Thursday, January 3, 2013

I Want One Of The Wanted

Nathan Sykes, is my favorite member of the band, "The Wanted", because of his voice and charming clothes he wears. I love guys who can dress, but isn't gay of course. This is the wanted, yes, they all look charming, yes and very mature compared to One Direction. I love songs, about how a guy describes his girlfriend and let's go crazy and stuff like, that. 

But, does nobody like, soulful music anymore? I mean even my Mom likes, them more than the One Direction guys, she said because their hair is all over the place and The Wanted sounds like, the Bee Gees.

I like One Direction and The Wanted songs, it's even for me. Wherein, I could listen to their songs for a week and then I get tired of it already. I only speak for myself and fora friend who said the same thing about them.

When I watched the video "I Found You" for the first time. I was screaming like, crazy because of Nathan Sykes notes. I didn't not know he could sing that well. i'm not all crazy of a fangirl for him; I'm just the right amount.  ;-)

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