Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ryu ♥ Chizu

Right, you guys know I've been watching my new show Kimi Ni Todoke, and gosh I know I should be head over heels for Kazehaya, but Ryu's sudden and rare expressions just sweep me off my feet. I mean It's nice to see a guy like, that be one of the main characters and isn't pushy or flirty like, in other Animes. 

They're the perfect couple for each other, I was crying like, crazy while, I was watching the 4th episode I think or the episode when Ryu's big brother came back and I thought Chizu like Ryu, but it was a love triangle. And, boy was I was surprised; when I saw his big brother I was like, hmmm... okay. But, if you grow out Ryu's hair he'll look like, the big brother. 

Oh My Gosh! even if I finished season , I'm still hooked on this episode. When Ryu says "Want me to cheer you up". I was like, YES! hahaha and they'rew kinda serious in the other picture, because they hugged. Ryu called his Big Brother to come back so, that he can reject Chizu more easily then just a shocking news that he's getting married; I mean how cruel, right. 


I'm heading off into season 2 with high hopes that there will finally be some moments that aren't hand holding, blushing, and embarrassing moments. I just want a little more lovey-dovey parts, I guess. I mean com'on Kazehaya and  Sawako already know that they like each other, but they haven't even properly confessed and so, hasn't Ryu to Chizu.

Hmm.....maybe, Ryu is just giving Chizu time to accpet that her one-sided love with his brother is over and it was nothing, but a little sister has a crush her like- a-big brother figure. I mean I've been there and who hasn't. I helped my own "Big Brother"  (not-related by blood) get a girlfriend. And, it sucked so bad that to know that I'm the one that just gave him away to another girl. 

URGH!!!!! I'm going crazy just looking at his face when he smiles; I mean I love it when Kazehaya gets nervous/blushing side and his selfish spoiled side. Oh, I can't forget about his smile. It just makes me melt inside. I wish guys like, this weren't so hard to find. 

If you saw the first post about Kmi Ni Todoke, and checked it out and watched it, but here's just another reason why you should watch it. It'll give you a hard time to breathe because of all the awkward and sketchy parts. 

hehehe I still remember the dog named "Pedro Martinez" a.k.a. "Maru-chan". Oh and Ryu loves animals; especially Maru-chan. He hugs him all the time. ♥

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