Sunday, November 25, 2012

Try To Relax and Enjoy



Over the course of the weekend, I did nothing but relax and enjoy at least I tried. But, there was some sort of bumps along the way. My sister was going to a sleepover and my brothers were total douche bags;that they didn't want to do anything, but sit and play PSP. And that was a total No No..

After a few yelling and fighting I got them to do their exact jobs, sorta. It went well; I guess. They all cleaned and after we got to Skype with our Mom. It was hilarious because my mom was literally dancing with my brother, Jarod to a rap song that she was playing. And, it was weird.

Even, I got to talk with her, it was fun. Afterwards my sister left and I kept myself occupied with Finding Nemo.


Well, my sister was long gone already, and I slept all by myself too hehe. hehe "I wasn't scared one bit",I told everyone. Truth is i left the lights on and then when I was really tired and I couldn't sleep because of the bright light I turned it off. I'm brave! 

But, the funny thing was when i woke up my female hormones was pumping like crazy that my uterus of talking smack; meaning I was full on bitch mode. I kinda hurt my little brother's feelings, I apologized for snapping at him. 

We got to watch SNL (The Stand Off), Gravity Falls, and that new episode of Phineas and Ferb. It was off to a good start. A little later, I went to the kitchen to check if it was clean and it wasn't. The commander Ashley would yell, but the free spirited Ashley just asked them to do it over and over again till they finally got up. I know right Lazy bussoms. 

After, we did laundry I just fixed a few things because I couldn't resist looking at stuff that aren't in place. A few minutes later, my Lolo(brother of my Grandma) was calling us over to eat because he just arrived in the Philippines.

"No, Thank You." I said. Not to be rude, but my distant family is like a bunch of strangers who know who I am, but don't care at all for me. So, I told my dad that they should go him and my brothers. Because, I wasn't feeling to well and it was true; maybe I actually missed my sister, Nah.

Truthfully I wasn't in the mood. When my sister came it was the same and all. I watched Kit(An American Girl the Movie), Hunger Games, Let It Shine, and Nancy Drew. It was a good night. I got some rest and a my arm doesn't hurt as much, but I think I should still rest it; I just can't resist typing in my blog. hehe

That's all I ever think about and I get new ideas every time. I'm doing something else. Oh Well. :))

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