Monday, November 26, 2012

T.V. Trauma 2

4. In the beginning 

Nancy- Hi, Ned.

Ned- I had this dream
during my nap today... went to California,
met that guy on Smallville...
...and you got amnesia...

...and forgot you ever met me,
and then I turned into a squirrel.
Anyway, what do you
think that means?

Nancy- Ned, can we talk about this later?
I'm just a little busy.

Ned- Yeah, sorry.
All right, okay.
5. Before Nancy Leaves
Ned- What are you gonna do?
You have a mystery to solve in la-la land.

Nancy- I'll figure something out.

Ned- I hope.

Nancy- Ned.

Ned- With all the commotion,
I didn't get to give you this.

Nancy- I needed a new compass.
The old one's wobbly.
Thank you.

Ned- In case I'm not with you
on your birthday.

Nancy- That's so sweet.

Nancy- I just don't know if l'll get to use it.

Ned- Why?

Nancy- My dad let me choose the house we're
gonna live in, so I chose one with...

Ned- With a mystery.

Nancy- But not just any mystery. One of the
greatest unsolved cases of all time.
Dehlia Draycott.

The movie actress.

Before your time.
Twenty-five years ago... the height of her fame,
she disappeared for five months.

Nobody knew where.

And when she came back,
she threw a giant party.

She never went downstairs
to greet her guests.
She was found floating in the pool.


Ned- Gee, that sounds like fun.

Nancy- I know, right?

Nancy- But I didn't tell my dad about the house
and he's not letting me do any sleuthing.

There was a hostage situation.
I can kind of see his point, but...

6. Continuation of Smallville Guy Conversation
Nancy- Ned? Don't worry
about that guy from Smallville.

- He's not my type.

Ned- Nancy.
You have a type?

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