Monday, January 28, 2013

S P E C ♥ A L . G ♥ R L

I give 100 claps for this outstanding and uncontrollably cute video. You guys, all know that I love the K-pop band,  Infinite. So, even if my eye-candy Woohyun is not in here. Dongwoo and Hoya sure make the experience worth lasting. I mean just looking at the costumes and hair! my gosh the hair! Dongwoo have you gone soft? and the fact that he wasn't rapping as much; showed me an entirely different world. Too much lipstick though, but man!!! They really nailed the whole special girl thing down and all I could say and express my feelings in one word is "Download". heeheh 

I'm so proud of them. Come back to the Philippines soon again!!! But, by that time I'll be gone here. hehehe Infinite Love!!!

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