Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Computer Broke Down!

OMFG!!! My computer broke down just when I was gonna tell you guys about what happened between me and my friends which was an awesome reunion I rekindled my friendship with them; proving I'm not alone and I actually have friends.

Anyway, going back to my computer that stupid broke down all because of my brother and then now look we're using an old Windows XP shit and then what happened the monitor is broke  down when I was using it too. I'm I the blitz? Then after that now it won't turn on, it didn't even last a day and it broke down I know it 's like nine billion years old but, dude seriously. And now I'm blogging through my diary again.

Well, it was slow but, I appreciated it at least you know I showed it love. LOVE! for crying out loud. How did I get on the computer to blog again I'm using my friends comp lame ain't it. Oh yeah one last thing I had a fight with my mom but we're okay now, I can go to manila for the halloween party and debut of friend, Halloween is awesome because it's today, my dad's b-day is tom and that's okay because I got him a present already, I'm back on facebook and everyone is liking my posts like WAIT...WHAT! OH YEAH! hehehe I'm happy I guess all s is well and I'm not sick but i did get a headache from stress. NO WORRIES! people I'm still alive and I never forgot about my blog because I love it to death. HEHHEHE <3 p="p">

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Today's Events

Inspiring, yes? Well maybe or not. But I'm really pissed about what everyone is saying about Kelly Osbourne; I mean the girl, practically looks amazing in all purple on of my fav colors and they're criticizing her for wearing what she wants, which is black diamond nail polish. Who cares! if you gots the cash and the bold style and confidence to wear that thing. Do it! without any hesitation and regrets. Be different; I mean if I had the money to buy and wear those kinds of things I would and guilty is charge everyone has thought about showing off to the world so don't play innocent or oh she's a show off. Just shove it up  you're asses and fuck off. Not your life and it's her right. :*

Next, I'm so weird for dreaming about wait for it.... Paris freakin Hilton! Yeah I said it. No, it was not porn but she was having this anime club meeting about sket dance, I know it already sucks and then her dad was throwing next door with celebrities next door to my house, where the meeting was held too. So, then blah blah blah..... her dad came next door to our meeting and wanted Paris to excite the party I guess and she went but she didn't want too. So, she started playing Sket Dance songs on the speakers loudly and everyone fled to my house. It was a mess! and well, in the end Paris hates to party. What a weird dream..

Anyway, I saw my friend today we talked but it was short and then it got boring afterwards. She said it not me and I'm the guests so i didn't want to say it but i literally felt like running up a cliff and screaming it out. I mean I finished a whole magazine! I don't know what it was exactly but we weren't like our usual selves. But my conscience can relax a bit because I got my book back all I'm waiting is for the costume now. Moving on, we talked about college and stuff and how miserable I am at times. But, as always I need to say I can't.... I can't...I can't!!! all the time and it comes to this -------------MONEY!! 


I've made plans to go to Manila, for my senior's debut which is my other friend and well, judging by this picture you get the memo.

As, usual the whole you can't go because we don't have enough money or we don't have the car or no you can;t go because where are you can stay......A bunch of nothing garbage. When my mom starts to give me the "Talk" and no not the other talk but the one about you can't go because of all the questions above I tend to forget I ever asked and move on with my life as if it never existed into this world and this conversation we never had it. Or just like to today I closed the chat box on her and I tried to ignore her but I just can't because I'm not the type of person to do so. I forgive them but it doesn't mean I fully forgotten I still wanna go. Life sucks when the universe is turning and turning and it never stops that you feel like barfing and it just never ends that's how it feels like. 

So, next time I should just reject every outing that my friends ask me to go to. I mean obviously I'm totally happy spending my life 24 hours a day to pure t.v., computer, and cleaning and teaching my siblings. Yeah! life is soo great you can;t see the smile on my face because I'm frowning too hard you can barely even move it. I even sigh more than I used to. I just wish my parents for once in their life or for once in my life say that they'll try or  "let's see what I can do" and not always give me the talk out straight because I call dibbs on the first cab to run me over and kill me now. WAITING SUCKS PERIOD.


FOREVER ALONE MUCH..............

P.S. sorry the constant mood swings it's a phase this month only a girl would understand that.

Cosplay Crush


Okay... okay, all maybe wondering why this random guy is on my blog with various pictures of him. I may admit I have a thing for his anime character and I'm obsessed with his Cosplaying. I mean to me that's H.O.T.! Don't worry I love Bossun too but his cosplayer wasn't as handsome and charming as this guy.

I love the character soo much that if Himeko and Kiri liked each other I would approve and I don't say that for other wondrous boys who accidentally meet the main girl character but has a thing with a friend/guy who makes her heart skip a beat any day a.k.a. the boy protagonist.

Besides, he got his own thing going so, I think it's safe to say he's a character for the girls to swoon over. I'm living proof it worked. His ninja weirdness and ultra geeky ninja lines like "I'll protect you even if  I'm dead, I'll still protect you with my dying body." Who wouldn't love that! plus he makes me laugh so hard when he says "Kawaii" in a girl voice but it turns out flat like a guy's deep voice.

Girls! what's not to love and the fact that they actually got a guy that has some qualities (looks) as him is major awesome points. My respects and tip of my hat to you kind sir. I have watched all episodes including the end. I know so soon and already? i know I get that alot, but that doesn't change the fact that I will spill or spout out spoilers.

I haven't finished the manga because I want to understand more and get the memo or make it clear to me. That the two main characters will get together. I must absolutely know. I mean yesterday and today I got upset for teaching my brothers for their exams and missing out on my shows: Inuyasha, Stigma of the Wind, and Fairytail. >.<

But no worries I got it all figured out because starting tomorrow no exams! YEY!!! CELEBRATION!!
Anyways, Yes! I will introduce and if you already know him I don't care I will gladly introduce KIRI KATO!!!

I would like to also celebrate this guy's hotness and awesomeness of coplay talent. But, mostly KIRI <3 p="p">

Friday, October 12, 2012


I'm very sentimental when it comes to this topic. I mean I'm the type of girl who likes to read and watch romantic comedy movies, novels, animes,  and mangas; just earlier I read on Facebook about this crazy japino girl; who looks nothing like a Japanese is having her second anniversary. I would like to "like" her status but her big gigantic hormonal backstabbing social bubble; was too much for me to surpass my hatred towards her.

What has she done to me? Well, besides dising on my fam! and constantly abruptlingly hating on one of my bestfriends and sister. WE WERE ENEMIES PERIOD. I sometimes even get episodes in my head were I was killing her and I was so hot; cuz I wore heels which peirced through her legs. I maybe a little phsycotic and well, maybe you can say outragously cray cray. But, Com'on haven't anyone thought about killing their bullies in their head, of course.

Anyway, it hit me, I always am the good one; the good girl, the saint, the devil, the nerd, the hot mess, and guys find me attractive but they none has the guts to ask me out. Well, there was one guy, but I rejected him, beacause I knew he wasn't the one for me. I look at myself and I'm freaking sixteen and she's barely fifteen! I mean is there something wrong wtih me, am I a late bloomer? I asked myself multiple times but what I';m trying to find is what comes later in life like, when you're lloking to settle down or you're in your twenty's kind of relationship.

I always find myself too aggressive just as what my friends say. They also, say that I'm like a tiger that jumps in right away even if its all in my head. I would admit though, that I kinda am like that in a way. But, still I just want someone for the first time to love me for me and be concern for me; someone who will actually be there for you. And not some fling which, ends after a week or month. I must say, I'm really mature for my age. I'm like twice my age. I think or more.

But the point is, people say that love and romantic comedy movies are a bunch of B.S. but, its not I think. It's not like I want to sleep with the guy! I just want someone you will take the first move and leap at the first chance he sees me or when I get hurt or something happens to me, he will be the one to comfort and protect me. I know right delusional not something you find in highschool at all.

Teenage boys are like, only want one thing, which is xxx. And trust me its true. Hell, even college guys want to date me just because my looks and they think I'm easy. Then there's my sister's classmates who I'm friends with, but they want to be more than. And that's a huge no no for me. Why can't boys my age, like me. I mean I even watched Degrassi at one point! talking about dramatic much. The hit show friend zone, which was my sister's inspiration for one of her ideal songs(it was good!) showed me that there are some guys out there that are different and decent.

But, sometimes it doesn't work out that well. And.... they kinda aren't cute. If a friend handsome or not, asked me out and confessed to me. I don't know how I would deal with it. I'm very picky, you see. I'm sorta like very violent and bitchy when a guy ticks me off. Like I'm very short tempered when it comes to guys. If a guy who wouldn't give up on me no matter how annoying I get or just makes fun of me and doesn't get mad easily and like he's optimistic that would mean the whole world to me. I just hope he was born or raised like that and not fake's his way to get to me.

That's why "LOVE" in my book is the standard topic that I keep locked away, till someone will fill that one special place in my heart. I may look dominant and very aggressive and mean but in the inside I'm just locking my true self in order to avoid getting hurt. Someday.........he will come........I wonder what he'll look like, be like...... it's not bad to dream, right?

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Money Trouble

Fist of all its great to be back, I love blogging and stuff, things have been hectic. I mean with MONEY! today my brothers can't even go to school because we didn't have food, water, shampoo, and etc. the list goes on. I seriously think that  this is due to the flood, my lolo and lola making us buy their medicine, my uninvited guests who overstayed and didn't paid and last, but not least my dad who horribly managed the money the last time.

I could have one thousand in my hand and use it to buy the things we need when it calls emergency and this here is a total major emergency! He carelessly didn't budget the money correctly. I feel bad about saying it, but it's the truth; I mean tough love dude. Besides he deserves it because this whole week he's been saying mean things to my brothers and I even to my sister, yelling at us, and throwing stuff, and the most annoying of all annoying SIGHING.........

He really needs to stop doing that because he's making us, well me depressed and sigh also it's like a cold that everyone in this house is getting. Dear middle class family, you look so expensive along with your house, but the truth is we're on the brink of becoming MC Hammer broke and I mean half Martha Stewart broke too. This house only exists because of my grandparents. So for now my troubles are slightly solved by my grandparents and mother. They sent money today and thank god because we really needed it.

But the thing is here though I'm totally grateful to by grandparents, I hate depending on them and other people; that's not including friends which i have so little of and dream of having more best friends who I can count on for everything, let's get back shall we the point is I hate having people look down on us and people saying this and that and what's worse living in a province with your judgmental family all over the place.

i love having nice things and hardships in life though they are hard to conquer. But having to depend on people who we owe already is really truly hard for me. My dad doesn't care at all if they say stuff behind our backs because well, they don't really get along, but here's the deal papa o's  I care and it really hurts me. I mean who doesn't like other people talking shit about your own family.

Well, this ends my day of entry please wait till my Internet is back on track and we don't have to live off this stupid stick load thingy that gives us Internet. Because seriously, it's annoying every time I move it; it turns off. I know right sensitive much.

Anyway, money trouble indeed; I'm just glad I ain't like other people who go on the streets asking for donation to get a new set of boobs because I'm a size b ( Saw it on TV).

Oh yeah, and God sorry for not praying, thanking, and most importantly going to church when I should but I'm honestly busy, but I want to get all my sins replenished.