Thursday, November 22, 2012

Down For Detectives

Okay, this may come as an shock. How much Detective Anime's I know and love. These are just some of my personal favorites. It goes by the picture. I think tall, super smart, handsome, and athletic guys are sexy. what can I say, but if you know how to hold a gun or protect those you care about that's also a plus. 

My Mom loves CSI and so, does my Dad. Having to grow up having a paralegal mother whose favorite show is Law and Order, CSI and NCIS. I mean you gotta admit you get fantasized by their work and hard ass-kicking skills. On, a more personal note I love Law and Order especially it's theme song or sound.


Watched a lot of Detective Conan, and finished I think the whole anime and manga and movies. If I were Ren, I wouldn't have wait that long to tell Shinichi how I felt. I really ship those two so hard that I really hope they do end up together. If Shinichi ever becomes himself permanently. This is also one of the first Anime's I've ever watched besides Sakura Cardcaptor. 

Cowboy Bebop, was showing on Animax shortly before Detective Conan, I watched it because the girl and the boy was an interesting pair. I also read the manga and watched the movies. And, it was AWESOME.
I mean the thrill and the chase was just perfect and even down to the settings and clothing and the way they drew them. AWW I miss these old animes. 

City Hunter, is the latest of the Detective Animes I've watched and well, since I haven't watch all of it. I can't be quick to judge, but the last episodes I've seen are pretty good and funny, which is a total plus to my liking.

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