Sunday, November 18, 2012

Hug Wolf Laughter(The Ultimate Episode)

This episode was hilarious! I mean the hug wolf's hands was literally hearts and when he hugs you hearts come out. I mean WHAT! I was watching this episode with my family after we have just came from the mall. Yeah little did I know what was coming shortly after I watched a Mickey Mouse movie. I was turning the channel till, my brother Jarod(pronounced as Jared), yelled out "THAT"S A NEW EPISODE". Thus, began the most horrifying yet hilarious and addicting thing I have ever watched in my life. I mean I couldn't take a my eyes off the screen. It started with Finn and Jake looking through the forests I don'yt know the reason why. But, all of a sudden a wolf came out; not just any wolf but, a Hug Wolf. And, it hugged Finn! Then that's when Jake asked in this picture below:


Okay so, after that they went home and it was a disaster. It was a full moon and Finn started to change but, Jake didn't know just yet. Until, they went to Candy Kingdom, I think and saw Cinnamon bun. And, he said that Finn came into is room at night and wait for it.......Hugged him tightly! After that Cinnamon bun didn't want to get near Finn anymore. As, they try to unravel the recent happenings, Finn was feeling not so great. So, they went to a library and there they read in a book that "A Hug Wolf hugs his victims to satisfy their lust for hugs". 

After finding out some information about the Hug Wolf, they went home to think about a solution. But, it was too late it was a full moon so, Finn began to show symptoms of transformation. The funny part was that Jake asked Finn to say something for reassurance and Finn said "I'll Hug Your Mom"(bursts into laughter). Jake had no choice but to lock him down to the chair. But, it was not enough that Finn escaped.

Where else did he go but, Candy Kingdom and he started to break into houses and hug children in their sleep. Candy People were furious by Finn's behavior the next morning. And they decided to lock him in the Candy Dungeon while, the rest hunt down the Alpha Hug Wolf. And left Cinnamon Bun in guard. 

In the end, Finn went back to normal and the curse was broken. By intense hugging action between the Alpha Hug Wolf and Finn. But, my favorite part of all is the intense hug scene between Finn and Cinnamon Bun in the candy dungeon ... this shown at the bottom:

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