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In Three Years Part 2- Fan Fiction, Dream, or Simply Reality

Me not fish, they are. I pointed at myself than to the tank and all the people where looking at me again.


Falls off the bed: "Kon'nichiwa~~~(Hello)?" My voice cracked. (clears throat) "Kon'nichiwa?"
He giggled then said "Sore wa watashidesu(It's me) H., M.H., I was wondering if we can meet each other again........... not today of course, but like.....tomorrow morning, perhaps? I could hear the nervousness and shakiness of his voice over the phone.

"Sure, why not. Where would you like to meet?" I said joyfully, I suddenly became happy and giddy. The one thing that was on mind was "Did he just ask me out?" and "What am I going to wear?". I awaited for his reply, but all I could hear is mumbling. "Kon'nichiwa? are you still there?" I asked again.

"Yeah! I....kinda don't have a place just yet. I thought you'd be a tafukukki and say, No. So, I didn't prepare any reservations or anything, but you're still coming, right?" He was all over the place! Mumbo jumbo everywhere.

"Tafukukki?...AH! Tough cookie." I looked at the phone and planned to hang up, just when he said something interesting.
"I got it!, I'm thinking Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium. It's very beautiful there; one of the main attractions is the kujira(Whale) and umigame(sea turtles)." He suggested.

I wasn't about to let a perfect opportunity go to waste and to make sure there wasn't any funny business. I asked him the least couple-y thing ever. "Is it free?" All my pride went down the toilet, but hey it's sorta like a date so, just to be clear he should be the one paying not me. I turned to my sister and gave her a thumbs up for my bravery and she face-palmed herself  out of embarrassment. okay, so I was laughing quietly as I covered the phone to hear his reply; I could hear him saying "Nani(What)?" then he replied. "Ah..Sure. My treat, just trust me one thing; you won't eat as much. Your bill the last time hurt my wallet badly." he said out of sympathy for himself.

"What do you think I am, A shinku(vaccum)! before I hang up is there anything else you'd like to say." I was pretty darn irritated. It's like calling a girl fat!
"Ah..yeah. Around gozen-chu ni 10(10 in the morning) and I'll meet you at....that ramen place we last saw each other." after I listed it down, I started to draw a hearts on the date, while I said "Got it."

He tried to continue the conversation, but I hanged up on him saying "Guddo naito(Good night), M.-sama." It felt good to hang up on him. My sister was still shaking her head over in the computer. As, I got up from the floor I jumped back onto my bed to continued talking to my sister.

*His Side After The Conversation: (Flashback)

"Ah..Eh....She hung up on me, was there something I said wrong? Oh well at least she said Guddo naito to me." He closed his phone, smiling.
"H. are you still coming, we're gonna be late."
"Gomen, but I need to wake up early tomorrow." He turned as his friends as they were leaving.
"But, how are you gonna meet "the one".  You never know she probably might be at the kurabu."
"Mo kekko n(No, thanks). But, I think I just rather sleep." He faked yawned.
"Ne~ ~ ~You're such a wakahorikku(workaholic)!" H. looks away from his friend. "Or is it a garufurendo(girlfriend)?" That's when H.starts to  push him out the door. "You know, you should tell us who she is; just in case I might have date her." He screams through the hallway.

*End Of Flashback

Right, so, I was talking to Cathy and I filled her on the details. It was okay since, he was nineteen and all. Let's go back "nineteen and all". I told her that he was actually twenty-five and she yelled out to me: "Are you crazy! Ashley, get your butt back over here."
"But, didn't you just say earlier, to go for it?Howeee~~~~ now I'm confused."
"Ashley, he's twenty-five for all I know, He probably just wants to do you know what with you." She crossed her arms.
"Really?!? No, he doesn't seem like, the type. He didn't act perverted around me; I mean it."
"Hmm....Did you tell Big Bro yet?"
"No. not yet, but I'm working on it."
"Okay, then  you just do whatever you want it's your vacation, just make sure that you stay safe and give Big Bro a heads up."
"Thank you." I said hugging my pillow.That was a close one, I thought she was gonna pop out of the computer. Wah!! what a scary thought.

After our video call ended, I waited till it was night to tell Big Bro, if he was online on Facebook. He was online!

"Hi, Lil Sis :D How's your trip so far?"
"Great. Actually, Big Bro, I can I tell you something."
"Sure, anything. What is it Lil Sis?" 

 And then I started telling him everything up until me and H.'s phone call. He thought about for a little while then replied.

"Hmm...nineteen year old Ashley and Twenty-five year old guy" He had the same concerned phrase like, Cathy. "Do you like him?"
"He's okay, I guess." I didn't want to go into specifics, but I told him what I thought he was in my eyes; which is an "okay guy". I couldn't say he was mega handsome and super cute. Inappropriate thoughts!
"I see. Well, just be careful Lil Sis. Ndi mo malaman kung ano tao ay tulad ng till makakuha ng mong malaman ng mga ito.(You never know what people are like, till you get to know them)" He proven a worthy answer and I think permission.
"So.....is that a yes, I should meet up with him tomorrow or don't meet up with him tomorrow?" I said anxiously.
"It's up to you Lil Sis, if you feel it's right you should meet him, if not then don't. Trust your gut, Basta(Just) be careful, Lil Sis. :)" I was glad that both my sister and big brother has trust in me. Otherwise I would have been freaking out if I didn't have somebody to talk to.

*The Next Day.... 

"Oh No! I woke up late." It was already 10: 30 AM. "How could this be happening." Then I heard a little voice in my head, like if you suck the air out of a balloon then talk afterwards. It was something like that and it said "Maybe, it's because you were over thinking your outfit, last night."

*Flash Back:

After I talked with Big Bro, I sorted out my clothes, throwing them all out of my suitcase! "Should I choose this one or maybe, this one. No! he'll think I'm trying too hard. Eee...Why didn't I ask my sister when I had the chance." There was the little voice again "Baka" Then it laughed. I made a scary face and just fell on my bed not even bothering to pick up my clothes on the floor.

*End of Flash Back

"I overslept!" I gasped. The little voice popped up once again "BINGO!". I quickly took a shower and just put on easy pieces I brought with me. I wore a pink trench coat, black mittens/gloves, a gray over-sized sweater, skinny dyed print jeans, a brass necklace, and to complete the outfit I used my purple cute pouch by Victoria Secret.

When I got there, I saw H. sitting on one of the tables outside. Girls were swirling all over him and glancing at him. For he wore, dark green baggy pants, all-star sneakers, a beanie, a white shirt covered with a blue, black, and white plaid long sleeved shirt and to top it off he wore a black leather jacket. A fashionable pair, I must say.

"Gomen! chikokuda(Sorry, I'm late)." I panted. Hunched back over trying to get catch my breathe.
"Li nda yo.(It's okay)" He blew on his hands, because of the cold winter weather.
"Why didn't you wait inside? You could have caught a cold." I explained.
"Are you worried I might get sick?" He smiled to the side and looked at me.
"No! I mean it's just common sense, that when it's really cold out, one should stay indoors. Duh! Besides I was being nice." I exclaimed. I noticed one thing and that's our eye-bags! I guess we both were thinking about today.
"Duh! You sure do use that expression a lot. Well, you see after the other day, you know "our little incident". He got closer and lifted a piece of my hair that was covering my right ear and said "The kisu.(kiss)"
I blushed then stepped two inches away from him. "The owner said to go somewhere else, because he lost a lot of costumers that day." 
"I see. I should go say sorry." I was gonna walk into the shop till, M.-sama put his left arm out in front of me. "Don't. Why do you need to say sorry. The place was shinda(dead) already, besides we gave it more action it's ever gonna get. He's just trying to put the blame of his failing shop on us."He turned then smiled at me. "And....I don't think I want to apologize for kissing you." He sat on the ground like, he was his soul has just left him, it was so adorable.

"Okay, then let's go now." I walked to the side of the street to call a taxi.
He got up then said "Just wait." He gently adjusted my collar, up to my face just enough to cover my cheeks. "It's a bit cold."
"Hey! Futatabi sono o ni-nin!(It's you two again)" The owner snapped and got his broom, he started walking outside. "Get of here!" We ran away laughing and looking behind us to see the owner's angry face.

Little did we know somebody was following us and snapping pictures of us.

*M.-sama's Side Of The Story (Flashback)

This morning.....10:20 AM

"Ah!!" Runs into the bathroom.
(Opens door) M.sama's Agent:  "H.-san, we have filming and book signings, Today. So, get dressed now."
Runs to put on his shirt "Cancel it. I'm going out, Today."
"Kyanseru(Cancel)? Gaishutsu(Going out)? Doko(Where)? You know the company board members will not tolerate your frequent absences like, what happened yesterday. When you ran out of the meeting."
"No, they won't. I've been working there since I was 12. I'm sure Shinsi-sama won't mind me, taking a little break. I'm late now so, I'll see you tomorrow. Cancel it, Oke.(Okay)" He points at her then closes the door.
"Sure thing. Kon'nichiwa, Hai, I would like to hire a professional photographer. Yes, this H's agent and manager." Closes phone and walks towards the door, pauses then slams it shut.

*End of Flash Back

*At The Train (JR Tokaido Shinkansen, Noziomi Train)

It was a three hour trip and it cost 13, 240 yen for a non-reserved seat, which in dollars is a whopping $148.63. I gotta tell ya it was so, expensive; we paid for our own tickets. I couldn't let him pay for the whole trip. I waited a few minutes before I peeked into my wallet and I realized I spent half of my spending money and I haven't even bought a manga yet. I made a "I shouldn't have done that" face and I could see him crack a little laugh. For he knew that I didn't have much money anymore.

He stood leaning against the wall and I sat in between him and a little kid.

"What's that in your bag." He pointed.
"Pochi(Pouch). And, it's just my saifu(wallet), pen, nikki(diary), notobukku(notebook), keitai denwa(phone), and kamera(camera)." I said boldly.
"It looks awfully a bit too much for your "pochi" to carry." He air quoted the word pochi.
"Well, I'm sorry if I can't go anywhere without my belongings." I shrugged.
"Can I see your nikki?" He put out his hand in front of me.
I held my pouch up close to my chest, with my arms wrapped like, a cross around it tightly. "No! Total invasion of privacy."
"Watashi wa jodan o itte ita(I was joking). You should have seen your face!"
"Why is he laughing? Why is he always laughing?" I wondered.

After a few hours, I started to fall asleep and I finally did. I was sleeping like, a dead person on a train. In sitting position with my hair covering my face and head moving around. At one point I could hear a little girl say to her mother that I was sadako(Chaste Child).

I could feel him looking over, he sat down next to me and gently put my head against his shoulder. It felt like a dream. I could easily feel his heart beating faster, his smile over my head, and him blushing for he couldn't stay still! But, I didn't mind it at all. An old lady seating across from us, asked him if we were brother and sister? I was already awake by then.

Blushes and laughs nervously "Obasan(old lady) actually..No, she's my sugu ni kanojo ni nari(soon-to-be girlfriend)." He smiles.
"Ah...Hontoni(Really)?!? She's so young, yet why aren't you two together then. I mean you kids are already doing PDA." The woman explained.
"I don't really like to talk about it." He blushed and his head went down. "I see then." They both went back to their own business then suddenly, "Well, it's because she's a tsundere." He answered. I try to dig my head into his shoulder so, that it'll hurt him, but it backfired and my head felt like, I banged it up against a wall! "ITAI!!!!! REESE'S PIECES! That hurt. Stupid leather jacket." I thought to myself and looked at the side of his shoulder in a mean way.

The woman looked at him. "Hmm..I see." she nodded.
"Eh..you know what that means?"
"My grandson watches anime. My favorite is Inuyasha."
"Sugoi! Obasan"(They both laugh)

That's all I heard from their conversation, because I decided to sleep again.


*At The Aquarium


It was beautiful with all the penguin and fish and the wire frame tree that I heard they later lit up. I was already contented, but then I saw it also had a Ferris wheel and I was just like, let me live here!!! I was looking everywhere, to the right, left, then in the middle and I was even doing my happy dance. Then I looked back at him and I saw him standing there laughing and watching me. I quickly regained my coolness and walked a few steps backwards to stand next to him.

I cleared my throat. "A-ri-ga-tou(Thank you)." I said in a gentle man voice.
He looked at the sky then back to me and asked "Wareware wa, de ikou(Shall we go in)?"
"De ikou(Let's Go)!" I said enthusiastically.



All the enclosures had specifics about each creature and where they are widely popular in the globe. It was deeper than wider, I must say. I could take pictures of them without having to wait, because they would always appear. I don't know why, but I was walking one step ahead of M.-sama, taking pictures. I would glance over my shoulder to see if he's still there and he is! just looking around and to be more specific on me. I mean hello! aquarium, remember. Me not fish, they are. I pointed at myself than to the tank and all the people where staring at me again.


As, we started to walk towards the tunnel, M.-sama ran from behind me and grabbed my hand. He smiled to the side and wouldn't let go. He was blushing, really blushing! He acted like, the girl not me. But, I couldn't deny that his hands were bigger than mine and they just cupped them like, a pair of perfectly fit mittens. I couldn't let go no, more like  I wouldn't. It felt so right, right? I guess or at least I think so.


He was waiting for my response, and after thinking over it in my head and looking around to notice that we were the only people standing in the tunnel and people were taking pictures of us. I molded my hands into his and we continued to walk together hand in hand. I really enjoyed watching the penguins and the dolphins; oh and the whale shark. I pointed at the crabs using my left hand, because my other hand was busy feeling the moment, hehe as they danced. We talked and even looked at the tanks up close to see one of the many exotic fishes. We quickly turned our heads away from each other, but still held hands.

"The fish color looks nice." He complimented.
"Hai! very stripey-looking. It's like looking at a Shimauma(Zebra) swimming in water"I'm so stupid why did I say that. "Bingo!" Oh, the voice was there again!
He chuckled "You wanna go sit down."
"Sure, why not. I got a lot of pictures already." Looking at my camera. "Man, that was close we almost kissed again! curse you voice in my head(mentally, holding up my fist into the air)" I shifted my head right downwards.

For some reason it just became easier to talk to him, after holding each others hands for awhile. It was like, hand emotional therapy! After a little while we sat down on a bench in the occasional level corridor and everywhere I looked there was couples! That got awkward. I let go of his hand and he did do. Just trying to get some air in here. He went to got get some drinks then came back.

"Arigatou~~(Thanks)" Holding the water bottle in my hands and playing with it. I watched him as he drank all of his water, I guess he was that parched from walking. He looked handsome while drinking, in my head it was on slow-mode. I shook my head and woke up from my "thoughts".

 I tried to make conversation, but it was too embarrassing. I kept slightly opening and closing my mouth, I looked like I was trying to catch a fly. Finally, he noticed I was trying to say something and said: "Nani ka ga machigatte iru?(Is there something wrong?)" I was too embarrassed to say it out loud so, I told him to come closer. He moved closer like, all up in your face close. I was getting distracted like, crazy, my  thoughts were shifting like, "His skin looks so amazing up close. I mean what do these people use!",  "I should kiss him on the cheek" or "Oh my gosh. His face is next to my lips." 

I shook my head and began to speak: "I feel bad, because I want to say I'm hungry for some kani(crab), but I'm afraid they might hear it and get mad. Especially, after they odo~tsu (danced) and all." 
He moved away then looked at my face, and I was just sitting there pouting, because I really really am hungry. He laughed "Then why don't we go and eat somewhere else. "
My stomach grumbled "GRrRrR" I bit my lip, because that was so embarrassing.
"To kosuko(And, fast)." He got up and took my hand as we were exiting out of the place. I stopped in my tracks and asked him. "We're still coming back right? I heard that later the lights on display will go on."
He smiled and said "Of course. Since, I was planning to ride the Ferris wheel with you." 

*Inside My Head: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! NANI!!!!!
*Outside MY Head: "Oh, really." looks down.
 He said he nodded with an "Hmn" determinedly "So, Yosh! Lets' go find a good restaurant."

*At An Izakaya (somewhere along the Shinsaibashi-suji)

There were some booths and all, and finally we sat down to eat. Good thing we didn't have to sit seiza(proper sitting in Japan), my poor feet were hurting from all the walking. We ordered in some sushi, sashimi, and of course kani(crab). All fresh too! Our order took a while and I was starving.

"What's taking so long." I said as I touched the ornaments on the table.
"I didn't know you were the sekkachi(impatient) type. All this time, I thought you just didn't like my company apparently that wasn't the case." I stopped moving the ornament and looked at him holding my chopsticks in front of my face. I waved them around and said "There's a-lot-of-things-you-don't-know-about-me, M.-sama.....Food!"I separated my chopsticks in the right timing as, the food arrived and was being placed on the table.

He laughed over my little act and stopped then asked "M.-sama? I thought you were calling me M.sama this whole time! Hey, answer me." He shouted at me. "I'm not listening~ ~ ~" I said. The waiter and all the people looked at him, he nervously laughed and nodded to them saying "Gomen-nasai" for his rude behavior. I watched him get embarrassed and he looked at me in a "Oh, you're gonna pay." look.  We started eating and just to play a bit. I stole one of his crab cakes, but what I didn't know was that he put wasabi on it.

I was craving for water, because it was so hot! He gave me water and it all went away. We both had a hardy laugh over it.

*Meanwhile, Outside of the Restaurant:

"Do you have the photos?"
"Hai, I have identified the girl."
"Yoi. Meet tomorrow morning."

*Meanwhile, Inside In The Middle Of Eating

"I just remembered, don't you have hataraku(work)?" He looked up at me and I continued talking "I mean.....I'm fine. I'm on vacation, but what about you?" He gazed for at his food for a bit then looked at me.
"Soredo ii no yo(It's fine)." He smiled. I knew it meant he didn't want to talk about it. "Oh, great Ashley, you just had to wreck the mood!" I yelled in my head. I swear the voice was so loud that my right eye twitched a bit.
"Oh, that's good then." We both fell silent, eating our food.
"What about you? Do you have any daigaku wa(college) or mochiron(course) at hand?" He pointed his chopsticks at me.
"Uh....That's not the issue here." I avoided the topic.
"Don't be shy." He looked downwards to see my face. "You can tell me, I promise I won't judge." He lifted his hands in the air then to his heart. He had me convinced.
"I sorta have my eyes set on nursing." I said.
"Hai, kangoshi." I nodded.
He wrapped his hands around his chopsticks and came closer to me, looking suspiciously around the place like, he was gonna tell a secret. "Nursing who? Me?" He put rubbed his chin.

I took a step back and almost feel off my chair. "No! Hito!(people)."
He pouted "Heh~~~But, I'm a person too and what will I do if have a shinzo hossa(heart attack), because of you kyohi (rejecting) me over and over again."
I drew closer to him "Won't you be so rakki( lucky). Don't worry you're not the first guy I rejected and besides, they all turned out fine. Watashi wa omou(I think)" We both laughed. "Um..Can I ask you a question?" I bit my lower lip out of nervousness.
"Nani ka(Anything)." He stopped eating and put both arms on the table and looked at me seriously.

"What made you want to take up engi(acting) and how do you never get tired of it over these past years?" I played with my spoon again and as I looked up at his face, I could tell he was thinking about it.
He smiled like, the sun coming out from the clouds. "I don't know why, maybe, because ever since, I was a little kid watashi wa amari sore o ashite(I loved it so much). Watashi wa kagami de renshu shi, kibatsuna kao o shite, demo nakudarou! Shokojiki...Son'nani(I would practice in mirrors and do wacky faces and even cry! honest...)" that made me laugh, he continued "And, My goal is to become number one in acting and that's why I can't stop till I have achieved it."
His face....it just lit up while he was talking about it. He looked more sincere, genuine, real, and true to what he was saying. "He really loves what he does." I thought to myself as I stared at his face.
He stopped eating. "Kare wa....Watashi no kao ni nani ka arimasu ka?(Eh...is there something on my face?)" I shook my head and smiled at him. "Nani wa chodo anata no kao o theres(No. There's just your face)." I  finished eating and I could see him smile too.

*Walking Outside, On the way back to the Aquarium

"Oishikatta koto wa arimasen(That was delicious.)" I  said then I accidentally burped! "Gomennasai(I'm so sorry)." I covered my mouth.
"No need to apologize. I'm glad you like it." He smiled with his hands in his pocket. 
"Essh! Do you have no kekkan(flaws) at all!" I snared at him.
"I do. I'm very wagamamana(selfish) on one part." He pointed out.
"That's it! Hmm..I'm selfish too well, more like a shitto fukai(jealous) type." 
"How so?"
"Well, there was this one time when my friends, my best friends to be exact, went to stalk some K-pop stars and I got jealous. Because they didn't even give me a heads up. I was really angry and frustrated at  first nor could I  let it go."
"And...what happened?"
"After talking about it with my Big Bro, I felt relieved and now I could say I'm happy for them with actually meaning it." I laughed.
"Oh, he's my big brother for over four years now. We aren't related, but very close." I leaned back and crossed my fingers in front of his face to show how tight we are. He just laughed it off.
"But, hey I'm serious. If you have work you should go. I can take care of myself. I'm stronger than I look." I flexed my arm which is supposed to be muscle.
"I know, but I what if I never get to see you again." Some wind blew by us then followed by falling snow.
We both paused and I said "You will."(continued walking) "I'll be leaving in a month so, there's still time." I changed the serious mode to happy mode "Ahh..I feel like seeing the umi(ocean). After the aquarium I just saw." 
"Hmm...koko de matsu(wait here)." He took out his phone to make a phone call as, I sat on a bench beneath a sakura tree holding out my hands to catch falling leaves and snowflakes.
"Would you like to accompany me to one of my projects?"
"HUH!! Nani(What)?"
"It's you see... I'm doing this shashin(photoshoot) for one of my new up and coming foto bukku(photobooks) and I thought, it would be fun if you came along and travel with me all over Japan." He started to sweat, and rub the back of his neck.
I thought about it a little bit and faced him as I got up "Sure, why not. Ryoko(Travelling), shashin(photoshoot), and is it free?"
"All expenses paid."
"Okay, then."
"Idaina(Great). But may I ask what's up with you and free stuff."
"I don't have a job like you remember." 

We walked till we finally took a train back and there it was. The Ferris wheel was glowing, the lights were spectacular. I felt how I first saw Disney Land and went to Fantasy Land. We rode the Ferris Wheel and the more the lights seemed to be out of this world. I gotta tell you this date might be the best ever, but I won't tell him that. I tried not to move so much, because it was making me nauseous as the higher we went.

We sat on both sides of the car of the Ferris wheel, I could tell he wanted something from me. I couldn't pin point what. But, I was getting the vibes from his stare that he was waiting. The question is, waiting for what? When the ride was over, it seemed that he was less happy then just 20 minutes ago. I wanted to ask him what was wrong, but he got out of the car before me. So, I followed him after then tripped. I almost kissed the floor, but I didn't when I opened my eyes our faces were face-to-face. I'm talking bout eye contact and everything.

*Flash Back



M.-sama catches me quick, into both his arms and I open my eyes and see that I'm now being carried by him. Both arms are around me hugging me tightly, both are in each others faces, I slowly slid down against him then something happens!

I'll update soon again. Sorry for the wait guys!!!! here's part 2 I edited it a little bit to make it more better. I hope you guys enjoy it. :)

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