Sunday, November 25, 2012

My Idea Book







Well, if any of you guys were wondering it's just like the title says; this is my Idea Book. I keep everything that inspires or necessary supplies or articles that I need to give me strength and ideas. I love to make art all sorts, I make them best when I'm really in the "Zone".  Let's start from the top- bottom.

  • Anime's I've watched
  • Korean Drama Shows I've watched and Japanese thing I love
  • Korean bands who inspire me/just for looking (the guys)
  • All the shows and singers I watch and listen to. (American)
  • Stickers/Scrapbook Materials
  • My old list of What I want(still want) and Dream Guy Qualities/My Type Of Guy(cheesy and high maintenance of me, huh)
  • Work out moves from magazines
  • Fashion Likes 
  • Hair Likes
  • Guy Advice articles I read 
  • Dream inspiration/ Tips on how to achieve your dream
  • Books I must buy
  • Food Likes
  • Postpartum depression Advice
I personally think everyone girl/boy should have one. so, when your feeling down or don't know what to wear tomorrow or what's the in thing. You'll always have a guide that can help one step forward to looking awesome. And, more importantly feeling awesome. 

Having trouble with guy department, this is for the girls most definitely. If you see an article that applies to your situation or how you're feeling why not keep it instead of having to go back and forth in a magazine. I always have this at hand. In case of emergencies. 

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