Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mom's B-day Coming Soon

I love my parents so much. I really do, and that's why I bought them matching trophy's that say World's Best Dad and World's Best Mom.

I'm an addict to giving gifts without anything in return, I mean I love these people for crying out loud. So, I only want the best for them. Unlike, my brothers and my only sister(who's here). Wait, Did I mention I have two twin step-sisters, who are older than me. Yeah, we don't really talk divorce agreement stuff plus, I don't know it's complicated.

Moving on, so, me-only younger sister-younger brothers. On their behalf I let them take credit but, I'm the one who saw it and wanted it for them. Yes, that was me, while they take credit but I don;t really care because were family. I know right, AWWW...They should be glad I'm nice, I'm like a pushover to them. But, once I'm pissed there's no going back and they know that; why do think they can't walk all over me.

So, Mom's B-day I wanna go out and celebrate like, she said. "Go out and celebrate my b-day even if I'm not there." She's weird, but then again all of us are. I mean if you were to see our living situation; its like living with 100 people and we're only 6 count in my step-sisters 8. We fight and yell a lot., sometimes even do karate. And, but no worries we set up some ground rules. I mean we're dare devils and crazy ones too when we threaten each other it's with knives in our hands.

But, my friends don't care. We even cuss at each other, it's just our way of living. So, I think we're gonna go out and celebrate or Skype with her. But, anyways I already got her present, we're gonna send it to her later on in a package. For now, she said to take a picture of it and post it on Facebook to see it. On her B-day of course.

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