Sunday, January 13, 2013

Oh Yes!

People!!! I have a new crush/obsession, after I watched the movie of Kimi Ni Todoke. I thought I was head over heels for kazehaya-kun, but it turns out I was head over heels for the actor, Miura Haruma. He's an Aries, I checked. I went straight to the source Wikipedia and did my research, because I wanted to see more of him. Of his works I mean, he was a great actor and I wanted to see more.

Then when it came to the ending song of the movie, I thought it was him singing, but I kept on denying it because I thought nah..... then Cathy said "you're right, he can't hit those kind of notes." It tore me apart! so, I did whatever kind of fangirl would do; I proved her wrong and looked up on YouTube, his name and stuff and I found this;


His voice was amazing, once I heard him song the first two lines I ran out of the room and then ran back and screamed my lungs out. Then after I showed it to Cathy she was "Hmm.. Wow", I told her that he has this traditional yet modern voice that I like. I even know his birthday, which is April 5 hehehe April the same as me.

  Is this a match made in heaven? Is this real? Is he real?

This is what Cathy looked like, when I told her about him:

Me in-love again!!!!
Cathy, saying "I'm leaving." because I forced her to watch and  take a look at him.

Cathy turning her head, because I said he could sing and then I pressed play to the video.
 Me: Say, you take it back. 

 Super Cute Gifs of him in Samurai High School:

My Gallery of Him:

This picture just screams out Sexy Samurai/ I'm sexy and I know it.

mklfjrfjmdl;fvkkertrjlskhdjkawndkjsvfjr,ngtfjdchvce Now you know why!!!!! 

                                      If he ever asked me this, you know my answer: Oh YES!

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