Thursday, November 22, 2012




Ahh.. I've been waiting to make this post. I mean my favorite color, how can I not tell. 

Besides, it uncovers my feelings about my "first love" and still ongoing and offgoing crush. I don't know what the hell we are..... friends, fr-enemies, old buddies, old classmates, best friends, or just a guy and a girl who have a very confusing relationship that who knows what to call it. I definitely think it's the last one. 

I love City Hunter their chemistry is just so alarming and you never know what's gonna happen next. By the way, it's my new show and I only watched episode 1 of season,  but on Animax, they're showing season 2 without subs so, I go back and forth though I don't understand it. Hot!!

Strawberries, don't know why but I the craving for their sweet tender cold feel against my lips. I mean they're sweet perfect for thanksgiving if you dip them chocolate. My favorite :P 

Taylor Swifts new album is my new jam music besides, Rhianna's Diamond and Nicki Minaj's Va Va Voom. In the whole record I love the song "RED" of course. I mean it's exactly how I feel and stuff. Just junk as Finn, from adventure time would say. 

OMG!! I totally forgot I watched, Gossip Girl last night. No matter how many times I try not to watch it, I just can't it's an addiction. Dan and Serena the old fling is sparking again. I mean they're meant for each other and it's so darn obvious. I think I'm weird because I love it when they make out it's like so passionate and you can really feel the love. RED...

I feel bad for Blaire and Chuck will they ever solve they're problems and end up together? I mean how long do you want us to wait till they get married. Also, Nate was hilarious when he was going out in the limb about Bart's Traffic,  "you watch too many movies" words from Chuck Bass. 

And, is it just me or Ivy Dickens is really a Dick. My everyone's sake leave Lily alone, I mean seriously get a life some where in Antarctica, get out of the neighborhood woman! Her face just annoys the crap out of me and I don't know why. It just does. 

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