Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie Marathon

This may sound weird, but I'm totally into these movies right now. Because I haven't watched them yet.  I mean I'm a colorful nerd, I can be a math nerd, a science geek, a art junkie, political junkie, and a theater enthusiast. But, the one quality or part of me that I can never replace is my love for movies.

I'm a total movie junkie, not the one's that you see on t.v.. The movie geeks who talk about science fiction BORING..... I love action packed, funny romantic, and heartfelt films. I just can't fight the urge to buy or see them. By list of the pictures these are the blockbuster films(half of them I guess) I wanna see.


Funny how most of them are by Tim Burton; I love his work especially Sweeney Todd. I mean classic!
URGHHH!! I wanna see them now! Rise of the Guardians......

Oh and by the way I think Jack Frost's voice is hot. hehehe ^.^' just saying.

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