Monday, January 28, 2013

♥ >Infectious< ♥

Okay so, she wasn't the best when she lip-synced in her music video. It was a total epic fail, but hearing this song over and over again, because of my sister's K-pop addiction. I have grown to be fond of her and her music. Nothing less, from the famous and widely popular YG company, her authentic and feel good beat even made me do the "Oh, snap!" fingers and head rotation. 


Especially, during her live performance. Lee Hi, stick to the mic and not the record. It seems to suit you better. Little CL's swag with Park Bom's vocal chaps. I swear if they had a kid, Lee Hi would be it. The song "1, 2, 3, 4" truly is a hit. Not bad for an amateur.


 If you guys are watching K-Pop Star Hunt Season 2 as well, they got some major talent. Ling Ling and Tanya seem to have it in the bag. Maybe, maybe not, but the critics favorite Thwarwan, was sent home! major surprise...aww...poor Rendy. Her humor was infectious I may say. And, I can't forget Philippines, Fighting!!! and please do better!! :)) 

I'm not addicted yet(fangirl), but I am a fan. 

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