Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Unrequited Love *sighs*

What is Unrequited Love? Unrequited love is a term that is used when one person has strong feelings towards another that are not reciprocated. The person to whom these feelings are directed at may not even be aware that he or she is the object of someone's affection. Most people become aware of mismatched affections, however.

Unrequited love can be awkward no matter what the situation. In fact, it has ended many friendships because problems develop when one person wants to keep the relationship strictly platonic, and the other person wants to act on feelings that cross the boundaries of friendship. It can be very difficult to maintain a friendship under such circumstances.
When unrequited love develops in the workplace, it can be especially tricky. People have been known to change jobs in order to avoid this type of situation. It can often be more awkward for the person who is the subject of the affections. Although it may be nice to receive the attention at first, it can become difficult to handle and may spiral out of control.

I feel gloomy the fact is, what Ichigo and Orihime have is unrequited love or to be realistic not love at all. I don't really watch Bleach, but after watching a few episodes I began to fall in love with the two best friends. I mean they're body language, the intense sayings and quotes, and the sad majestic actions they show towards  one another. I really thought they had a chance clearly I was wrong. Until, The last episode of season 3 (hehehe) He looked so worried about her and stuff. KYAAA!!! Too much love for me to take!!!

* I do not have anything against Rukia and ichigo Fan-Lovers or to the people who ship them. This is just my own personal choice and taste of the couple I like in the anime Bleach. 

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