Monday, November 26, 2012

Post 104

Never would I have imagined that I would reach up to more than 100 posts on my blog. Lately, I've been counting except for yesterday I just kept on posting what I wanted. It feels great, though my right hand is still hurting from over doing it. I was gonna take a break , but who am I kidding I never do. I was planning on making the title Post 100, but I guess I'm a little too late. hehe

I woke up late because I was watching The Voice last night, total bummer! my sister just had to ruin it for me. She told me whose out and it's Slyvia; I'm disappointed once again. The competition is so boring to me now. I mean my sister said that she read the comments on YouTube saying that "She was too cocky" or "ungrateful" or something like that. Seriously, it's not like their asking for your opinion just your vote. DUH!!!!

But, if I was that person and I didn't like that contestant like Cassadee Pope or whatever the spelling of her name is; her face used to annoy the shit out of me. Like, constantly I wanted to punch her or something else and yes I know she's from Hey Monday. Can you blame me love Paramore. Anyway, the fact is I never said anything nasty stuff about her I just didn't vote, but now she's kinda rubbing off on me and she might be my new favorite in the competition.

Then the more it made me mad because nobody is buying Christina's new album. I'm a huge fan of Britney spears and Christina Aguilera, I just wish that people would be fair you know. And, besides for your information I listened to all of the songs on the record and I liked it. Especially the "Just a Fool" song. She really is good at singing heart-wrenching songs. I mean where did all the Christina fans go? 

 Before I watched The Voice; I was watching Justin Beiber's interview with Oprah. I know right! JUSTIN BEIBER! I'm not really a Beiber fan. Like at all. I just like his is music. And, well this may seem weird, but I hated him for a long time because of his long druppy pants and hie style dressing like he's black and all. But something just keeps pulling me into his bubble.

 It's like his pheromones just spread though the t.v. and pictures and tours. It annoys the crap out of me. I mean who has that power over people, as I watched it I've always made fun of him and stuff, but it never really was hate that I felt towards him, it was just that he's not my type; I guess. though he may come from Canada (which I hate-love too) what's up with Americans hating on Canada? I don't know why but I just do. 

I respect him as an individual and just maybe I might go to his concerts someday. I'm not waiting for him to make mistakes though obviously he screwed up big time with Selena. Well, today, nothing really is going on, but the usual so boring seriously I just keep on making fabulous outfits to wear outside and their not outrageous like, the ones I posted they're normal and I'm not going anywhere. 

Oh totally forgot to tell you guys that my sister got accepted into this "Youth Week" at school. Yeah so happy I guess my inner jealousy for my sister is coming out. I mean it's always her; she gets the medals, the opportunities, and the favoritism of everyone. that's why I was afraid of introducing her to my friends. And, good thing too because they were all over her and it hurt a lot. Am I happy for her? 

At first I wasn't. I mean it's just the same old thing over and over again. So, the Youth Week thing is like you get to skip school to be an intern at any job they assign to you. It's a wonderful opportunity to figure what you wanna do in life. Last year I wasn't chosen because they choose all the stupid popular kids and it was a disaster they didn't know what to do. So, the Municipal said to bring them smart people next time and they did my sister and her classmates. 

I'm not going to brag about it much more because it disguises me, I mean she's my little sister I should be proud, but you just can't help having the thought of  "What the hell have I've been doing in my life?". It was a battle and a struggle, but I always remind myself I'm older than her and she looks up to me; she said it herself. 

Because I was popular with the guys and girls and the teachers always called her "Ashley" and her name "Cathy" because I'm more memorable. She still doesn't get it no matter how popular or whatever I am. I'm always gonna want to have the achievements that she has, because one time we both got accepted in the honors  and we had the same grade point average and she got a medal and I didn't. 

Because her kindergartner teacher was the principal back then and well, her favorite was Cathy, out of the four of us. But, I am myself and waiting is for best; I still have my whole life to achieve things for myself. Staying strong and proud of my accomplishments though they are so little. Keeping my smile.  :))

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