Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Bloated No More

Like, most girls I check my weight like ever so often. And, when I had my period I went full on bloated and the cramps it was like a big hand constantly pounding my stomach. So, I watched my weight gain and it was too much for my jeans could handle that I couldn't wear jeans. But, now it's all over I'm free!!! 

No more pads and Midol. hehehe My stomach went back to normal, but I didn't stop there I work out and dance and drink water before I eat. Yes, I do that now. It works at least I think so. Because I can fit into my jeans again and eat all I want. 

Hehe But, I'm still conscious of my weight and my arm are my constant reminder. I don't want mom arms yet neither do I want to keep on having to not show my stomach. I want well little baby abs or at least a flat stomach. And, it is hard. I'm hitting the gym or joining sports next time. For sure. 

But, I'm just so happy I'm not bloated anyway more. 

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