Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Current Situation


Hello, again and this time I'm going to be posting about my current situation, which is STUCK.  Apparently, my grandparents won't be coming home early so, that means I will have wait even longer for my darn paperwork to be fixed so, I can leave this place. It's so boring waking up, eating, then cleaning and watching T.V. every single day. Yeah, it's what every student dreams of when they're in school learning, but to tell you the truth it isn't always so happy and you gonna miss going to school like, how I feel right now/ been feeling.

I can almost say I've been out of school for eight months and it was dreadful. I mean if I could leave this place and go to school I would thank everybody and be the happiest person in the world. 

Instead, I'm the person in the background saying "Bye" to my sister and my brothers when they go to school, stay up late to help them with their homework, make their projects when the due date is near, and most of all watch them go to school every single day and wish that I was them. 

I mean it's great and all, but at home I'm like, this girl who shows her anger silently and eats so much because she got nothing else to do or look forward too and go out with her friends every time their back in town, which they rarely are. then since, I don't have my phone I can't text them or take pictures of myself, which I usually do. And, if I had  my phone I don't know what I would say to them. Because, quite frankly I'm just full of bad news and I don't want to trouble them with my problems or make them feel sorry for me Because, I have enough of that and I'm tired of everyone around saying "Sorry, to get your hopes up."


Anyway, that's just how I'm feeling right now, but who cares right? lets's just get on with the good things. But, just one last tinny tiny thing. Here's what I miss about so school so, much and no not really the academics hehehehe. But, the relationships that I form, the time that I spend with my friends, then there's the boys in class who I will find hot and stuff and me and my friends would talk about it; Then they're would be some drama and stuff. I seriously think I';m going to cry when I finally get to do these things again. Also, sharing stories with my friends and planning outgoing stuff or sleepovers. Then waking up early to go to school then you see your classmates being stupid. 

This really happened to me when I was going to put back my Science book; all the boys in the classroom took off their clothes to do a run away show and I saw my one of my classmates underwear. I quickly apologized and locked the door when he tried to come out and apologize to me. I was so flushed, I couldn't breathe nor bear to look at his face. 

A lot of my classmates had a crush on this dude at school and they said he was the handsomest and I was like "Hmm... he's alright.", but because of all the girls staring at him, I tried it once and I fell for him. Good thing it only lasted for one day. 

It's like how I used to be and when I knew who I really was just a normal high school student; Hopefully, I'll be able to go to high school and experience it one more time even though it's gonna be my senior year. I feel like I owe it to myself to have a nice high school experience though I didn't spend mine wisely and before I knew it I was graduating already and it's so funny, because at the graduation I burst out crying saying that "I didn't have a great high school experience like, in the anime's." And, then both my best friends were like, "Us too!!!!" 


What High school looks like in my head:

New Friends

New Teachers

Going to our friends house when they're sick

Lover's quarrel/Love rivals

Realizing somebody actually liked me/likes me!

Going home by myself or with a friend and maybe, eating out before we do :)
Joining clubs even though I'm horrible at sports, Math, and Science, but I'll give it my all anyway

Always getting high grades and  being nice(not so sure). 

See my crush for the first time and of course, he doesn't notice me. 

Eating like, crazy when I'm super depressed or mad. 

Then after that, College!!!!!

The way I see college: 

At my dorm :))
Fighting in my head if I shoudlgo to parties or stay and study for the finals. 

Meet new cute guys who are so mature looking and are mature themselves that they'll sweep you off your feet. 

Shoot for number one and always be number one. 
Just thinking about makes me look like, this: 

But, when others say "It's stupid.",  I look like, this: 

Moving on, from all of those stuff that was in my head and what I think. Here's what I do and what I've been doing. 


Need, I say more? 

I've been watching the movie of Kimi Ni Todoke since, I finished both the anime and manga. Hhehehe And, right now,  I'm trying to get my Dad to put the movie on my CD so that I could watch it on a bigger screen. I do that all the time and sometimes I put all my anime's in there so, I could watch them again. I know so old school. Anyway, when I watched the first part of the movie I was like, "KAZEHAYA-KUN!" 

I'm pretty sure you guys would agree that you also looked like, this while, watching it or any anime of sort.  

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

HAHAHAHA, I totally could relate to that. It's so funny because every time they pop on the screen I'm like, this and it never gets old. I got a surprise for y'all, I mean you doesn't like, a good cosplay photo of your favorite character or from your favorite anime. So, I did some research and found some awesome pics of Kazehaya and the gang. 

Here they are:
* If you see some of your pictures here. You did a great job and well done. :))   


I was amazed by the background and well every thing, I was surprised there were some people who really pulled it off and there for I salute you guys!

 Moving along, on January 29th is going to be me and my Big Bro's (not really related) official day of becoming siblings. And, so therefore me and my sister is going to do something special for him. We've decided to do a cover on K-on's song Uand I and Tenshi Ni Frureata Yo! 

Because, with my cutesy anime character voice(because I like to voice act) and Cathy's, deep Mio-like voice; we totally got this in the bag, but there's only one thing we keep on messing up in the recording because we're so nervous. Hopefully, we'll get the best take we can and give it to him, because he likes it when we sing. :)

It is true, I'm an idiot. I've been so upset over things; that I didn't notice that in February, Valentine's Day is coming up. And, well I always pay attention to it, because for starters I'm still single and well for crying out loud I made a freaking speech about it. I'm so immature that even my younger sister got chocolates from this boy at school for Christmas. I'm such a failure of a model!!! But, on the bright side I have never ever made home-made chocolates for the boys I like. 


Nor have I attempted to give him something well, there was this one time when I was planning on giving this cute card to my crush for like, how many years now and well, my friends threw it away, because they said he wasn't worth it and to be honest they were so right. I even planned on confessing to my senior crush who was a guitarist and was "Mister Popular" and he called me a "cat" before. 

 Because I ripped off one of my classmates button off, because I was angry and well... we didn't know each other back then. But, I couldn't bring myself to do it and besides he only thought of me as this girl with the cute curls and pink hairband that looked like, a walking chibi character. EPIC FAIL, for sure.  I'm such a mess when it comes down to these kinds of things. And, maybe that's why nobody likes me, I mean I caught like, four guys, but number one: was a big asshole,  number 2: was younger than me, number 3: was much taller and nicer than me, but not as good looking, and number 4: I didn't notice him at all and he got mad at me when I rejected flat. I mean at least I told him the truth and didn't leave him hanging. 
I once liked this guy who had a girlfriend  not my wisest decision, but it was pretty funny, because the dude's girlfriend was one of my arch enemies and oh well. I just told them both "Good Luck." how many days later, they broke up and she dumped him. 

Valentines Day, huh? Hmm......I'll just eat some chocolate with my family. :))

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