Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hungry For Hunger Games

I'm a really big fan of Suzanne Collins work, she portrays everything so beautifully detailed that when I was reading it. I could imagine the arena and everything that even the movie had. The characters was amazing and I expected the same for the actors who were gonna play the role as them. 

It was fantastic, but when I saw it in the theater I wanted it to be more expressive, like the book. the way Katniss does this monologue or something, about how she sees things in her way. Also, during the arena part they got everything right except for the part when they we're in the cave I mean. they needed to make out to get food. Best Part!! In the book hehehe 


And, then also in the ending I didn't like the fact that they didn't want Peeta to be deceived by Katniss's feeling towards him. I mean it was all for show in the book, but there was something a connection maybe. Because, she made out with him to get food fr the both of them and then she wasn't quite sure of her feelings for him. 

So, practically she was playing him. I love Katniss and Peeta and Gale and I only want what the key moments in the book to be shown in the movie. Just my opinion I'm not hating on it because I bought the movie and the magazine hehe. Thanks to Mom and Dad. 


I remember when me and my besties including my one guy best friend(not sure if he's gay, but he total has a crush on Katniss) all of us were screaming when we Peeta on screen(only girls). Benedikt was screaming when he saw Katniss. And, he was so kind to buy us bread so, that when we see Peeta we'll hold out our bread. :)) Good Times. Even my Dad, sister, sister's bff, and brothers could hear us screaming. from across the theater.


This here is my official Hunger Games I.D. me and my buddies got it made before we watched the movie. We wanted in on the action. Though you can't see it clearly it's really cool i'm from district 4, fishing and in the second book there's this hot fishing guy from my district and is name is Finnick Odair. 

The guy whose playing as him is HOT!! hehe I watched Snow White and The Huntsman. Me and my friend Mika, made up a dance for him with his fishing net and Peeta's bread and stuff hehe. Since,m we got to a school which is religious to all religion we sing Christian song and well we made up the dance using one of their songs; it was hilarious. And, would get in trouble with our adviser for dancing and laughing so loudly and wildly. 


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