Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meraki - My word of the day

Hey, Y'all! It's me again! ^_^

Sorry being a little MIA lately just got a lot of things going on again. Let's start from last Friday shall we? :) I've been busting my butt off getting things done like, the night before I reviewed for my math test (my last test) till 11:48 pm; I woke up at 5:00 am to do my chores; went to school at 7:00 am to review; 8:00 am I started arranging the chairs in the classroom for the team building ( none of the officers came early T^T so I ended up getting bruises all over my body while I was moving the chairs); 9:00 am we started the Team Building and it ended around 11:30 or 12:00 pm, I think? And then I ate lunch and went back to school to review then apparently we could have open notes during our test so I freaked out for nothing XD and took my exam at 1:00 pm then finished at 2:41 pm. Went with one of my friends to get her research printed then came back to school at 3:00 pm to work on the logo and have it printed and ready to be submitted by 5:00 pm. I got all of this done can you believe that? :) That's my latest achievement so far. :)) In short, my midterms finally ended last week and my org had its first ever team building for the officers!! (YAAAYYYY hehe). 


 UCBMA Officers Team Building

UCBMA Logo and Org Shirt
(Both are my designs ^^)

On Saturday, I got to hang out with one of my high school best friends :)) It was nice catching up with someone who I really trust and can just be myself with and most importantly just poor my heart to. Either from my problems at home and at school to my love life. It was a real pick-me-upper because I just needed that extra boost of confidence that she gave me. You know who you are! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!! ^.^ And, not too mention how weird!?! We both have short hair now XD but in different colors. :) She even treated me out to Albong's Cafe! She loved the frap! hehe SUCCESS!! Cause I know how much she loves her coffee. 


We continued to talk over our love life because she's pretty in love herself and this is the first time her feelings have ever been reciprocated. ^_^ I'm really happy for her. haha We almost left without paying the bill because we were talking so much and the lady was busy and forgot to give us the bill. But, the owner and the barista were pretty cool about it. :) Later that day, my dad and I kinda reached the storm on the way coming home that I got wet. :/ There was actual thunderstorm, guys. Like, I'm not kidding while I was taking my bath lightning struck near the bathroom window leaving the power to completely shut off. I quickly ran out of the shower without brushing my teeth because I was that shaken up! ^^" Of course, I brushed my teeth later that night because the power came on after a few hours and within those hours my siblings and I played this atom game on our tablet. :) hehe Also that is the reason why I got another cold. TT 

Sunday, I just went to church and drank a giant coke and ate a lot for lunch then did all my requirements for Monday theeeeennn since it was Taco Sunday! I ate like four tacos sorry no pic.

HEEEEYYYYY MOOONDDDAAAYY!!!!! Same old, same old. :/ I'm a behind in my I.T. class because I was excused for a meeting and right now actually I'm supposed to be editing my work but !! I felt like updating you guys instead. :) hehe The only highlight from Monday was that I got my allowance exchanged; I power walked a lot from point A - B - C and I still look like I just finished a cheese burger. XD Another company tried to recruit me for the networking thing but I didn't bother to listen to them well I did listen to them but my mind was not really there? ^^ I guess? hehe Sorry, people. ^^"

Oh! I was also on fire making jokes and being so talkative on that day. :D I really enjoyed the company of one of my far-distant friend. We're not exactly close but we're friends. :) We just don't have any many things in common. Theeennn I just watched a lot of Jenn Im's videos on YouTube till I went to bed because I am just so obsessed with her work. I want to go places and see all the things that she's have. :) she's truly one of my inspirations in life other than Michelle Phan. :) I just love people who see their work as their one true love. I think that's only because I'm a workaholic at heart. :) I kinda ate ice cream 

Tuesday, Hmmmmmm.....I don't really have a lot to tell you guys about today because it's just same schedule and I didn't have much classes today so yep. So stories here! BUT!! I do however, want to show you guys my favorite songs for this week and maybe month. ^.^


Saturday, August 29, 2015

PANDA FEELS: HUHU T.T This sums up what I feel right now.

PANDA FEELS: Currently I'm waiting on a certain someone to message me but it's been eight hours and counting...

While I'm waiting. This isn't too bad. 

Yeah! I don't need you. 

what guys mean 7
What time is it? 

Dammit... where are you!?!? -.- 


what guys mean
I'm just going to eat away my feelings. :<

man nails
What happens when that person finally messages me. 
(Why hello there..)

Things All Couples are Tired of Hearing From Single People
When that person tries to explain their self.
(I see. How interesting.) 

lauren conrad
Oh okay. FINE.

Things All Couples are Tired of Hearing From Single People
Let the fighting begin. 

3 fight with someone you love
One message wouldn't kill you, you know. TT

5 fight with someone you love
Then all is forgiven and forgotten just because. 

PANDA POST: When your sister tries to talks to you about Girls Generation kicking out Jessica out of the band and not SM Entertainment but, you on the laptop reading articles. T^T

eye roll

Like who cares? 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tomorrow is Another Day

Hi Panda's! 

So, I've been pretty busy with midterms not too mention that my professors keep on extending it. Therefore, I still have two more exams to go next week. Exhausting, right? At least my hard work has been paying off since I'm the highest in my Taxation and Law class. I was given a reward too. *jumps up and down* Hm. Just saying though. ^^"

My Facebook Post:

Received 100php earlier for getting the highest score in Tax. Thank you, Lord. angel emoticon Because all my sleep, sweat, and tears went into that. I will half it into tomorrow's expenses, next week's allowance, and my savings. — feeling grateful.

Today... well ... these weeks things haven't been good for me. Other than the fact that my lack of sleep because of my never-ending tests, I've noticed that I have a tendency to runaway from everything nowadays. Unlike before I was all talk and no walk but, now I just walkaway from the crowd, the noise, "the bae", and friends. I go to my hiding place to take a breather. Its an empty outdoor place in my school that not much students hang out there because there's no chairs but, I however aren't afraid of no dirt. :D 

(joking ^.^ hehe I just missed doing this)

Its not that I'm sad or anything, I'm just tired from school and everything that comes with it. I mean the whole hectic schedules and ruckus thing just isn't my thing anymore. I prefer to stay out of the limelight. Then there's the fact that I'm not too committed to my love life right now. I shy away from him too. It's sometimes intentional but, most of the times I just want a break away from all that feelings. It is also tiring dealing with another person's feelings. Especially when they ain't no mind-reader and you just want to shove all the common sense you have down their throats and shake them till they get it. TT but yeah.. whatever. 

Friends. Still the same. I make lots of friends then have like five left and only two I actually hang out with occasionally and the others when I see them. I still feel lonely from time to time cause I have no real friend. My bestfriend is a-wall since summer and the rest are history. It sucks but it doesn't matter to as much nowadays I like keeping to my own company. I just need new earphones and a good book to read! I've been binge watching on shows and movies as well as K-POP. Yes, I've gotten back into that interest again. ^^ I'm keeping positive that someday maybe just maybe I'll find a nice group of people and have friends that I can call my own. You know..who knows, right?

Health. NOT GOOD AT ALL. I really do not understand why I feel such pain around my body and throw up my food after breakfast and have eating habits like I would be hungry that whole day then the next I have no appetite whatsoever. Staying up late and drinking soda doesn't help either but I don't why I do such things. Sometimes, I have no choice but to stay up and review or finish my requirements then I wake up early the next morning to help others or clean the house or even just review the things that I didn't get to. I drink soda cause its what helps me stay awake and energized. I know an unhealthy habit of mine. That's why I got sick for about three times consecutively then I gained some weight back. 

Panda's..what do you think about me cutting my hair up to my shoulders? I want change. A huge one! I'm tired of the things around me and I just want something that will make me feel less tired like a haircut. :) I'm still undecided though. I'm tied between wanting to surprise everyone at school and rethinking my decision and just delay my haircut and give myself one week to do everything with my hair. Actually fixing my plain self actually? XD Hays. I don't know anymore, Panda's. Maybe, I'm just THAT stressed out just like what my dad said earlier when I told him. :/

After all, tomorrow is another day.
*air quotes Scarlett O'Hara famous line*

Good Night!

Friday, August 14, 2015

My Food Travels

So Panda's lately I've been having some problems financially but remember the saying "It doesn't matter if you have money or a car. As long as you are young and able you should go travel" ? Well!!! That saying helped me to get out of my head and start hanging out with some friends in the awesome new places that opened up in town and I thought why not share my experiences and information with you guys? :)

First off, is the Magnolia Ice cream House. The story at how I got here well to be honest my two close friends wanted to treat me out so that we can all catch up. :) Apparently, handling my problems on my own made me really anti-social. ^^ BUT! This place is the bomb for ice cream sundaes ! Even I was surprised that they actually use real strawberry and peaches. :) prices ranged from 50.00php - 120.00php. They also serve sandwiches.

Secondly, just a walk away from school is Kerimoto! :) This is where I was rewarded with fries and a drink for helping out my friend translate his thesis. :) I love the packaging honestly and they have flavors of sour cream and onion, barbeque, and cheese. Prices range from 20.00php -49.00php :) You can have just the fries, fries with drinks, or fries with cheese sticks and drinks, and lastly fries with cheese sticks and hotdog with drinks. :) I personally enjoyed this experience.

Third, is Albong's Cafe. So I found this place out while I was scrolling on fb and I was completely at awe at the fact that I go to school just a few blocks from it and I still haven't gone there yet. Anyway! New attraction equals new excitement!

Here, I invited my old friend for a date cause he had a major breakdown on fb at how he missed our bonding's XD  since we're both busy with our organizations (we're both presidents XD). I decided why not bring along and pandas !! Listen up!! He paid the bill!! ;-)

It's a really great place if you are that "get my morning coffee and work there" kind of person. Like me!! :D It is super relaxing!!! And the drinks are to well chocolatey and mocha goodness!!! They also serve nachos, sandwiches, salads, and pastas. :) their prices range from 50.00php-100.00php + :) also give out great deals like if you buy the same drink from them every time you visit or at least you order it for about five times you get the 6th one free!! :)

Fourth, is the Bistro Esquina. This has got to be one of my favorites because I do love anything vintage and crafty! Its just a dream. :) another walk just around the corner from school and you're there! They even have a build your own Burger for prices starting at 99.00php :) 

I came here for the free food! Joke! XD One of my friends wants to find a way to get easy money so she invited me for a money investment meeting with one of her acquaintance's at this spot. It was pretty cool and I'm interested however where am I going to get 1,500.00php and recruit two more people to join over and over again till I exit out at level four?

So! Maybe next time. :) Although, the meeting went by smoothly and the guy who was marketing the company. Treated us to some nachoes, the platter (potato wedges, onion rings, and chips), and drinks! He was a great guy. :) I'm happy that at least one of us are going to join that company. :)

Well, that's all the food places I've been too these past two weeks so until next time my dear, Panda's :*


Friday, July 3, 2015


"I cannot adult today.."


I know it has been like forever since I actually wrote to you or even posted on my blog. BUT, trust me. I've been busy and secretly lazy ^^" sorry to break my promise of keeping y'all updated. Anyhow, life has been busy. XD Guess what? I'm in my third year of college taking up all three of my majors, tax, law, business investment, and political science. T^T (huhu) As you can imagine I have committed a huge mistake of taking  both Taxation and Law at the same time. Damn! Senior's not warning me! XD haha 

Everyday I go home at 7pm because of my night classes then I still manage to eat and wash up then do a little bit of my advance reading and requirements before I pass out from shear exhaustion. See? no time. For reals.  BUT for your sake guys. I've been taking care of myself. The first week may have been rough but I'm getting a hang of it. :) On the bright side, I see it as a challenge. I listen in class and try to perform my absolute best! For I got a new goal in life. I am aiming to be my batch's Valedictorian ^^"  Although, I highly doubt it cause I'm not sure if I'll be able to graduate over here plus, there is a lot other students who are better than me. So, I tend not to expect anything. Just go with the flow~ :3 

Like, right now...I was supposed to take a shower and do advance reading and my assignments, but dammit! It is a Friday. XD haha I still got tomorrow and Sunday. Other than my studies. Since, I am in no position whatsoever in school. I kissed goodbye my EIC scholarship (it wasn't working out) and I rejected offers like being the successor to my UCBMA org. My full devotion is to my studies, family, and friends now. Although, there have been some huge offers and recruiters approaching me for like President of the school or VP of the school or even just the President of my org. I refuse. However, they won't accept my 'no'. They just tell gave me until Monday to make up my mind. TT 

The reason you may ask? Is that my Dad is finally leaving the Philippines. :) We're going back home very soon!!! I'm overjoyed cause I really want to start that new chapter in my life, but having to be left with my grandparents over here till my parents come and get us is kinda not so joyful. ^^ I'm freaking out!!! haha I gotta take care of my siblings and balance my studies and act mature and make adult decisions and do adult things. >< I admit ! I'm terrified! I'm not used of not having my parents around. If that makes any sense? ^^" Hays. I know. I know. I'm a big baby. XD haha 

Other than that my mom has been working two jobs now just because.... it is hard living in America. XD My little sister talks too much and has been irresponsible, my little middle brother dances too much and almost got a gf at the age of 14 TT I did not handle it well. *shakes head* I yelled at him to break it off then cry uncontrollably when he started pouring out his heart to me. Too much information people. Lastly, my little brother is President of his class, been chilling with his friends, and voted himself for counselor of the school. XD He's finally getting into the whole active teenager thing which is sometimes a bitch if I may say cause when I ask him to do something. He writes me off or complains now. TT

Anyways, FRIENDS! Since I am now just a regular college student. I spend time with my besties inside and outside of class. I talk to them for hours, we laugh a lot, we save and then eat out together. I was even surprised when all my best guy friends confessed to me all their love life stories in one day! :D Guysss!!! I finally know what it feels like to have friends XD haha But nahh sometimes I sit next to them in class and they're so noisy or hyper that I have to ignore them in order to understand what our professor is saying XD Oh! College life! How I'll sorta miss and not miss them XD I'm trying not to be my anti-social self again. ^^ As, I said i'm making the most out of my time here :) 

I did however told my two college besties that was a possibility that I would be leaving sooner than expected. One threatened to jump off the second floor and the other went crazy and said she would talk to our school statues if I did. They balled right in front of me of course, but I did not. I am saddened that I will have to leave them, but that's what I wanted all these years to go home. I was surprised that they cried because I never had anybody cry over me. Nobody who wasn't my bestfriend, Nic. I was just happy that I found such wonderful friends in college. :)



Of course, I wouldn't forget about my best friend, Nicole. :) Guys. This time she actually messaged me first. haha XD Can you believe it? Look who's not-so-clingy now, huh? ;-) Right now, we are currently chatting on Facebook. hehe We've both been busy with school. It seems we're all on the same boat called reality. We are in the stage of training for our future jobs. :)

AAAAANNNNNDDDDD, the last but not the least... *sighs* my love life. Let's put it this way...A is for Present (Bae); B is for Past (a.k.a. Ex-Almost); and C is for Future( as in wedding bells and kids). Right now, honestly.. I'm not thinking about my C. Because, I am confused. I don't see myself ending up with anybody actually. Maybe before....but now A has changed and I think myself and my feelings toward A have changed as well. Our bond is  not the same as before. A always comes home late nowadays; chats with me then takes forever to reply till I am sleepy because only Lord knows what he's doing; doesn't really do gentleman-ish things as much as before (I actually had to talk about it with him); and doesn't keep his word unlike before. There is little effort and I am kinda getting tired of being the one who's always available and reliable when it comes to him. I am the fool once again. I gave a lot of effort and I got the end of the stick again. 

Now, here comes the confusing part. B came back. Since then, B has been chatting with me, complimenting me, spying on me during my class. My past feelings for B has somehow arisen. Don't get me wrong. I am serious about A, but B is being a nuisance into the picture. I can't help but feel like I am cheating in a way...like emotional? I am not getting close to B but just talking to him makes me feel bad. I said I would cut off all ties with B.  Like, I told A that I chatted with him last time and A got jealous and said not to talk to him anymore because we had a past, but he trusts me and it is my decision because he does not want to control me. However, I still chatted with him just to greet him 'Happy Birthday'. I feel guilty. I mean I tried to be his friend and forgive and forget, but I think I made a mistake of doing so because I let him slip back into my life. TT Asshole. 

My thoughts on this absurd situation. I just think I'm noticing B because of the attention I'm not receiving from A. And, my C.... I still see myself as a 28 or 30 year old husband-less woman. Who's got cats and lives in an apartment and does nothing but work all day and all night. ^^" Hopefully, A will fix things between us and he'll be the one who owns my heart. Please do...

That's all for today, Panda's!! Shall update you guys soon again! :)

P.S. I'm not into anime, manga, or K-pop as much anymore. ^^" I'm more on cross-stitching, sewing, knitting, cooking. hehe Just making things, really. ^^" Who knows I might post one of my work someday. :)