Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My Priced Possessions

I have a lot of priced possessions like, my mothers cards she gave, my teddy bears, my blanket, and more. I just really have large number. So, this is just a few that I wanted to show because some I wear everywhere or carry around. 

1. My Hats- I like wear them all the time and I never get tired of pretending that I'm Ash from Pokemon. Because my name is Ashley so, it just makes sense.

2.  My Lucky Charm Bag- It's my favorite carrying/going out bag. And I love to see all the little key chains I got on. I mean I had a lot then it got stolen including my favorite smiley key chain. Then the girls who bully me took away my favorite Monkey key chain that came with my Bobby Jack jacket that my lolo and lola gave to me. But, I still love my bag and all my key chains.

3. My First Korean Album- It came along with a poster but, I through it away. Anyway, it makes me feel happy when I listen to it also, that it's the first album I've ever bought and boy, was it expensive. 

 4. My Only Anime Magazine- I bought it when I went cosplaying for the first time. I may have opened it but, what's a magazine if you can't read what's inside it and you're always gonna be wondering what's in it. and for my personal taste I didn't like some of the anime in there because, I don't really know some of them. But, I got a Maid Sama poster.                      


 5. My Favorite Book (Little Women by: Louisa May Alcott)- when I first received the book I was like, What!! is this some kind of "coming of age" thing. But, when I started to read it and I saw the pictures it really caught my eye and as I read forward. I began to understand from all  angles. That this was what I was going through in some parts of course. I really hate the fact that Laurie and Jo did not end up together but, the author was right to do so, I mean if they were ever to get together they would have killed each other in their first year of marriage.

My favorite line/quote from the book:
"I don't believe it's the right sort of love, and I'd rather not try it." (Jo)

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