Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Simply Complicated

Sometimes, I remember the times I experienced that just happened to be totally embarrassing and humiliating and to be truthful it hurts, most of the time.

The List of Awkward/Humiliating/Embarrassing/Hurtful Times I Experienced:

  • When my ex-crush finally accepts you as his friend on Facebook, after two years of high school together. (recently happened)
  • When you finally see my ex-crush Facebook page, his profile picture is his girlfriend and they have many MANY photo's together. (Can you believe I've been crushing on him since Grade 6 it's an on and off crush thing).(recently Happened) 
  • When my former senior crush likes a picture of my new do. Till, this day he's been sending me game requests and shit. (recently Happened)
  • When a charming ex-boyfriend of my bully/classmate that hates you btw, breaks up with her to be with me and asks over Facebook, if he can date me instead. I turned him down flat I mean ewww over Facebook really! and then you dated my bully bitch! you're dirty. Then after several months since then he asks how I'm doing. Ummmm.... HELLO when I turned you down I meant by never speak to me again. (hmm.. A Month Ago)
  • When two dark guys liked me and here's the big surprise they're related. The first dude was during grade 6 he liked me in the B and he liked another girl (my bully) in the A class. Good thing too because that idiot was a crazy freak, he once pointed a gun at me at school because, he was in this fraternity I guess. And, I told the authorities on hi ass. Of course, I wasn't scared because, half of my my dad's family belongs to a fraternity and  the military so, they know some dark people. And, on my mom's side most of them belong in the government do top secret shit. So, I wasn't threatened at the least. The second dude, he started liking me in first year and all his lady friends (girls who are so annoying) tried to push me into dating him, and I was like, hold up I don;t even know who you're all talking about. And, when I saw him he wasn't that attractive and apparently, I said ewww and the girls told him and till this day he hates me and practically calls me names and shit. I honestly think he's gay for hanging out with all those girls; I mean dude even I don't have that much girl friends. But, that's a good thing  I never have see them ever again. (Long Time Ago)
  • When my ex-crush after graduating, I finally see him again and I thought I was over him.  Apparently not, I mean every single time I see him it's like I'm back in high school all over again. And, the worst part is I'm a good friend DAMMIT! He shares everything with me, and because I didn't tell him I liked him. I now have to endure him saying all these wonderful shit about matching rings and his girlfriend. I mean he's practically bragging and then here I am still single.....*sighs*  (recently happened)
  • LOL.. When I had no love life then so, I would start to obsess over these Korean dudes(who is good looking but I barely know them). Fantasizing about them and stuff, till BOOM! I got all depressed because it will never ever happen. Never going down that road again, thanks to my friend's Korean influence on me. Because she's like head over heels in love with everything Korean. (Last Year)
  •  Then this is as much action as I got. Since, I stay home now lots of losers when I go out in the neighborhood hit on me! I mean seriously GET OVER YOURSELF  AND GET A LIFE! I mean your clothes can use a little washing.  And, the far worst one is some random dude just last month climbed a coconut tree to get some coconuts and I didn't know that he was on the freaking tree, and I was sitting down sideways on the toilet because I really had to pee, and so I didn't really care. And then,  I heard some loud voices, so when I looked behind me at the window I saw him and I think he pretty sure saw me but thank goodness for the sun to block it. So, I acted natural and then I flushed and ran. I mean some random dude just saw my ass! (A month ago)

Well, I hope you guys get a laugh out of this or now you know what to do in a situation like these, if it ever happens to you. I mean I gotta admit I'm not to happy about my experiences but, hey its not like I slept with any of those guys. So, no SHAME just full on CONFIDENCE.  :))

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