Tuesday, January 22, 2013

♥New Cafe: Spaghetti House(A Province Must-See)

Today, Me and my Dad checked out a cute little cafe that's the "in thing" right now. It was like stepping into a whole new dimension. We ordered 1 Cheese Burger, 4 pieces of Club Sandwiches, and wait for it.......California Maki. :D It was so delicious, My Dad thought the wasabi was local turned out it wasn't heheheheh and it was hot.

I was so happy. I felt like I was in Japan hehehehe. I wanted a picture of me eating sushi, but the stupid camera won't work. All I could think about was throwing it out the window into the road and letting a tricycle run it over. But, in the end it got some pictures of me and my food hehehe nobody left any tips, but we did hehehe it was so worth it. I mean there's not much places you can really check out in the province, now there is. It's now my go-to place. ;)


California Maki

Club Sandwiches and Cheese Burger

Me eating my food :))

Waiting for my sushi....

The Cafe:


Front look from inside

Chairs from outside

The view from my spot(near the window) ;-)

The menu and front counter 

The right side of the counter is the bathroom


Chairs from inside :D

 Critics and Opinions:

*On a scale 1-10: 100
*Beautiful arrangement of chairs and plants
*Never reveal your location! hehe joking.
*Food preparation and presentation: very good
*Music: Try playing jazz music and slow environment songs. I mean it's a cafe not a club, but still rock'in music. Me love
*Love the Menu
*The price is very affordable for a student like, me. And, I love it!
*Easy to get to.
*Cute waiter hehehhe yes, I admit was checking him out too. 
*I love the culture food: They have like, Italian, Japanese, Korean, American and etc. 
*Change the name, it sounds too market-ish 
*Get some doggie bags of your own, because the white plastic bag makes it look like, I bought bread from a bakery.
*Fix the door on to the bathroom

All in All, I'm in-love with this mini cafe 

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