Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Yesterday's Confusion, Today's Pain

Yesterday, I went to school at the wrong time so, that I can meet up with my Sis(Ate Jyrah). I had to wait for hours and miss my fav show.but, I didn't really care much because, I was feeling good about myself and; I managed to say hi and talk to the people who used to take care of me no not nannies but, people who looked after me when I was still going to that school. We talked for hours and they all kept me company as I waited until........

Cue the sound effect from the hit show on MTV's  hit show, AWKWARD. I saw Arvie, my loser flirty friend/ best friend maybe/ ex -crush. He came in and just sat down and talked to me like, Wow!!! I was ecstatic and well, a little confused as to why, I know we're like a little bit close but, still dude like seriously. I thought I was over him but, when I saw him I was back to high school all over again. And I hated it. And the lady who's my mom's bff is like watching us like, with dagger eyes.

then she left and gave us space to talk and well, let's say I was uncomfortable. He flexed his muscles and was charming. I don't want to assume like what my sis said. But, man dude seriously. Leave me to die and sulk in my shame. He said he had a WIFE! like a girlfriend more like it but, they got rings matching too. So, I act normal, I teased him and asked questions how he is and stuff. And well, he seemed more interested in me.

And, I shut him down flat, he asked ,e who i was meeting and kept on pushing the fact that I was meeting up with a guy, which I not by the way. And, it was none of his business to know so, I said secret instead. And well,  like the picture above I'm totally confused. And, when my friend finally, came after hours and hours of waiting. I told her everything.

She told me not assume, which I am doing right now. I'm just curious OKAY! So, anyway, she told me not to go to her college because, when she first went there she was straight and now, she 's like bisexual. She goes to an all girl school. And, well now she's confused and though I accept her for that because, I think its sorta cool. But, I think she even confused me even more.

Also yesterday, I fell in the bathroom and hit my head on the floor. Including my ass. And, now, I'm stuck with two bumps on my head, which only ice can stop it forming shape. So, today I can't sleep on my right side of my head because, it hurts like fuck. PAIN!!!!

And then well, yesterday I got to watch my show Inuyasha in the afternoon. After I hanged with my friend and ate pizza. YAY!!!! hehehe she payed for it too. huhuhuhu.  And then, well, I got to ask my Auntie if I can borrow her car and if she can take care of my little bro's and sis when me and my dad go to Manila, for my friends debut( 18 b-day). It's a big deal . And she said okay. All I need to do is ask my mom for toll gate money and then BOOM! I can go!!!! YAY!!! so close. Like, Tiana from Disney's Princess and the Frog. I"m Almost There. :))


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