sure. Hhahahahha they're soo hot(fixes hair) hhehehe. Anyway, Mika!! I think I might be getting the hots for your oppa(Dongwoo)!! :))

So, please check this out!! Just in case, if you don't know them, they are a sub-group of Infinite and are called, Infinite H of Woolim Entertainment. Is it weird that i want that green car? eheheh

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