Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What's Going On!


  • Right, So I got stomach pains and then I feel cold then hot after. That was when I was cleaning then after I finally, ate breakfast also, when while I was eating breakfast.
  • I hit my two bumps that I already had on my head AGAIN!, while I was cleaning. The first on the stairs then at the back on the cabinet. 
  • Exams are here! Whoopy!!! NOOOO!!! That means grueling hours locked up talking and explaining things. And, most importantly hearing my brothers fight constantly since, they're in the same room. I mean my baby brother kept on giving my other brother on the bed the FINGER! Cue, the endless tatter-tailing. 
  • Oh My Gosh! Taylor Lautner, is coming back on screen with Twilight, the last movie. And well, I still got money problems and my Mom is actually gonna see it for her birthday alone. while, I stay at home well just the same. Am I missing something here?
  • A big shout out the people whose been viewing or viewed my blog. Because, I gotta say it's fun I don't know why I stopped in the first place. Maybe, because I was busy back then. Just, like the picture says "Thank You So Much!"
  • The picture in the third row represents; how I'm feeling right now, and well, for the past few days, a week I feel better than I ever have. That's where the The light in the sky comes from.
  • Next, unlike my happy feelings the sky isn't so clear. It's been raining for days now because, it's almost December and here in the Philippines it Rains not Snows (oh the joy). And, now Dad is like hurting because he got wet and his neck on the sides are swelling up and refuses to go to the doctor. Because we don't have enough cash. :(
  • AAARRRGHHH!!! The hunger urge! I mean I've been trying to lose weight and eat healthy to keep myself full. But, that hard to do when we gt snack to snack on and the food we eat is not even to my liking. And, my stomach wants food that's MORE and RESTAURANT FOOD. Why does my stomach have to be so picky? Until, now even when I'm typing now, I'm literally starving. 
  • FULL MOON? It said on my calendar, it was gonna be a full moon tonight. I mean I should know I follow and take pictures of it. like, all the time. I ain't weird I'm just curious. I mean like, before I used to dream that I was the First Pop-star/Doctor/Actress/Fashion Designer/Business woman to go to the moon. Heheh what an imagination.


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