Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bloated No More

Like, most girls I check my weight like ever so often. And, when I had my period I went full on bloated and the cramps it was like a big hand constantly pounding my stomach. So, I watched my weight gain and it was too much for my jeans could handle that I couldn't wear jeans. But, now it's all over I'm free!!! 

No more pads and Midol. hehehe My stomach went back to normal, but I didn't stop there I work out and dance and drink water before I eat. Yes, I do that now. It works at least I think so. Because I can fit into my jeans again and eat all I want. 

Hehe But, I'm still conscious of my weight and my arm are my constant reminder. I don't want mom arms yet neither do I want to keep on having to not show my stomach. I want well little baby abs or at least a flat stomach. And, it is hard. I'm hitting the gym or joining sports next time. For sure. 

But, I'm just so happy I'm not bloated anyway more. 

Bored Because I'm Bored

Nothing really happened yesterday, but I watched some of my favorite movies Confessions of a Shopaholic and The Da Vinci Code. It was awesome, TOM HANKS!!! and the bags; man I wished I had that green scarf. I love her name "The Girl in the Green Scarf", I mean genius. It made me think about her job and i might consider doing that. I love writing, that's one reason. I'll let my future self take care of it.

But, seriously is it okay for a Catholic such as myself; to like the movie The Da Vinci Code. I mean is  it a sin? because though it portrays Jesus as a mortal man. I love the history and the pure knowledge in it. I can't imagine my life without any religion it's a part of me, one that I deeply hold important. Enough, of the serious talk, I still love this movie and my church didn't say anything about hating or banning movies.    


I also, I filled in the last page of my personal diary, Candy. this isn't really it, but she looks more tiny and has Ariel on it and stuff. heheh It's very personal and that's why I didn't want to post the real deal. My Mom bought me more journals and notebooks that would be the continuation of my first diary; could you believe I had it for three years and it has my most darkest secrets that till this day only my Sister and Best friend,  Nicole knows. 

I also, started to listen to my new playlist now that I downloaded all of the new songs. It went pretty well with writing. Then after filling the last page of my diary; I started to write in my notebook that I carry all the time. The dream I had long time ago that I just remembered, it's weird that in my dreams I keep on coming up with a continuation. So, now I have no choice, but to write them all down. 


I wish to post it someday, for now I'm just writing it in my notebook because it's pretty long. Until, now I'm still writing it. I haven't got the title yet I think the first dream was "The New Heiress" and then the second part is the "Silent Abduction", and well I all I know is that one of the chapters is called "Jumping Continents".

It's a working progress, I guess. Today when I woke up I was in a bad mood because my Dad interrupted a funny dream. Wherein me and my sister were Christmas Shopping in this store. I was around the book section and I was putting the books I liked into the cart. 

Then this hot guy passed by and I started making sounds like wa wa wa and then we turned the corner and my sister saw another hot guy and she started putting things into the cart and was saying op op op. It was hilarious too bad I couldn't see it through, because I was woken up. It was weird but funny.


No cleaning today, because I'm waiting for my sister and plus my Mom said I need to rest my hand. Hhehe I got caught up in this movie called "Cruel Intentions" it sounds intense and scandalous. So, I watched it, but I had to change the channel on the bad parts because my Dad was watching it with me. He was answering all my questions. And, trust me I had a lot. Too bad the guy had to die; I mean he was hot. 

And, scandalous was what I got. I loved it. I've been meaning to watch this movie, but I would always change my mind at the last second. This movie is going  on my list of my favorite movies. I know right though, the movie was sick;  I found it awesome and an additional plus because it involves a journal. I love Sarah Gellar, she did a fantastic job. She should play as the bad guys more. hehe  

Another thing is that is weird, is my version of Inuyasha. I invented it one morning, while I was eating breakfast with my sister and brothers. It's called "INUKASHA", wherein Kagome is Kahome and she does this weird/funny/stupid introduction and does like anime sounds like, uhuh it was really funny. Here are the characters name:
  • Sang-you-who - Sanggo
  • Kiyaya- Kirara
  • Mikufu-Miroku
  • Nakahu- Naraku
  • Shashihero- Sesshomaru
  • Ten- Ren
  • Kazura- Kagura
  • Kohuko-Kohaku
  • Kickyo- Kikyo
Example Kahome says "Remember the sacred jewel yeah it came out of my body, so why isn't it red. you know because of my blood. And, don't you think I would know if I had a big ball in my nody it would be round and sticking out of me."

It's pretty funny, but I'm not mocking it because I love the anime; the strange idea just came to me. The most strange things come to me when I'm eating or before I eat. Speaking of eating I'm hungry as hell. So, i'm gonna go get my food now. hehe 

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Don't Worry Be Happy

After, my little depressed phrase worn off; I felt better again. And, also because my Dad came home and I don't want to make a scene. Anyway, I'm now on Episode 7 of city Hunter Season 1. Hhehe and, While listening to Christina's new album it reminded me that I shouldn't let bad things a get the best of me. 

Also, I heat the fact that my blog's wallpaper is "Happy Panda's With Hearts" and it just makes me feel guilty that I'm posting depressing stuff. The "panda's are gonna look sad and old broken hearts". So, I decided to post this instead. Don't worry be Happy! more like don't worry be hungry because I'm starving. :))

An Emotional Blogger

Losing Myself

Have you ever pretended to be happy to everyone around you, but deep down inside you just want be left alone and cry. Right now,  I feel alright and I'm  sorta happy; well I think I am. It's been hard these past days and when everyone is out of the house I keep quiet and think to myself. Just thinking about everything and all those horrible times that I've been bullied or made mistakes that I never replace.

I would never hurt myself nor others, but I gotta admit I've thought about suicide before. When times were really hard than they are now, but I never had the guts to do it. I'm grateful I didn't. The title "losing myself"
is all about how I just keep on pretending I'm okay and happy when I'm not and I don't know who I am now. Behind the curtains I'm just trying to get by and I don't have all the answers or everything together.

I try to keep myself occupied and that's why I cleaned last week and it resulted in a aching pain in my right hand till this day. I just don't want to sit and think about it anymore. If I do I'll just fall into pieces and that's why I just take a deep breathe and look up to the sky and know that someday this will get better. The details aren't that important on what's going on, but it's the usual. I made a playlist that I've been listening too; it's new.

  1. Rooney- When Did Your Heart Go Missing
  2. Taylor Swift- Safe and Sound
  3. Seven Nation Army
  4. She Wolf
  5. Sistar- Alone
  6. Smash Mouth- Everyday Super Hero
  7. Sunshine and City Lights
  8. Taylor Swift- Lucky One
  9. Flo Rida- I cry
  10. 2ne1 - Go Away
  11. Boa- Every heart
  12. Chris Brown -Don't Judge Me
  13. Christina Aguilera- Just a Fool
  14. Whataya Want From Me
  15. Sistar- Loving You
  16. Brown Eyed Girls- One Summer Night
  17. Kelly Clarkson- Behind These Hazel Eyes
  18. Lana Del Ray- Ride
  19. Kim Wilde- Kids In America
  20. Simple Plan- I'm Just a Kid
  21. Rascal Flatts- Life is a Highway
  22. Linkin Park - Waiting For The End
  23. My Chemical Romance-  Welcome To The Black Parade
  24. Paramore - Decode
  25. Paramore- Monster

This is just half of my playlist I got like dozens, but music really heals the heart. From experience even when you're crying and nothing can cheer you up just listen to the songs that apply to your situation. Feeling the blues today........

Monday, November 26, 2012

T.V. Trauma 2

4. In the beginning 

Nancy- Hi, Ned.

Ned- I had this dream
during my nap today... went to California,
met that guy on Smallville...
...and you got amnesia...

...and forgot you ever met me,
and then I turned into a squirrel.
Anyway, what do you
think that means?

Nancy- Ned, can we talk about this later?
I'm just a little busy.

Ned- Yeah, sorry.
All right, okay.
5. Before Nancy Leaves
Ned- What are you gonna do?
You have a mystery to solve in la-la land.

Nancy- I'll figure something out.

Ned- I hope.

Nancy- Ned.

Ned- With all the commotion,
I didn't get to give you this.

Nancy- I needed a new compass.
The old one's wobbly.
Thank you.

Ned- In case I'm not with you
on your birthday.

Nancy- That's so sweet.

Nancy- I just don't know if l'll get to use it.

Ned- Why?

Nancy- My dad let me choose the house we're
gonna live in, so I chose one with...

Ned- With a mystery.

Nancy- But not just any mystery. One of the
greatest unsolved cases of all time.
Dehlia Draycott.

The movie actress.

Before your time.
Twenty-five years ago... the height of her fame,
she disappeared for five months.

Nobody knew where.

And when she came back,
she threw a giant party.

She never went downstairs
to greet her guests.
She was found floating in the pool.


Ned- Gee, that sounds like fun.

Nancy- I know, right?

Nancy- But I didn't tell my dad about the house
and he's not letting me do any sleuthing.

There was a hostage situation.
I can kind of see his point, but...

6. Continuation of Smallville Guy Conversation
Nancy- Ned? Don't worry
about that guy from Smallville.

- He's not my type.

Ned- Nancy.
You have a type?

Thinking About It

Watching Inuyasha on T.V. and  City Hunter on the computer,  while talking to Mom and thinking about what to post so, I'm posting this instead, while I'm eating at the same time.


Post 104

Never would I have imagined that I would reach up to more than 100 posts on my blog. Lately, I've been counting except for yesterday I just kept on posting what I wanted. It feels great, though my right hand is still hurting from over doing it. I was gonna take a break , but who am I kidding I never do. I was planning on making the title Post 100, but I guess I'm a little too late. hehe

I woke up late because I was watching The Voice last night, total bummer! my sister just had to ruin it for me. She told me whose out and it's Slyvia; I'm disappointed once again. The competition is so boring to me now. I mean my sister said that she read the comments on YouTube saying that "She was too cocky" or "ungrateful" or something like that. Seriously, it's not like their asking for your opinion just your vote. DUH!!!!

But, if I was that person and I didn't like that contestant like Cassadee Pope or whatever the spelling of her name is; her face used to annoy the shit out of me. Like, constantly I wanted to punch her or something else and yes I know she's from Hey Monday. Can you blame me love Paramore. Anyway, the fact is I never said anything nasty stuff about her I just didn't vote, but now she's kinda rubbing off on me and she might be my new favorite in the competition.

Then the more it made me mad because nobody is buying Christina's new album. I'm a huge fan of Britney spears and Christina Aguilera, I just wish that people would be fair you know. And, besides for your information I listened to all of the songs on the record and I liked it. Especially the "Just a Fool" song. She really is good at singing heart-wrenching songs. I mean where did all the Christina fans go? 

 Before I watched The Voice; I was watching Justin Beiber's interview with Oprah. I know right! JUSTIN BEIBER! I'm not really a Beiber fan. Like at all. I just like his is music. And, well this may seem weird, but I hated him for a long time because of his long druppy pants and hie style dressing like he's black and all. But something just keeps pulling me into his bubble.

 It's like his pheromones just spread though the t.v. and pictures and tours. It annoys the crap out of me. I mean who has that power over people, as I watched it I've always made fun of him and stuff, but it never really was hate that I felt towards him, it was just that he's not my type; I guess. though he may come from Canada (which I hate-love too) what's up with Americans hating on Canada? I don't know why but I just do. 

I respect him as an individual and just maybe I might go to his concerts someday. I'm not waiting for him to make mistakes though obviously he screwed up big time with Selena. Well, today, nothing really is going on, but the usual so boring seriously I just keep on making fabulous outfits to wear outside and their not outrageous like, the ones I posted they're normal and I'm not going anywhere. 

Oh totally forgot to tell you guys that my sister got accepted into this "Youth Week" at school. Yeah so happy I guess my inner jealousy for my sister is coming out. I mean it's always her; she gets the medals, the opportunities, and the favoritism of everyone. that's why I was afraid of introducing her to my friends. And, good thing too because they were all over her and it hurt a lot. Am I happy for her? 

At first I wasn't. I mean it's just the same old thing over and over again. So, the Youth Week thing is like you get to skip school to be an intern at any job they assign to you. It's a wonderful opportunity to figure what you wanna do in life. Last year I wasn't chosen because they choose all the stupid popular kids and it was a disaster they didn't know what to do. So, the Municipal said to bring them smart people next time and they did my sister and her classmates. 

I'm not going to brag about it much more because it disguises me, I mean she's my little sister I should be proud, but you just can't help having the thought of  "What the hell have I've been doing in my life?". It was a battle and a struggle, but I always remind myself I'm older than her and she looks up to me; she said it herself. 

Because I was popular with the guys and girls and the teachers always called her "Ashley" and her name "Cathy" because I'm more memorable. She still doesn't get it no matter how popular or whatever I am. I'm always gonna want to have the achievements that she has, because one time we both got accepted in the honors  and we had the same grade point average and she got a medal and I didn't. 

Because her kindergartner teacher was the principal back then and well, her favorite was Cathy, out of the four of us. But, I am myself and waiting is for best; I still have my whole life to achieve things for myself. Staying strong and proud of my accomplishments though they are so little. Keeping my smile.  :))

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bookworm List

My hottest picks of books I wanna read:

1. Bra's and Broomsticks by: Sarah Mylnowski - this book looks tempting and magical just what I like to read. The really would like t buy the whole series as seen in the photo: Bra's and Broomsticks, Frogs and French Kisses, Spells and Sleeping Bags, Parties and Potions.

2. The Seven Realms by: Cinda Williams Chima-  Once, I saw this ad I was inspired and quickly drawn by the title and art it had on the cover. And, I thought hmm... if this has as much imagination how much more in the inside. There's four books that are out: The Demon King, The Exiled Queen, The Gray Wolf, and The Crimson Crown. Sounds whimsical.

3. Pure by: Julianna Baggott-  As I read on because of the beautiful design and mysterious darkness that surrounds the butterfly, I was curious to as why. I read the reviews and some would call it a great coming of age book. Some even said that it wasn't interesting enough in the plot and delivery. But, I guess we'll never know unless we actually sit down and read it. 

4. Delirium and Pandemonium by: Lauren Oliver- The first book "Delirium" is about a spike  controversy over the government's way to cure for "Love", but a a girl named Lena Holoway; who is about to get the cure in how many days does the unthinkable and she falls in love. Sounds crazy right. The second book "Pandemonium"  is this riveting, brilliant novel that crackles with the fire of fierce defiance, forbidden romance, and the sparks of a revolution that is about to ignite.

Delirium Book Cover   Pandemonium (Delirium, #2) 

T.V. Trauma


I'm so happy that my girl "Laura" won. I mean out of all of them she can do it all. I feel bad though for Kiara because she needed it so bad. But, you gotta go with the best you know. And, well after some debating me and my sister agreed that Laura is the true winner. I mean have you seen her last picture nothing but "AWESOMENESS". My favorite was the one's seen in the right picture. I mean just looking at it I feel like I can feel the Jamaican sun and heat.

On, The Voice my now favorite is Sylvia Yacoub, I mean her performance of "My Heart Will Go On" with her own spin on it was pretty good I gotta say. I like her trend and her hair it's pretty. I can't wait till tonight for next round. 


Right, I told you guys about Nancy Drew the movie. When I I was flipping the channel I saw it on again I just couldn't resist, but watch it. She's so innocent and smart and the clothes that she wears is so sheek. I gotta admit that I don't only watch it for the mystery  itself, but also the little romance going on between Nancy and Ned.

I mean they're just so adorable. I wish there were guys like that; nowadays they just have their pants laying down low till you can see their underwear and they just act cool or something. It's not attractive at all maybe, should go to River Heights. hahaha I'm just kidding.


My Favorite Lines from the Movie:

1. When Ned was going back home.

Nancy- Ned, can I ask you a question?

        Can you tell when a girl
        is thinking how much she likes you...

        ...wondering if you like her, thinking
        how important it is how you feel...

       ...before she says anything more
       about how she feels about you...

       ...because she's already saying
       how she feels in her own way?

Ned -Can you repeat the question?

2. Ending

   Ned- There it is.
        Just like clockwork.


   Ned-Postpartum depression.
       You're sad the case is over.
  Nancy-That's ridiculous.
        I'm glad it all worked out.
  Ned-You're only happy when there's trouble.
      This I know for sure.
      But that's who you are
      and it's all right with me.
Nancy- Ned, that's so sweet.
*Nancy and Ned Kiss*

Hungry For Hunger Games

I'm a really big fan of Suzanne Collins work, she portrays everything so beautifully detailed that when I was reading it. I could imagine the arena and everything that even the movie had. The characters was amazing and I expected the same for the actors who were gonna play the role as them. 

It was fantastic, but when I saw it in the theater I wanted it to be more expressive, like the book. the way Katniss does this monologue or something, about how she sees things in her way. Also, during the arena part they got everything right except for the part when they we're in the cave I mean. they needed to make out to get food. Best Part!! In the book hehehe 


And, then also in the ending I didn't like the fact that they didn't want Peeta to be deceived by Katniss's feeling towards him. I mean it was all for show in the book, but there was something a connection maybe. Because, she made out with him to get food fr the both of them and then she wasn't quite sure of her feelings for him. 

So, practically she was playing him. I love Katniss and Peeta and Gale and I only want what the key moments in the book to be shown in the movie. Just my opinion I'm not hating on it because I bought the movie and the magazine hehe. Thanks to Mom and Dad. 


I remember when me and my besties including my one guy best friend(not sure if he's gay, but he total has a crush on Katniss) all of us were screaming when we Peeta on screen(only girls). Benedikt was screaming when he saw Katniss. And, he was so kind to buy us bread so, that when we see Peeta we'll hold out our bread. :)) Good Times. Even my Dad, sister, sister's bff, and brothers could hear us screaming. from across the theater.


This here is my official Hunger Games I.D. me and my buddies got it made before we watched the movie. We wanted in on the action. Though you can't see it clearly it's really cool i'm from district 4, fishing and in the second book there's this hot fishing guy from my district and is name is Finnick Odair. 

The guy whose playing as him is HOT!! hehe I watched Snow White and The Huntsman. Me and my friend Mika, made up a dance for him with his fishing net and Peeta's bread and stuff hehe. Since,m we got to a school which is religious to all religion we sing Christian song and well we made up the dance using one of their songs; it was hilarious. And, would get in trouble with our adviser for dancing and laughing so loudly and wildly.