Wednesday, November 7, 2012

My Go To Feel Good Girl Craze

The only thing that makes me feel better is Anime, Photo shoots(with friends), Music, Fashion(shopping), Delicious desserts, and Movies. These power driven girl craze junkers make me feel, like there's nothing I can't do.

Anime, I love watching crazy wowowowowow love moments from Inuyasha to Fairytail. It reminds me that love will come my way, He could be a demon dog or a power enthusiast like, Natsu. It gives me a sense of imagination that what if it was like this or like that and stuff. And, it makes me happy. Photo shoots make me look empowering and kawaii which, I love love love to death. It also teaches you your angles and fashion sense. Like, how to put on make-up and it gives me the chance to sometimes look or dress like my idol Shoko Nakagawa( she's so pretty).


Then, we have the Music whether I want to be inspired or dance my way through sorrow; my playlist always reminds me the time I'm in a car going somewhere and I'm looking out the window passing cars and it's like the whole world just stops. Fashion, when I'm all alone and there's nothing to do. I go through my whole closet and make potential outfits I can wear; it's like brain storming p.s. it's a good remedie when you're mad. That and Rock or shopping music it will make you go oh la la la for sure. Shopping anyone?


Delicious Desserts there's nothing else said then just pleasure, passion, and perfection. I love these two above, they my absolute favorites. I used to eat them when I was a little kid. Though times may get complicated; these desserts make think of back when life was so easy when I was a kid. Filled with love and sweetness, m,y sweet tooth is definitely satisfied all the way. It's kind of lonely eating it by yourself in front of the T.V.( bad break-up much). So, eat with somebody or share more like it. Though, I hardly share my favorite ice cream with anyone, I'll try. 


Last but not least, Movies, would I love to play DOA on the play station, I would but I can't cause it's broken. But, the movies above ain't that accurate; I mean Dawn of the Dead ain't my favorite scary movie so....yeah. Anyway, watch a vintage movie like, The little mermaid, I love that movie ever since it first cam out though I think I was not born yet( hehehe). Then, Iron Man, I love a nerd who got's a hot bod and doesn't give a shit about what other people say. So, a must watch. Besides, he's my favorite super her, other than Batman. And, Dawn of the Dead like, I said it's not my favorite but, the effects and what the kids do freaks the shit outta me. So, you gotta watch it, even if you're eating( beware it's a total gore movie). 


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