Friday, August 14, 2015

My Food Travels

So Panda's lately I've been having some problems financially but remember the saying "It doesn't matter if you have money or a car. As long as you are young and able you should go travel" ? Well!!! That saying helped me to get out of my head and start hanging out with some friends in the awesome new places that opened up in town and I thought why not share my experiences and information with you guys? :)

First off, is the Magnolia Ice cream House. The story at how I got here well to be honest my two close friends wanted to treat me out so that we can all catch up. :) Apparently, handling my problems on my own made me really anti-social. ^^ BUT! This place is the bomb for ice cream sundaes ! Even I was surprised that they actually use real strawberry and peaches. :) prices ranged from 50.00php - 120.00php. They also serve sandwiches.

Secondly, just a walk away from school is Kerimoto! :) This is where I was rewarded with fries and a drink for helping out my friend translate his thesis. :) I love the packaging honestly and they have flavors of sour cream and onion, barbeque, and cheese. Prices range from 20.00php -49.00php :) You can have just the fries, fries with drinks, or fries with cheese sticks and drinks, and lastly fries with cheese sticks and hotdog with drinks. :) I personally enjoyed this experience.

Third, is Albong's Cafe. So I found this place out while I was scrolling on fb and I was completely at awe at the fact that I go to school just a few blocks from it and I still haven't gone there yet. Anyway! New attraction equals new excitement!

Here, I invited my old friend for a date cause he had a major breakdown on fb at how he missed our bonding's XD  since we're both busy with our organizations (we're both presidents XD). I decided why not bring along and pandas !! Listen up!! He paid the bill!! ;-)

It's a really great place if you are that "get my morning coffee and work there" kind of person. Like me!! :D It is super relaxing!!! And the drinks are to well chocolatey and mocha goodness!!! They also serve nachos, sandwiches, salads, and pastas. :) their prices range from 50.00php-100.00php + :) also give out great deals like if you buy the same drink from them every time you visit or at least you order it for about five times you get the 6th one free!! :)

Fourth, is the Bistro Esquina. This has got to be one of my favorites because I do love anything vintage and crafty! Its just a dream. :) another walk just around the corner from school and you're there! They even have a build your own Burger for prices starting at 99.00php :) 

I came here for the free food! Joke! XD One of my friends wants to find a way to get easy money so she invited me for a money investment meeting with one of her acquaintance's at this spot. It was pretty cool and I'm interested however where am I going to get 1,500.00php and recruit two more people to join over and over again till I exit out at level four?

So! Maybe next time. :) Although, the meeting went by smoothly and the guy who was marketing the company. Treated us to some nachoes, the platter (potato wedges, onion rings, and chips), and drinks! He was a great guy. :) I'm happy that at least one of us are going to join that company. :)

Well, that's all the food places I've been too these past two weeks so until next time my dear, Panda's :*


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