Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hayate The Combat Butler is A Movie?

How did Hayate the Combat Butler anime series go from this:

Yes! the series was the phenomenal and the adventures of Hayate and Tama talking, Nagi's confusion over Hayate's feelings, and Maria's age wonder. It was hilarious and you add Hinagiku to it and her three fans/classmates and her sister. It's a total wreck. 

I for one think that it was better off as a series and the manga it's a been confusing, but yeah it's good to, but............................

To this:

A Movie!!!  This is what I looked liked when I found out. I'm most definitely watching that. I told my sister. It's so funny because that's what I did to my sister. At the time, we were drinking what I think was milk. hehehehee

It's on Animax-Saturday-2pm , I think. hehehehehe I can't wait to see Maria and Hinagiku,; they're my favorite characters.

And, to definitely This:

Okay, fiction is  unless the actors actually sale it. I mean just looking at it, it looks like, it's okay, but you never know. Maria looks too sexy and like, a whore, Hayate does not look like, he has a debt, and Nagi is disappointing. 


Com'on people! we can do better. How did these people get the role in the first place.

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