Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Winter Cleaning

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving in America and over here we follow their calendar. Yesterday, I was cleaning my ass off and that's the reason why I wasn't able to post anything. I got down on my knees and scrub the railings, the sofas, the entertainment center, and the island. 

Try imagining that with only one cleaning towel and  a broom with a dust pan. Our vacuum is dead for how many years and the other cleaning towels are missing or are ruined and had to be thrown away. So, I need to back and forth in washing the damn towel and that's why my right hand feels like iron man who used up too much of his hand thingy power shot technique. 

Getting down and dirty I'm all for it, but cleaning with no music was just plain boring so, I started playing my music really loud with the speakers and well, nobody complained except for this little kid who lives across the street. apparently it was his nape time and he was tired from playing. 

Did I listen to him? Not! I mean if his uncles can do it 2:30 in the morning then I can to. Except it was 2:30 pm and I still haven't taken a shower and I only got one room to clean. So, all I did was just turn it louder and he left me alone, the truth is it wasn't even that loud it was just medium volume. 

I didn't take a shower till it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I already was tried, sweaty, and smelly like, an old gym sock. I washed out all the dirt and dust outta me using the only energy I had left and once I saw my bed I was like, "Come To Mama". 

I hopped in rapped myself in my blanket and watched some old screen vintage movie called "Prehistoric Woman" on Cinemax. It was interesting plus, I like watching stuff like that I've seen "Gone With The Wind" so many times. Because I like the Green Dress. 

My right arm is so buff and tired I don't know whether it's hurting or growing muscle. hopefully it's none because then my arm would look uneven. But, the over more important thing I thought if I was sweating while cleaning I would lose my belly fat hmmm.... no such luck yet. I won;'t give up though I'm gonna exercise more; after the pain of my arm is gone. 

Here comes the Christmas Tree and Decorations. For, now we placed the Christmas Tree inside. No decorations yet, because I'm gonna wait for my brothers and sister to come home. For now, I'll just clean the ornaments and stuff., you know polish them to add a little more shine. 

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