Monday, January 14, 2013

I Want To Help

I don't know if my idea is new or fresh.

While, I was cleaning and thinking about my next entry for my blog and diary. It hit me that why don't I do something that's better and bigger than me and that can help everyone else. I recently received my Seventeen magazines and inside was filled with amazing stories of girls my age and above and below, help other people. Like, the girl who gave up her soccer career for the sake of helping others. 

I know I don't have that much confidence in my self to get this new project going nor I even know where to start and how, but I'm wiling to try and that's why I'm putting it into words. I call it the "Pen and Paper Project/ Pencil Project" wherein people donate pencils, pens, and paper for the sake of the kids who don't have school supplies or don't know how to write. 

I like, to think that how awesome it would be to help others than myself maybe, I have without me knowing it, but I ant something big and grand that can reach children over the globe. As, I'm laying down and typing this I seem to wonder how am I ever gonna get this idea of mine out of my head and into reality. I don't have much accomplishments unlike, my sister, but I like to believe that maybe, this might be it.

I'm still planning on building a school here in my hometown and making a clothing line, I guess I'm just adding more things onto my plate. It's not like, I could take a whole spoonful of ideas and just go here and this is what I want. Unfortunately, life isn't like that so, I'm currently working on it still and I hope that you guys will get inspired by me or by other people you see in the magazines and start working on your own project to help other people.

Because, let's face it,  we all can't just give somebody a million dollars or something. I just hope that this idea of mine is gonna be successful enough to get people into it. :))

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