Sunday, November 25, 2012

T.V. Trauma


I'm so happy that my girl "Laura" won. I mean out of all of them she can do it all. I feel bad though for Kiara because she needed it so bad. But, you gotta go with the best you know. And, well after some debating me and my sister agreed that Laura is the true winner. I mean have you seen her last picture nothing but "AWESOMENESS". My favorite was the one's seen in the right picture. I mean just looking at it I feel like I can feel the Jamaican sun and heat.

On, The Voice my now favorite is Sylvia Yacoub, I mean her performance of "My Heart Will Go On" with her own spin on it was pretty good I gotta say. I like her trend and her hair it's pretty. I can't wait till tonight for next round. 


Right, I told you guys about Nancy Drew the movie. When I I was flipping the channel I saw it on again I just couldn't resist, but watch it. She's so innocent and smart and the clothes that she wears is so sheek. I gotta admit that I don't only watch it for the mystery  itself, but also the little romance going on between Nancy and Ned.

I mean they're just so adorable. I wish there were guys like that; nowadays they just have their pants laying down low till you can see their underwear and they just act cool or something. It's not attractive at all maybe, should go to River Heights. hahaha I'm just kidding.


My Favorite Lines from the Movie:

1. When Ned was going back home.

Nancy- Ned, can I ask you a question?

        Can you tell when a girl
        is thinking how much she likes you...

        ...wondering if you like her, thinking
        how important it is how you feel...

       ...before she says anything more
       about how she feels about you...

       ...because she's already saying
       how she feels in her own way?

Ned -Can you repeat the question?

2. Ending

   Ned- There it is.
        Just like clockwork.


   Ned-Postpartum depression.
       You're sad the case is over.
  Nancy-That's ridiculous.
        I'm glad it all worked out.
  Ned-You're only happy when there's trouble.
      This I know for sure.
      But that's who you are
      and it's all right with me.
Nancy- Ned, that's so sweet.
*Nancy and Ned Kiss*

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