Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fine In The Outside, But In The Inside....

I'll make you pay!!!

Just one little mistake and it leads to one after another. Stupid domino effect. there's just somethings that shouldn't cease to exist in this world. So, pissed off right now, i want my computer to back to the way it was!!!!

I mean seriously just because  I tried to put wallpaper on my new computer, it totally backfired and gave me other add-ons and stupid smiley face thingy's. I know it's my fault and that's why I'm so mad, but this wouldn't have happened if my Dad didn't say "You do it, you're old enough too." 

Really, Dad? Really? after those other times, i thought you already learned that I'm horrible at doing things that involve computers. Not technically  I'm mean I'm good when it comes to photos and stuff if I didn't have such a shitty camera and stuff, but that's not the point. There's right and wrong and if I knew better I wouldn't have done it. Now, I have green freaking folders, which is so ew and old bookmarks, which I don't even use anymore. Gosh!!!!!! I'ts like I can feel fire in my hands as I type and fire in my eyes. 

Whoever invented that stuff should just kill yourself. I'm just kidding just URGH!! you know what I mean.

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