Monday, November 12, 2012

New Anime Alert!!

After, Bleach I guess I got interested in the commercial of the Anime, (1) City Hunter. I mean a cute best friend( the girl) who likes, the perfect guy, whose also her partner in crime (the Guy) but, he's a womanizer and she's confusing with all her mixed emotions. Tell me it's not worth the watch. I mean seriously I live for those kind of relationships heck, I watched Cowboy Bebop and Detective Conan. My two ultimate favorite Anime of all time. I have a list. Sorry but I don't have much to say here because, I'm gonna check it out tomorrow.

Next is (2) Good Luck Ninomiya-Kun, I'm not really into the whole big chested girls  and guys who are helpless when it comes to girls, or big eyed anime characters. But, this seems interesting I mean I watched the first episode, and (sighs) yes, there was a lot of boob and underwear and guy-girl seduction going on. But, but I mean I found out that the girl he has to protect has the powers the draw men to her and then when they touch her , she sucks the life out of them (FREAKY!!). 

Then, him being the ultimate hero in disguise, when he vows to cure her fright of men because, his agent ass-kicking hard core sister gave him no choice, But, to volunteer and oh yeah she knows he's totally uncomfortable and a gentleman towards girls and their body parts. But, I gotta admit he does get turned on in the series at times. Trying a different anime maybe?

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