Thursday, November 22, 2012

A New Friend

I guess this is a little old to be telling this story, but what the heck. I got a new friend though we haven't met. she's a voice actress who does the voice of  Misty from Pokemon and more anime characters. I got to know her through YouTube.

Apparently she answered back to my comment about the anime "Marmalade Boy", it was a good comment. Then next thing you know she commented more on my other comments, but on different episodes. So, of course I answered back and that's how she met I guess.

At that time I was sad and lonely and I needed a new Anime to cheer me up, but the new ones are so ugly and perverted with their big eyes and boobs. And, I wanted something funny and romantic, with a little touch of perverted but funny guys and action thrilling guys/girls. Because what's an Anime without them.

Anyway, I asked her for some suggestions or recommendations of Anime, that I should watch and she gave a whole list. I felt honored, I didn't get to see all of them, but I did start to watch this anime "Full Moon" that was on her list.

I subscribed to her channel, but the cool thing is she subscribed first. hehehe. I make the most interesting bunch of friends, there's shy and quietNicole( an Inglesha Ni Cristo), but we're friends and since, I'm Catholic I always wanted to check out other churches besides mine. And, don't worry my religion is cool, so they we're okay with it when I went. Besties

Then there's good crazy gal, Mika (Korean Enthusiast) she mostly does covers and stuff and the cool thing is she opened up a concert of Shinee back in 2008 and she's a pro. She's practically obsessed with everything Korean related. That's how I got hooked to Korean stuff. P.S. I love kimchi (she made me taste it and I automatically fell in love with it). Besties

Then juicy gossiper, Ate Jyrah( My sister) she's my Senior from when I was 3rd year and were friends ever since. She's like super rich because she owns a lot of like, tarpaulin places around here in the province. And, she studies in Saint Scholastica. She's the one who invited me to go to her Debut in Manila and I didn't get to. Also, I'm truly grateful for her because when I was a loner she became my friend; that time I was bullied and had no confidence at all.  Besties

And, now I got a voice actress friend like WHAT!! I know right, where do I meet these people. I don't know really maybe, I'm just really friendly but I'm reserved, okay.

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