Wednesday, January 16, 2013

In Three Years Part 1- Romance In Japan

"All, I could think about was his smile, his eyes, and the touch of his lips."

It took me awhile to decide whether to post this or not, I wasn't really sure if I wanted to share one of my most intimate dreams ever, but I felt like I was only avoiding the fact that I was too lazy to type such a long story. That's why I'm here now and I got my diary out so, that I could follow the guidelines of what happened. So, I hope you guys like it. 

It all started with a trip to Japan, I was nineteen at the time and was exploring my first trip alone and in one of my most favorite countries ever, It was a gift from my parents to me. Let me introduce myself Ashley B.,  nineteen years old, recently graduated from high school, a major clutz,  loves photography and fashion. I also love doing photo shoots and taking pictures of myself and is on a hunt to buy some manga, Kimono, and J-drama show on CD. I love Japan.

Walking around I could feel the culture around me and I was taking pictures like, crazy and well just being myself and of course before I came I had to learn their language(I took a class) so, that I could communicate with them. Then one day on the fifth day of my trip, that's when I ran into M.H.(famous actor in Japan/my inspiration for great photobooks), he was everything I thought he was and more. I was flipping out!

"M.H., are you coming in now?" -agent.

I felt like I was dreaming and apparently I wasn't, I was drooling, it was so embarrassing. I quickly wiped off that stupid look off my face and got my bag and ran towards the park.

"Ah..yeah." He turns back to see me running away as fast as I could and just laughs a little and goes inside.

 After I ran away I started walking on the streets letting it take me anywhere. I was beating myself up for not being able to say hi and ask for a picture with him, but instead I stood like a total idiot and just stared at his tall figure and his handsome face. "He probably thought I was crazy." I told myself. Holding my cheeks in both of my hands. I calmed down a bit and continued walking, leaving that experience behind, and just saying to myself "At least I got to see him in person." Because I knew I was never gonna see him again. 

I passed by a sakura tree and right there and then I saw a beautiful shaped leave and  wanted to take a picture of it, but I have dropped my camera somewhere. I tried to look everywhere and retrace my steps, but only then when I closed my eyes. I had a mini recap of what have just happened with M.H. and well, I was like "Why am I thinking of him at a time like this." But, then I saw when I ran away I dropped my camera. I hit myself on the head and a little kid passing by called me "baka".

I yelled back at him and said that he was baka too, but then everyone started to stare at me. They were right, yelling at the little kid wont get me anywhere, that's why it was a good thing I remembered I had a business card and my number on my camera for safety reasons, in case I got kidnapped or something. Anyway, I went to the police station and they weren't very much help, they just sat there saying they'll do it, but when I turned my back they were just reading Japanese porn. 

Then, I got a sudden call from my cellphone and I quickly picked it up. "HAI!!!" 

"Moshi mosh, you seemed to have dropped your camera and..."
"I'm on my way! ~ ~ ~ Ah..where are you exactly?"
"Here in front of the Yebisu Garden Place Tower."
"HAI! thank you very much."
"Awee?..? I forgot to ask who was  calling and I hung up. I'm Sorry!!!"
"Hey would you get out of here already."
"Ah.. gomen nasai."

At Yebisu Garden Place Tower

"Wah..such an expensive place. I don't think I've been here yet."
"Ms. would you like a table."
"I'm looking for someone who has my camera."
"I'm sorry Ms., but we can't clarify that unless you know the person."
"The problem is, I forgot to ask for the callers name  and...."
"Hello, Ms. would you like a table."
"Ah..nice talking. Great now what am I  supposed to do now."
"" He points out to me, holding my camera and pointing at it.
"It's you!" I shout. As, everybody stares at me once again. I walk outside to meet the person who has saved my precious camera.
"Thank you. Mr. M. H." I look down to the ground and look at the trees.
"Please, call me H." He insisted. I ignored him and just kept looking around wondering how I was  gonna get outta this situation. 
Laughs "Are you from another part of town?" He asks so gracefully.
"Actually, I'm from another country, it's my first trip all by myself and I came here for my birthday. And, I don't know why I'm telling you this. Sorry to disturb you and thank you again." I bowed and speed walked away.

He laughed to the side as he watched me stumble over the street and the cold weather. I was feeling cold even though I wore a warm toasty coat and a blue old-fashioned hat, but I guess that wasn't enough. He caught up to me and asked "Where are we going?" I was at awe like "What?" I said in a rude tone. I didn't know why I said that, I mean I should have been more nicer now that I got my camera back.

I turned around and smiled at him. "What's up with that fake smile?" He said bluntly.
"HAH... Hey, M.H., I mean H.- Mister H., I mean buster, I thanked you for my camera right? So, why are you following me around?"
"Aren't you gonna treat me for doing such a good deed; I could have easily stole it, but I didn't." He walked around me, stopping me in my tracks.
"And, to think I actually, liked you." I said in a harsh tone.
"Eh...really? you're not kidding with me, right?"
"Ah..yeah. Why? something wrong. I mean what's not to like you're handsome, tall, cute, expressive, and well, talented. And, to top it off, I really do find you inspiring." I went on and on and I tried to shut myself up, but it was too late, it was out already. He looked at me and held his hand to his face to cover his blushing face.

 "No, girl has ever confessed to me like that before." He said in a serious bashful tone.
"Ah ~ ~ ~ gomen. If I was too forward, sometimes I just say things without even thinking twice about it. Gomen!"  I looked at his face and he was so flushed that I just decided to run. While, I was running, I fell and scrapped my knee really bad so, I started  limping. It was so embarrassing, but I had to get out of here. 

He dropped his act and ran towards me and knelt down, waiting for me to get on his back. I was just standing there like an idiot again, it was the first time somebody ever tried to carry me, it was like something that I've watched happen in drama's countless times, wishing that somebody would do that to me someday. I was so happy and I started to cry a little. He got up and took my arms and put them around his neck and carried me to the nearest store to buy a band aid. 

At the Store

Everyone was staring and saying things like, "Hey, isn't that." and "Such, a nice guy" or "They're a cute couple." As, I watched him blew on my cut and put some medicine and a band aid on. He smiled and said "There, you're all good to go."

I couldn't take it any longer, I know that when I was coming over here that I wanted to find a little romance, but not like this. It was so scary and nerve wrecking and besides he was older than me. I was leaving in a month so, I just shrugged it off and continued to what I was doing. I got off the counter said thank you and paid him back for all the trouble I've cost and walked out. Of course, I sighed my way out and just wished I could have been more brave and take a little risks.

At a Mini Restaurant 

The inner me wanted to, but I did the most cowardly thing and ran away from love. So, I cried and just hit myself on the head for I was regretting it the very second  left. I sat on a little stool in a mini restaurant which had good noodles and sushi, that cheered me up a little, but it wasn't enough. It even got worst when I opened my camera and saw pictures of him and a video too!

He said in the video "Sorry, for going through your pictures, but I couldn't hold myself back. I was curious, oh and I got your number saved in my phone. You take good pictures, I would like to work with you someday. Since, you hung up on me the last time I just wanted to greet you properly, my name is M.H., twenty-five years old and work at something something company. You look cute by the way."

I wanted to delete it, but instead I played it again. What was wrong with me? it's like the more I saw of him the more I was drew towards him. Is he that irresistible? I said to myself and when I looked out the window and back to my food. I looked up again and my eyes grew big as I saw him sitting on the chair in front of me. 

"What are you doing here?!? more importantly, how did you get here?" I questioned him.
He didn't answer my question, but said "So, you finally, saw the video. You should really stop running away from me. Am I that intimidating to you?"  He sat with his arms crossed and leaning on the table. "I'll pay, it'll be your birthday present from me."  
"Why are you being like this?" I finally asked him.
"Because I like you. Isn't that a good enough reason to follow you around." He laughed.
"No! and I'm nineteen, go away. Gosh!" I left and stormed out, but the owner tried to stop me and I said "He's paying", then left.
"Here's the bill Sir."
"Wow, she ate a lot." 

On the Street

He ran out and followed me outside, putting his wallet in his pocket. "So, what if your nineteen. I don't care." He said stubbornly. "Do I look that old to you?" 
"No,  that's not the case. Listen you don't even know my name."
" Listen to me, just stop it, okay! stop running away from me. Can't you see that I'm hopelessly in love with you, Ashley-san." His hand was on my wrist and he was looking straight into my eyes. I didn't know what to do and my heart felt like it was about to explode and kill a thousand people.

"How do you know my name? and in-love?( I scoffed) you barely know me." 
"It was on your business card, remember? and you maybe, not believe me(He took his hand off my wrist ad rubbed the back of his neck, but for some reason the minute I saw your face. It was love at first site." I felt like the whole world had just stopped when I heard those words come out of his mouth. It was happening, my body moved on it's own. 

It was too late, my inner side came out and kissed him, and said "I've been waiting to do that." I smiled. In the inside I was so, embarrassed. What the hell was I thinking. It was weird that when I kissed him, he pressed his lips against mine and didn't even try to move away. It was total PDA.

Once I got a hold of myself I slapped him on the face and wiped my lips. "Don't you ever touch me again!" I shouted.  I took a cab and went back to the hotel  leaving him there on the street.

 "What was that? She kissed me... wait she touched me! then just slaps me. She's playing hard to get." He took his left fist and gently tapped it on his right hand, as if he had figured me all out. "Or does she have different personalities." He asked himself, the owner of the restaurant told him to leave because he was disturbing the peace and he walked away happily into the sunlight. 

In My Hotel Room

I touch my lips then my forehead and I could feel my head burning from the image replaying of the kiss. I was mad at first, but I kinda feel more at ease and all giggly. "My gosh! I'm starting to fall for him." I got up from my bed and looked at my cellphone, it was five o' clock in the evening already.  All that running made me tired so, I decided to take a bath in the hot spring. 

All, I could think about was his smile, his eyes, and the touch of his lips. Was I already in-love with him without my knowledge? I could only blush and smile and giggle over the recent happenings at stay here. "His voice", I said. "It was true and his words were pure", going back to my hotel room I thought. My computer was ringing and it was my sister calling me on Skype to check up on me and to hear the updates of my stay. 

I told her everything and at the end the only thing she could say was "WOW!", I told her not to tell mom and Dad and she swore on it. I gave her my unsure look and she gave me one piece of advice that I have to thank her for. She said "Just go for it, love only comes so often." She was right, I started to tear up a bit. Then when I was gonna tell her about the sakura tree I saw; my phone started to ring. I looked at it and it was the same number from the beginning. "It's him!" I said and Cathy said "Well, answer it."

I knew I liked him ever since, I saw one of his works and I started downloading as many pictures of him as possible and to think that I actually kissed him! is hysterical. But is this reality? Does he really like, me? Is my wish finally coming true? Is it worth the risk? What will happen next? These are the things that were going through my head as I picked up my cellphone, but it all ended when I said:


 *Sorry guys, if my story is a little how should I say this "Not my best" But, I'll update the other half soon, for now here's part 1. :)) It's pretty long. Don't judge me please!

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