Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Rockin Weekend

I know I took a little break from posting because I got to spend some bonding time with my family and it felt good to not sit on a wooden chair where your ass would have a mark from it later. I mean it is hard. Anyway, the exams are finally finished. And, my brothers said they did good and so did my sister. I mean I really worked hard even when my throat was hurting I still pushed through to tutor them (Cathy(sister) 15, Jarod(brother)12, and Nathan(baby brother)11). Thank god that's over.

Over the course of my little vacation, I got to go to church (finally) I feel more light headed and free from my sins, cause I got to talk to God. Then at home I did nothing, but relax because it was their turn to clean. I watched Gravity Falls, Cinderella the original movie(half of it I guess), ANTM (can't wait for the Finale), an inspirational yet funny movie: Larry Crowne, starring TOM HANKS!!! and Julia Roberts. And, I got to watch the new episode of Glee.

The new episode of Glee was all the way nice, but not that nice. I mean Broady's Betrayal, Cassidy's Endless Bullying, Finn's Fuck-ups, Rachael and Curt's Hometown not so hometown anymore, Marley and Rider's connection, Pucker man and Kitty Kats jealousy raid, and Tina and Mike Chang's plans to get back together? I mean too much is happening. I love Glee, but ever since it's last season it doesn't feel like glee anymore. I like the new people especially Rider and Marley, but there's something that's missing.

I mean it was so obvious that this episode screamed "A Hopeful Mess". I mean the only thing that was happy or something to be gleeful about is the new couples and back together couples;which is like only two, I think. I don't know really. I'm just saying it get's depressing but that doesn't make stop watching it. I'm excited for the next episode.

Oh yeah, also I watched The Voice. I really like Michaela Paige and Amada Brown. I mean their versions on Dram On and Everybody Talks blew me away. But, are they my favorites maybe Michaela. There are others who I like, but I have no idea what their names are. I"m really really want Team X-Tina to win.

And, at the mall there was like a long line. I think something happened. Because the guard was literally checking everybody. So, once we got in it was so embarrassing because my dad said "Hey, let's all go eat at Max". Then what happened he opened the menu and when I got back from the restroom he was panicking saying that they don't have the under 100 peso meals. And, I was like hell no, I do not wanna walk out of here because we cannot afford to eat here. In short term we did walk out and my dad said to the guy that us(his kids) wanted Chowking. SAY WHAT!! 

We ate at Jollibee instead because my brothers and sister was tired of Chowking. I just went along with the flow. And when I wanted a Hash brown Burger(my sister wanted me to try, so I gave in). My dad came back with a hotdog instead. Because, he said that it would take 20 minutes for them to cook. and, I was like okay then why didn't you get my usual I mean their hotdogs suck.

 So, I only ate the french fries and soda at first , but I did't want to make my dad feel bad and also waste food; so I ate it slowly. and it was not pretty at all. I guess I always act up when we go to that mall, because it's always in the end of the month get it?

Anyway I also walked in this cute dress and mini heels(which was a huge mistake it hurt as fuck). And, well that cute dress, was popular people looked at me again for my bold choice in clothing and my brother said at church that it did not match my personality because it was like a simple nice looking palette. And, well I was okay with it, but my stocking did not agree it was a one time wear kind of thing. So, I on my thigh in the side you can see a mini layered whole. But, only I can see it I made clear of that with my sister.

I was happy I got to go around and check out prices and stuff, which I can buy for my siblings and my parents and my friends. And, listed the prices down. So, later I'm going to go Christmas shopping. 
It was a success huhuhu.... OMG! I forgot that while I was at this store my old classmate/bully who hates me was there and my sister saw him. But, I was looking at the prices and I said I didn't care when she told me that he was hiding from me.

I mean who gives a fuck. Hello, what part of after I graduate I never wanna see your ugly face ever again. God said forgive those who have sinned against you, but sometimes the scars are too deep to heal. So, yeah imagine me walking around him barely passing by me and I was like ignoring him. I didn't want to be reminded of those times.

So all in all, besides me taking pictures and stuff for my Fashion Post. Yeah that's all that happened. :))

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